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Bank deposits are missing. What should I do?

Time: 2016-12-08         Source: Rong 360 original         Author: Who south

Many friends are accustomed to depositing money in the bank. First, they can guarantee the security of funds as much as possible. Second, they use the money to obtain certain benefits from the bank. However, in recent years, the phenomenon of bank deposits being missing has repeatedly occurred. The 360 ​​financial loan (fangdai123) tells you that the bank deposits are missing. What should I do?

What are the possible reasons for the loss of bank deposits?

1, case of telecommunications, website fraud

Financial 360 (fangdai123) Xiaobian believes that encounter telecommunications, website fraud is the current majority of bank deposits are missing. Similar to "You won, need to submit your account password for your transfer", "apply for a loan to submit account, password, ID card information", etc., or encounter phishing emails, enter your account password.

2, payment, withholding fees

When you find out that there is less money in your account, have you ever wondered if you used to pay for utility bills or deposit money into your account on a regular basis, resulting in less money in your account's bank card account?

3, POS machine learning

When you swipe your POS machine at a small merchant, your password and password are compromised because you did not block the password.

4, was opened fast payment

When someone knows your bank card number, password, and name, secretly help you open a quick payment, change the phone number information, and transfer the money away.

5, hidden deposits hidden deposit risk

Banks lure depositors with high interest rates, and then lend to companies with high interest rates to earn the difference. If the company's qualifications are not good enough and the repayment fails to be due, the depositors will find that their account is missing money.

6, bank flying orders

In this case, the bank’s internal staff took advantage of everyone’s trust in the bank and recommended to depositors that products that do not belong to the bank. Such products have not been subject to bank risk control and are likely to result in the loss of depositors.

When you encounter a bank deposit that is missing, what should you do?

The first step: think carefully, plan carefully

When you encounter this kind of situation, be sure to calm down and think first about whether the money was used by you for consumption or investment banking. It is very likely that you have regular financial transfers or automatic payment of utility bills. Set up, resulting in less money in the account.

Step 2: Apply for Freezing Account

If you discover that your personal information is leaked and you have money on your account, you must apply for a free account immediately, in order to minimize losses and prevent the remaining money from being turned away by criminals.

Step 3: Check Bank Flow

When it is found that the account is indeed not on, you can apply to the bank to inquire about the bank's running water, find out what time the money is transferred, and who is transferred, so that you can lock in as soon as possible for you who stole your money.

Step 4: Complaint

When you find that your large sums of money have been stolen by swindlers and you are powerless, call the police as soon as possible to seek help from the police and you may be able to help you. If you really caused the loss of your property due to the bank's reasons, applying for a complaint solution will give you proper compensation.

So, what should you do to prevent this kind of situation?

You need to keep in mind the following five points:

1. Do not rely on anyone, do not easily reveal your bank card password, personal information to others.

2. Do not easily open unfamiliar emails or reply to messages sent from unfamiliar numbers. It is very likely that your information will be leaked.

3. Do not use credit cards as much as possible when small merchants are spending. If you want to use them, please be careful to block your own bank card password when you use it.

4, in large banks to buy financial products, and must be verified on the Internet indeed this product. While you are chasing high interest rates, people are thinking about your principal.

5. The entry of the magnetic stripe card may be copied, so replace the chip card as much as possible.

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