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Is it really unprofitable for ants to spend interest-free loans? In fact, they are routines.

Time: 2018-06-26         Source: Rong 360 original         Author: Jeff

Everyone wants to be able to spend less money and buy better products. With such a state of mind, people have come up with a variety of means such as installment payment, credit card, etc., ants spend the first time after consumption, repayment, 10 days before each month, repayment is one of them, ant flower 呗 呗 无 无 无 无 无 无 无Figure? In fact, they are all routines.

Used friends know that ant flower buds are similar to credit cards, give a certain amount of credit to customers, use the amount within the amount to spend, just need to repay before the 10th of next month, no need to pay fees or interest. You can also apply for installment payments when you are unable to pay for this month's expenses.

So, is this really unprofitable?

There are articles on the quota

At this point, Alipay is really smart. The amount in the ant flower bud is just the credit line you can use. It is easy to create an illusion that there is so much money on the book. The flower does not necessarily start. For example, there are 1000 in Xiaoming’s account, and his ant’s quota is 3000, so if he spends 3,000, he will need extra in addition to 1000 repayments in the account before the 10th of next month. 2000 pieces for repayment.

The ant flower buds give you an illusion, so that you feel that you have so much money, and then recommend a variety of goods for you, giving you a desire to consume.

High handling fee, use of staging is not cost-effective

Rong 360 (zqian360) prompts, if you over-consume, can not repay the previous month's account, what should I do then? Don't worry, ant flower buds help you out the way to pay in installments. However, if you look closely, the fee for paying in installments is high.

According to your repayment ability, it can be divided into 3,6,9,12, and each reimbursement fee should be refunded = application instalment amount * instalment rate / instalment period. The 3,6,9,12 commission rates are 2.5%, 4.5%, 6.5%, 8.8%. Annual interest rate = installment fee *24/ (scheduled period +1); In June, September, and December, the annual interest rates were 15%, 15.4%, 15.6%, and 16.2%, respectively. In other words, it is not cost-effective to use ant flower installments.

Overdue payment of high penalty interest

When the ant is overdue, you may be required to pay the overdue penalty. The overdue penalty is 0.05% per day. That is to say, every 10,000 pieces need to pay the interest of five yuan, which is converted into annual interest of 18.25%. It is quite high, and it is unlikely that interest will be brought to your attention.

Collect merchant fees and seize payment channels

In addition, for the merchant, if the user uses the ant flower bud, the merchant needs to pay a 1% handling fee. In other words, the flower plaque collects 100 users and the merchant actually collects 99 pieces. Due to the interest-free mode, users prefer to use ant flower payment, which precipitates a large number of users and seizes the payment channel, laying a solid foundation for the development of Alipay.

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