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Consumption staging, pie or trap?

Time: 2016-11-24         Source: I call a small money         Author: I'm a little money management

I am a friend Y, income is very high, but usually no control of consumption, so no deposit. Weekend to see her shopping cart, more than 20 pieces of goods add up to eighteen more.

"Is it ready to use the staging?"

"Yes ah, why life is not too early to enjoy"

Two people are coming soon, consumer loans Some people think this is out of the pie, fear will receive a lot of interest, so do not; some people feel that interest is very low, directly chop hand in the end, the results found "spend the money tomorrow Add the day after the block.

I do not think so much,Find out how many of their actual rates are for each installmentThe

For the math of the poor girls who are very complex formula, it is difficult to count out at once, in fact, the cost of borrowing money, probably with two terms to describe: one is the rate, one is the interest rate.

For example, if someone told you that by XX%Monthly rate or monthly management rate by your money, You directly apply this formula like (on the derivation of the process of interested children about me):

A * n * 24 / (n + 1) = actual annual interest rate

A represents the monthly rate, n represents borrowed for a few months.

Another example, if someone says, press XX%Monthly interest or interest on you to borrow money, Regardless of what he said the repayment method is the first interest, or after the first interest, or a one-time debt service -

You will ask him directly, by the day of interest is how much, and then multiply by 365, you knowNominal annual interest rate(The actual annual interest rate is higher than the nominal annual interest rate).

So that some of the dry, I use white bars, flowers chanting, by chanting to be an example, demo about.

Scene one, white bars

White bar loan, is the monthly rate to interest. When the word "rate" appears, it means that the money you pay for each month is fixed and the fee for each month is the same.

Whether you borrow a few months.

This kind of interest-bearing method, when calculating the real interest rate, has a simple formula:A * n * 24 / (n + 1)

Give a few chestnuts:

Monthly rate of 0.5%, by 3 months, the actual annual interest rate is 0.5% * 3 * 24 / (3 +1) = 9%;

By 12 months, the actual annual interest rate is 0.5% * 12 * 24 / (12 + 1) = 11.07%;

By 24 months, the actual annual interest rate is 0.5% * 24 * 24 / (24 + 1) = 11.52%;

It can be seen that with the "rate" to interest, the actual cost of borrowing, with the borrowing period has a great relationship.

The same rate, the longer you borrow money, the higher the real interest rate.

Credit card consumption staging, cash installment rate, can be calculated so

Scene two, flower chanting

The chanting method is the same as the white bar, but its rate is variable.

Borrowing period is not the same, the monthly rate is not the same, that the actual interest rate how to count?

Very simple, 3 points, the monthly rate is 2.5 / 3, 6 points when the monthly rate is 4.5 / 6 .... 12 times the time, the monthly rate is 8.8 / 12.

The actual annual interest rate is 15%; by 6 months, the actual annual interest rate is 15.4%, by a year, the actual annual interest rate is 1%, the actual annual interest rate is 15%; 16.2%.

As can be seen,The actual annual interest rate of the chant is higher than that of the white bar, With flowers chanting, it is better to use white bar cost-effective.

Scene three, by chanting

By chant of the repayment method, and white bars and flowers are not the same chanting.

It is still a month to the money is fixed, but the interest is reduced month by month, and the principal increased month by month.

In this way of repayment, you can use it to give the monthly interest * 12, or daily interest * 365, you can calculate the nominal annual interest rate.

I am now ten thousandths of the day, that is, my name is borrowed by the name of the annual interest rate is 0.04% * 365 = 14.6%.

And the actual annual interest rate is 15.62%, afraid to everyone around the halo, this period does not speak the nominal annual interest rate and the actual annual interest rate conversion.

Someone had a message to me, and his interest on the day was eight thousandths, and his nominal interest rate was 0.018% * 365 = 6.57%.

So cheap money, borrow out what to do, are good.

Scene four, credit card staging

The credit card is pressedStaging rateTo charge.

Here is a simple count about the 12 period of the actual interest rate, the rest of your own to count.

By 12 months, the actual annual interest rate is0.66% * 12 * 24 / (12 + 1) = 14.62%

Is not found that the real interest rate this thing institutions never give you count?

But to use a variety of deceptive little trick, abruptly put us all forced (pseudo) experts ....

In the understanding of chanting, chanting and white bar after the real interest rate, we come to explore how to use only cost-effective!

First, cash management is not desirable

In fact, the real rate of the four are not low. Obviously, with their cash to invest in financial management to death, do not advocate here cash out.

First, the proceeds of your investment and financial management do not necessarily get the interest you want to pay;

Second, the risk of investment, capital chain, you have to pay a higher price.

Second, free of time in a row

Pinch the opportunity to enjoy the use of flowers for 53 days interest-free period, the purchase of interest-free goods to enjoy 12 months interest-free period, with a credit card and Jingdong white bar spell 80 days interest-free period, or even obediently enjoy the conventional interest-free period these are cost-effective The

In any case,Interest-free period of borrowing money are profitable,Because the temporary savings of money in the Swiss wealth than spent ahead of cost-effective.

Third, reduce the consumption of debt

Just now we all see, how much interest in consumer loans,The average can reach the annual 14%(Ps: this is formal, part of the informal interest of more than 100%, but also think of some time ago naked loans)

So before the consumer loans need to carefully consider, can not use or not it!

"You may never think of them, will block in your loan on the road13Only stumbling block " Focus on "financial360Mortgage "(Fangdai123) Micro-signal, reply to "Wu Song" teach you to fight tiger Cheats, easy loans.

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