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When you open a gift card, do you really earn money?

Time: 2016-11-23         Source: Rong 360 original         Author: Qumeng Yang

There will always be something unexpected in your life. Compared to Hillary Clinton, who once served as Secretary of State for the United States, Trump, who has no political experience, became the dark horse and was elected as the President of the United States. It was nothing more than one of the hottest topics in the past month. . While netizens are puzzled by this and are eager to express their views, they may wish to care about those unexpected things around you.

Compared with previous years, it is becoming more common for banks to send credit cards for gifts. "Pro, come to Zhang credit card, free, you can also send you a pot." Hearing such a "good thing", some friends not only scrambling to do cards, some people also happily called their relatives and friends, inform Such a "good thing." Rong 360 mortgage (fangdai123) has encountered such a thing, this may wish to help you ask: open card delivery gift, do you really "earn" it?

It's not easy for everyone to get together

Xiao Wang was an employee of the company. He came back at noon and saw the company downstairs surrounded with a group of people. When he approached, he learned that the bank staff were working on the card, and that he had a slogan like “Free Delivery of Cards to Rice Cookers”. He looked at the gift he sent and couldn't help but doubted. This pot also said that there are 200, and the card will be sent? Can see the colleagues around to do the card, seeing the gift is gone, so many people to do, I think the problem is estimated that people have thought of it. Everybody holds a group to do it together. If I don’t do it, I’ll lose. With fewer and fewer gifts, there are more and more people watching. He squeezed over the cards and took the pot to the company happily.

The telepathic sentimental welfare hinders the face difficult to shirk

"Sister, can you help me?" Xiao Li received a phone call from his university senior. "This is the case. You can get a high-end headset for the card. I got a good feeling. I want to get another one. The bank is just taking the information." There is nothing wrong with making up an index.” Thinking of the care and help of the brothers on weekdays, and the fact that he did not find an internship in the last month’s untold hardships, he was still recommended by his brother, and Xiaoli did not hesitate. “ Brother, what information do you want? I sent it to you."

Open card hidden hidden dangers bank unprofitable gifts?

However, under these circumstances, we either felt that we had not done it or suffered a loss, or that due to our face, we had a credit card. However, you could not think of this as hidden dangers. The bank will “gift gifts” and you may fall into these pits:

(1) The credit card is really free of annual fees?

At the time of opening the card, the bank staff will tell you that the card is free and the annual fee is free. Is there such a good situation? This is not the case. When you apply for a credit card, the card is free of annual fees for the year. If you want to waive the annual fee in the next few years, you must consume enough pens. And these are usually when you do the card, the staff may not be as detailed as the introduction.

According to the different types of cards, the standards are different. The following figure shows the standard for the annual fee of the Construction Bank credit card:

(2) Various types of fees

When you do a credit card, the staff will certainly tell you about the various benefits of the credit card, but you may not know that when you are in a specific situation, you may need to pay: the cost of work, withdrawal fees, over-limit fees, card bills Courier fees, bill installment fees, reimbursement bill fees... and many other costs. The following takes the Construction Bank credit card as an example:

(3) pin card is not easy

As early as 2010, the China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC) put out a phone call. In order to prevent unqualified consumers from processing credit cards, giving credit cards to present gifts may be suspended. After six years have passed, the upsurge of opening a gift card has not been reduced but has become more intense. In order to complete this part of the index, some employees will buy small gifts for themselves. In order to prevent easy sales of cards, banks may add rules similar to “In order to prevent customers from selling cards in bad faith to take out small gifts, cancel the qualifications of customers, and deduct the same amount of money in the credit card.” Regulation. For example, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank’s credit card has the following rules for prizes, points and pinouts:

(4)The fee is high, and some can't even pay back in advance

Since you can't sell your cards, use them, and you may find that using such a credit card may not be worthwhile. You may experience high fees, for example, you have to pay 15 for a 100 block fee, which is undoubtedly uneconomical. In addition to this, when you use the staged spending, you plan to repay it in 6 installments. If you repay 3 times in advance, the fee still needs to be charged in 6 installments. In addition, the withdrawal of the payment may also require a certain handling fee.

The following figure shows the Bank of Communications credit card requirements for cash withdrawal:

Everyone wants to be able to lower their cost of living while improving their quality of life. Can these small things be seen, can you make it better? In actual fact, there may be hidden traps behind attractive gifts. Here are two suggestions for everyone:

First, before you set up a card, be sure to consider whether you have this requirement, and don't do it because of gifts. Second, after confirming that you have a card, you need to know more about the possible expenses such as credit card fees and annual fees. Your credit card product.

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