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Bank deposits are missing, what should I do?

Time: 2016-12-08         Source: Rong 360 original         Author: Who south

Many friends are used to putting money in the bank. One is to ensure the safety of funds as much as possible. The other is to deposit money in the bank to obtain certain income. However, in recent years, bank deposits have disappeared. The 360 ​​mortgage (fangdai123) tells you that bank deposits are missing. What should I do?

What are the reasons for the loss of bank deposits?

1, in the case of telecommunications, website fraud

Rong 360 (fangdai123) Xiao Bian believes that encountering telecommunications and website fraud is the majority of the reasons why current bank deposits are missing. Similar to "You win, you need to submit your account password for you to transfer", "handle the loan first submit account, password, ID card information", etc., or encounter phishing email, enter your account password.

2, on behalf of the payment, withholding fees

When you find that there is less money in your account, have you ever thought that you are paying for water and electricity, or depositing money on a regular basis, resulting in less money in your account bank card account?

3, POS machine has knowledge

When you swipe the POS machine at a small merchant, your card number and password are leaked because you did not block the password.

4, opened fast payment

When someone knows your bank card number, password and name, secretly help you steal fast payment, change the mobile phone number information, and transfer the money away.

5, interest-bearing deposit hidden dangers

Banks are attracted by high interest rates to attract depositors, and then borrow money from businesses with high interest rates to earn the difference. If the company's qualifications are not good enough, it will not be repaid at the expiration date, and the depositors will find that the money on their account is missing.

6, bank fly

In this case, the insiders of the bank use the trust of the bank and recommend to the depositors to use products that are not owned by the bank. Such products are not managed by the bank's risk control, and it is easy to cause losses to the depositors.

What should you do if you encounter bank deposits that are missing?

The first step: think carefully, carefully calculate

When you encounter this situation, be sure to calm down. First think about whether the money has been misappropriated by you for consumption or investment and financial management. It is very likely that you have automatic money transfer or automatic payment of utility bills. Set, resulting in less money in the account.

Step 2: Apply for a frozen account

If you find that your personal information is leaked and you still have money on your account, you must apply for a frozen account immediately, in order to minimize losses and prevent the remaining money from being transferred by criminals.

The third step: query bank flow

When you find that the account is really not worthy, you can apply to the bank to check the bank flow, find out when the money was transferred, and who was transferred, so that you can help you lock out who you stole. money.

Step 4: Complaint

When you find that your big money has been stolen by a scammer and you can't do anything about it, call the police as soon as possible and seek help from the police. It may help you. If it is really due to the bank's reasons for your property loss, the application for complaint resolution will give you the compensation you deserve.

So what do you do to prevent this kind of situation?

You need to keep the following five points in mind:

1. Don't trust anyone, don't easily disclose your bank card password and personal information to others.

2, do not easily open the mail that you do not understand or reply to the text message sent by a strange number, it is likely to let your information leak.

3. When using small merchants, do not use credit cards as much as possible. If you want to use them, please be sure to cover your bank card password when you use them.

4, buy wealth management products in large banks, and must verify on the Internet that there is indeed this product. While you are chasing high interest rates, people think about your principal.

5. The entry of the magnetic stripe card may be copied, so replace the chip card as much as possible.

"When the loan is overdue, it will be blacklisted? Don't worry, here is the repair Daquan, pay attention to the "Fin 360 loan" (fangdai123) micro-signal, reply to the "blacklist" tell you what to do.

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