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Is it really unprofitable for ants to spend money on interest-free loans? In fact, all routines

Time: 2016-12-06         Source: Rong 360 original         Author: Jeff

Everyone wants to spend less money and buy better products. With this mentality, people came up with installments,credit cardAnd other means,Ant flowerAfter the first consumer repayment, repayment before the 10th of each month is one of them, ants spend interest really unprofitable? In fact, all are routines.

Used friends all know that ants and credit cards are similar to credit cards, to give qualified customers a certain amount of credit, use the amount of money within the consumption, only need to repay before the 10th of the next month, without having to pay fees or interest. When you can't pay for this month's expenses, you can also apply for instalments.

Is this really unprofitable?

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At this point, Alipay is really smart. The quota in the ant flower basket is only the credit line you can use. It is easy for you to create an illusion that the book has so much money. For example, Xiaoming has 1,000 accounts and his affiliate account has a quota of 3,000, so if he spends 3,000, he will need to repay the 1,000 yuan in the account before the 10th of the month. 2000 repayments.

Ant scent does this by giving you an illusion that you feel that you have so much money, recommend a variety of products for you, and give you a desire to consume.

High fees, use of stages is not worth

Rong 360 (fangdai123) tips, if you over-consumption, can not return to last month's bills, then what should I do? Don't worry, ants spend a lot of time to help you pay in installments. However, if you look closely, the fee to pay by installments is expensive.

According to your repayment ability can be divided into 3,6,9,12 period, the fee should be returned for each period = application installment amount * instalment rate / number of periods. The 3, 6, 9 and 12 period fee rates correspond to 2.5%, 4.5%, 6.5%, and 8.8% respectively. The annual interest rate = installment fee * 24/(phase period + 1); The corresponding annual interest rates of 6, 9, and 12 months were 15%, 15.4%, 15.6%, and 16.2%, in other words, using ants.Calyx stagePayment is very uneconomical.

Late payment of high penalties

When the ants spend too late, you may need to pay overdue penalty, overdue penalty rate is 0.05% per day, that is to say, every 10,000 blocks need to pay five yuan of interest, converted into annual interest of 18.25%, this part of the interest It's quite high, and it's unlikely that your daily interest will get your attention.

Collect merchant fees to seize payment channels

In addition, for merchants, if the user uses ant buds, the merchant needs to pay 1% of the fee, in other words, the buds charge 100 users, and the merchant actually collects 99 pieces. Due to the interest-free model, users prefer to use ant huayan to make payments, precipitate a large number of users, and seize the payment channel, laying a solid foundation for the development of Alipay.

"After the loan is overdue, it will be blacklisted? Don't worry, here's a repair Daquan, focus on360Mortgage ("Fangdai123) Micro signal, reply "blacklist" tell you how to do.

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