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Consumption staging, pie or trap?

Time: 2016-11-24         Source: I am a little money         Author: I'm a little money management

I am a friend, Y, the income is quite high, but the usual consumption is not temperate, so there is no deposit. I saw her shopping cart on the weekend, and more than 20 items added up to more than eighty.

"Are you ready to use the installment?"

"Yes, why is life so short?"

Double 11 is coming soon. Some people in consumer loans think that this is a pie, and they are afraid that they will receive a lot of interest, so they don’t need it. Some people think that the interest rate is very low, and they will directly pick it up. , add the day after the block."

I don't think it's necessary.Find out what the actual rate of each installment product is..

For the girls with bad mathematics, the formula is very complicated, and it is difficult to calculate it at once. In fact, the cost of borrowing money is probably described by two nouns: one is the rate and the other is the interest rate.

For example, if someone tells you to press XX%Monthly rate or monthly management rate to lend you moneyYou just apply this formula directly (children interested in the derivation process are going back to me):

a*n*24/(n+1)=actual annual interest rate

a represents the monthly rate, and n represents a loan for several months.

For another example, if someone says, press XX%Monthly interest or day interest borrows moneyThat, regardless of whether he said that the repayment method is the first payment, or the first payment, or a one-time repayment of interest -

You will ask him directly, what is the daily interest rate of one day, and then directly multiply by 365, you will knowNominal annual interest rate(The actual annual interest rate is higher than the nominal annual interest rate).

In this way, it is a bit dry, I use white bars, flowers, and borrowers as an example to demonstrate.

Scene 1, white strip

White bars borrow money and use the monthly rate to calculate interest rates. When the word "rate" appears, it means that the money you need to pay each month is fixed, and the monthly handling fee is also constant.

No matter how many months you borrow.

This kind of interest-bearing method, when calculating the actual interest rate, has a simple formula:a*n*24/(n+1)

Give a few chestnuts:

The monthly rate is 0.5%. If you borrow 3 months, the actual annual interest rate is 0.5%*3*24/(3+1)=9%;

After 12 months, the actual annual interest rate is 0.5%*12*24/(12+1)=11.07%;

For 24 months, the actual annual interest rate is 0.5%*24*24/(24+1)=11.52%;

It can be seen that when using the "rate" to calculate interest, the cost of actually borrowing money has a lot to do with the term of the loan.

At the same rate, the longer you borrow money, the higher the actual interest rate.

Credit card consumption installments and cash installment rates can all be calculated.

Scene 2, flower garden

The calyx is calculated in the same way as a white strip, but its rate is variable.

The borrowing period is different, and the monthly rate is different. Then, how is the actual interest rate calculated?

Very simple, when the period is 3, the monthly rate is 2.5/3. In the case of 6 periods, the monthly rate is 4.5/6.... In 12 cases, the monthly rate is 8.8/12.

Similarly, the formula of a*n*24/(n+1) is used. After 3 months, the actual annual interest rate is 15%; for 6 months, the actual annual interest rate is 15.4%, borrowing one year, the actual annual interest rate is 16.2%.

As can be seen,The actual annual interest rate of the flower bud is higher than that of the white strip.With flower buds, it is better to use white bars.

Scene 3, borrowing

The way of repayment of borrowing is different from that of white strips and flower beds.

The money it pays back every month is fixed, but the interest therein is reduced month by month, and the principal is increasing month by month.

In this repayment mode, you can use the monthly interest rate *12 given by it, or use the daily interest rate *365 to calculate the nominal annual interest rate.

My current daily profit is four ten thousandths. That is to say, the nominal annual interest rate of my borrowing is 0.04%*365=14.6%.

The actual annual interest rate is 15.62%. I am afraid that I will stun everyone. This period does not reflect the conversion of the nominal annual interest rate and the actual annual interest rate.

Someone once gave me a message. His interest on the day of the loan is one in eight ten thousand, then his nominal annual interest rate is 0.018%*365=6.57%.

It’s good to borrow such cheap money and do anything.

Scene 4, credit card staging

Credit card is pressedInstalment rateTo charge.

Here is a simple calculation of the actual interest rate for the 12-phase installment, leaving you to calculate.

After 12 months, the actual annual interest rate is0.66%*12*24/(12+1)=14.62%

Is it true that the real interest rate agency has never given you?

Instead, we must use all kinds of small actions that hide people's ears, and force us to become (pseudo) experts....

After understanding the real interest rates of borrowing, flowering and white bars, let’s talk about how to use them!

First, cash flow is not desirable

In fact, the real interest rates of the four are not low. Obviously, using them to cash in for investment and financial management is a little bit dead, and we do not advocate the cash management here.

First, the income of your investment and financial management is not necessarily worth the interest you have to pay;

Second, investment is risky, and the cost of the capital chain is higher.

Second, free staging, you are welcome

掐On time, enjoy the 53-day interest-free period with the flower buds, enjoy the 12-month interest-free period for the purchase of interest-free goods, spell out the 80-day interest-free period with credit card and Jingdong Baizhu, and even enjoy the regular interest-free period. These are all cost-effective. .

Anyway,The borrowing of money during the interest-free period is stable,Because the money saved temporarily exists, Sino-Swiss wealth is more cost-effective than spending ahead of time.

Third, reduce consumer debt

Just everyone has seen how high the interest on consumer loans is.Average annualized 14%(ps: This is formal, some informal interest is over 100%, and I think of naked loans some time ago)

So you need to think carefully before you buy a loan, you can use it or not!

"You may never have thought of them, they will block your loan."13Only blocking the road tiger Focus on360Mortgage"Fangdai123) Micro-signal, reply "Wu Song" teaches you to play Tiger Cheats, easy loan.

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