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Open card to send gifts, you really "earn" what Mody

Time: 2016-11-23         Source: melt 360 original         Author: Qu Mengyang

There is always something in life that makes you unexpected, compared to former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, without any political experience Trump became a dark horse was elected president of the United States, nothing more than one of the most popular topics of the past month The In the netizens expressed doubts, competing to express their views at the same time, may wish to care about your side of those unexpected things.

Compared with previous years, banks can send credit cards to become more and more popular. "Some friends are not only scrambling to go to the card, some people also kindly call their friends and relatives, to inform you that the" Such a "good thing". Financial 360 mortgage (fangdai123) also encountered such a thing, which may wish to help you ask: open card to send gifts, you really "earn" it?

Everyone Baotuan together do not always suffer

Xiao Wang is a business staff, eat back at noon to see the company downstairs around a group of people, approached a look to know the bank staff in the card, and played a "free card to send rice cookers," such a slogan. He looked at the gift to see can not help but doubt, the pot that there are 200, open card to send? Can see the colleagues around the card, seeing the gift will be gone, so many people do, I think the problem is estimated that people think of it We hold together to do, I do not do is not a disadvantage. With fewer and fewer gifts, more and more people onlookers. He squeezed past a card, holding the pot happy to return to the company.

The phone teaser is hardened by the face

"Shimei, can help me a busy?" Xiao Li received his brother's brother's phone, "is the case, the card can get a high-end headphones, I got the feeling pretty good, would like to take one, the bank is to take information Do not have something to do. "Think of the day on the care of their care, plus last month, their own hardships did not find the opportunity to practice, or brothers to help their own recommended, Xiao Li did not hesitate, Brother, what information do you want, I sent you past.

Open card gift hidden hidden bank free gift to send gifts?

However, in these cases, or feel that they do not eat a loss, or due to face, we have a credit card, but you can not think of it, which hidden hidden. The bank will "send gifts" you may fall into these pit:

(1) credit card is really free of charge?

In the open card, the bank staff will tell you to open the card free of charge, the annual fee is free, really so good situation? This is not the case, when you apply for a credit card, the card year-free annual fee, after a few years if you want to remove the annual fee, you must spend enough pen. And these usually when you do the card, the staff may not be introduced so detailed.

According to the different types of cards, the standard is different, the following figure is the construction bank credit card annual fee rates:

(2) costly

When you make a credit card, the staff will certainly tell you the benefits of the credit card, but you may not know that when in certain circumstances you may need to pay: the fee, take the current fee, overrun, card bill Courier fees, bill installment fees, replenishment bill charges ... ... and other costs. The following to build a bank credit card as an example:

(3) card is not easy

As early as 2010, the CBRC had to put words, in order to prevent unqualified consumers for credit cards, credit cards can be presented gifts may be stopped. Six years have passed, you can open the card gift this wave of ups and downs increased, intensified. In order to complete this part of the indicators, some employees will buy their own small gifts presented to customers. In order to prevent easy pinning, the bank may add regulations that are similar to "the amount of money to prevent customers from easily taking a small gift, cancel the client's eligibility and deduct the same amount of money in the credit card." For example, the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank credit card for prizes, points and sales cards have the following provisions:

(4)Fees are high, and some can not even repay in advance

Since it can not be sold, then use it, then you will find that the use of this credit card may not cost. You may encounter a higher fee, such as taking out 100 have to pay 15 fee, which is undoubtedly uneconomical. In addition, when you use the staging of consumption, intends to pay 6 repayment, if the advance 3 repayment, the fee still need to be charged 6. In addition to this, it may be necessary to charge a fee for taking out the payment.

The following figure shows the bank bank credit card to the cash fee requirements:

Everyone wants to be able to improve their quality of life while reducing their cost of living. Do you see these small and cheap, can you make it better? In fact, the tempting gift may be hidden behind the trap. Here to give you two suggestions:

One is to do before the card, we must consider whether you have this demand, not because the gift and do card; second is to confirm that you have the requirements of the card, the more credit card rates, annual fees and other possible expenses, Your credit card product.

"You may never think of them, will block in your loan on the road13Only stumbling block " Focus on "financial360Mortgage "(Fangdai123) Micro-signal, reply to "Wu Song" teach you to fight tiger Cheats, easy loans.

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