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Bank of electricity to sell low interest rates to grab customers Taobao seller's spring came?

Time: 2016-11-09         Source: Morning News         Author: Morning News

Double 11 is approaching, the road business providers on the platform are actively stocking, ready to fight battles 11. The major banks also launched a commercial credit, low interest rates to grab customers, people lamented the spring of Taobao sellers came. Reporters noted that, although Ali, Jingdong and other business platform for businesses have credit products, but now many banks have joined the electricity business loans, competing to launch electricity business loan products. Compared to the electricity business platform of their own loan products, banks launched the electricity business loan product interest rate is relatively low, wider scope of application.

Many banks push commercial credit

Taobao shop is already the crown level of Mr. Chen recently told reporters that every year to double 11 on the eve of his shop stocking will be at least two or three times higher than usual, so every time this time, the cash flow will be more tense The Before he was through the Ali small loan loan turnover, but recently he noted that many banks have also launched a commercial credit products, and relatively more interest rates advantage, Mr. Chen decided to try this year with a bank's electricity business loans to solve the financial difficulties The

It is understood that there are already a number of banks have launched a commercial credit related products, such as CCB "good financial e loan", Merchants Bank "lightning"HSBC Bank"Electricity business loans", Zhejiang Bank "electricity business loans", the postal savings bank "days cat loan"GF Bank"Electricity business water loans" and so on, such as electricity business loans are mostly pureCredit Loans, Without collateral and guarantee.

For example, China Merchants Bank launched the "lightning loan" at the beginning of last year, and customers can complete the loan payment by 60 seconds to complete the loan processing through mobile phone APP or online banking self-service loan, loan application, approval, signing and lending process. CCB at the end of 2014 launched the "good financial e loan" is unsecured, based on settled in the good business of small micro-enterprises in the platform to check the amount of transactions, a single up to 200 million.

Zheshang Bank related staff, as long as the Taobao, Lynx and other mainstream business platform to open shop more than 1 year, and reached a certain size of the shop can sell the "electricity business loans" products. The owner does not need to provide any collateral, mainly by the shop business, character credit, loan use and other information can be directly approved loan amount, up to 75 million.

Bank interest rates have an advantage

Relative to Ali, Jingdong and other business platform for self-employed loan business, the bank Department of "electricity business loans" generally in the interest rate has obvious advantages. According to the reporter, Ali platform, the annual interest rate of electricity business loans in more than 10%, but the bank electricity business loans annual interest rate is generally not more than 10%. Huaxia Bank, for example, the current Huaxia Bank electricity business credit daily average of 2.4 per thousand, that is, the annual interest rate is generally 8% -9%, if the customer through the Huaxia Bank's loan network to apply to the loan to the afternoon If the money can be returned to the bank account, the return of the loan, the customer's interest on the day is zero.

Zheshang Bank's business loans to support with the accompanying, according to daily interest rates. With the arrival of double 11, Zheshang Bank for electricity business customers can enjoy a certain preferential interest rate, the minimum daily interest rate of only $ 2.3 per million loan.

In addition, although Ali, Jingdong and other business platform in addition to the platform for the merchants to provide loans to support the platform outside the business to enjoy its loan service is not much. While the bank is mainly engaged in commercial loans to customers, as long as it is in the days of cat, Taobao, Jingdong and other large business platform has a certain business history can be the owner, but also including cross-border electricity business.

With the popularity of the platform in recent years, the banks have clearly seen the big business to borrow this big cake. It is understood that since last year, Zhejiang Bank on the line this "electricity business loans" products, it has been favored by the market. From Zhejiang Bank's data show that as of the end of September 2016, Zheshang Bank electricity business loans balance of 47.95 billion yuan, up from the beginning of up to 350%.

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