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Open a card to send a big gift, are you really "earning"?

Time: 2016-12-16         Source: Rong 360 original         Author: Qumeng Yang

There are always things in your life that you might not expect. Compared with Clinton, the former US Secretary of State, Trump, who has no political experience, became the black horse and was elected as the US president. It is nothing but one of the hottest topics in the past month. . When netizens express doubts about this and rush to express their opinions, they may wish to care about the unexpected things around you.

Compared with previous years, it is becoming more and more common for banks to send credit cards to send gifts. "Pro, come to a credit card, free, you can also send you a pot." Hearing such "good things", some friends not only rushed to do the card, some people also kindly call their relatives and friends, inform Such a "good thing." Rong 360 housing loan (fangdai123) has also encountered such a thing, this may help you to ask: open card to send a gift, you really "earn"?

Everyone will hold the group together and will not suffer.

Xiao Wang is a corporate employee. He came back to lunch at noon and saw a group of people around the company. When he saw it, he knew that the bank staff was working on the card and slogan "Free card to send rice cooker". He looked at the gift he sent and couldn’t help but wondered. This pot said that there are also 200 pieces. I can see that my colleague has set up a card, and I will see that the gift is gone. So many people have done it. I think the problem is estimated by people. Everyone will hold the group together, and if I don’t do it, I will suffer. With fewer and fewer gifts, more and more people are onlookers. He squeezed through the card and took the pot back to the company happily.

Telephone sentimental welfare, it is difficult to get rid of the face

"Sister, can you do me a favor?" Xiao Li received a call from his college brother. "It is like this. You can get a high-end earphone when you get a card. I feel it is good. I want to get another one. The bank is taking information. If you want to make up an indicator, there will be nothing to do." I thought that my brother’s care for myself, and I didn’t find an internship opportunity after I worked hard last month, or my brother recommended it for myself. Xiao Li did not hesitate. Brother, what information do you want, I will send it to you."

Open card gift hidden hidden dangers Bank unprofitable white gift?

However, in these circumstances, we feel that we have suffered a loss if we don’t do it, or because we have a face, we have a credit card, but what you can’t think of is that there are hidden dangers. Banks will "give gifts"? You may fall into these pits:

(1) Is the credit card really free of annual fees?

At the time of opening the card, the bank staff will tell you that the card is free and the annual fee is exempt. Is there such a good situation? This is not the case. When you apply for a credit card, you will be charged an annual fee. If you want to waive the annual fee in the next few years, you must spend enough. And these are usually the details that the staff may not introduce when you are doing the card.

The standards are different depending on the card type. The following figure shows the annual fee for the construction bank credit card:

(2) a wide variety of fees

When you do a credit card, the staff will tell you about the benefits of the credit card, but you may not know that when you are in a particular situation, you may have to pay: the cost of the work, the cash withdrawal fee, the overrun fee, the card bill Courier handling fees, billing instalment fees, replenishment bills, etc. The following is an example of a CCB credit card:

(3) Pin card is not easy

As early as 2010, the China Banking Regulatory Commission had already said that in order to prevent unqualified consumers from handling credit cards, gifts can be stopped when they apply for a credit card. Six years have passed, and the card-giving gift has not been reduced, and it has become more and more intense. In order to complete this part of the indicators, some employees will buy small gifts for customers. In order to prevent easy credit card, the bank may add a regulation similar to "to prevent customers from selling malicious gifts, canceling the customer's eligibility, and deducting the same amount of money from the credit card." For example, the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Credit Card has the following provisions for prizes, points and sales cards:

(4)The handling fee is too high, and some can't even repay in advance.

Since you can't sell your card, use it. You may find that using this credit card may not be cost-effective. You may encounter higher fees, such as taking out 100 pieces but paying 15 pieces of handling fee, which is uneconomical. In addition, when you use the installment, you plan to pay in 6 installments. If you repay 3 installments in advance, the fee still needs to be charged in 6 installments. In addition, a certain fee may be charged for the withdrawal of the overpayment.

The following picture shows the regulations for the withdrawal fee of the Bank of Communications credit card:

Everyone wants to reduce their own cost of living while improving their quality of life. These small and cheap ones can make you better. In fact, there may be hidden traps behind the enticing gifts. Here are two suggestions for everyone:

First, before you can do the card, you must consider whether you have this demand, do not do the card because of the gift; second, after confirming that you have the demand for the card, learn more about the credit card rate, annual fee and other possible expenses, choose the right one. Your credit card product.

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