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The bank has a low rate of electricity commercial loans to grab customers Taobao sellers come spring?

Time: 2016-11-09         Source: News Morning News         Author: Morning News

Double 11 is approaching, all businesses on the e-commerce platform are actively stocking, preparing for the decisive double 11. The major banks also introduced e-commerce loans. They have low interest rates and grabbed customers. People lament that the spring of Taobao sellers has come. The reporter noted that although e-commerce platforms such as Ali and Jingdong have credit products for merchants, many banks have now joined the army of e-commerce loans to launch e-commerce loan products. Compared with the e-commerce platform's own loan products, the interest rate of e-commerce products introduced by banks is relatively low, and the scope of application is wider.

Many banks push loans

The shop on Taobao, which is already Crown Level, Mr. Chen recently told reporters that on the eve of the double 11th each year, his store inventory will increase at least two or three times than usual. Therefore, at this time, the cash flow will be tight. . In the past, he used Alibaba's small loans to revolve around loans. But recently he noticed that many banks have also launched electric commercial loans, and interest rates are relatively advantageous. Mr. Chen decided to try to use a bank's e-commerce loan to solve the financial difficulties this year. .

It is understood that many banks have already launched e-commerce related products, such as CCB “Financing e-loan” and China Merchants Bank “Lightning Loan”.HSBC Bank“E-commerce loans”, Zheshang Bank “E-commerce loans”, Postal Savings Bank “Tian Mao loans”,Guangfa Bank"E-commerce water loan" and other such e-commerce loan products are mostly pureCredit LoansThere is no need for mortgages and guarantees.

For example, China Merchants Bank launched “Lightning Loan” at the beginning of last year. Customers can self-finance loans through the mobile phone APP or online banking, and the loan application, approval, signing, and lending system can be automated. The loan can be issued in 60 seconds. CCB's “Good Credit e-loan” launched at the end of 2014 is unsecured, and based on the small and micro enterprises that have settled in ShanRong Merchants, the amount of the transactions on the platform has been approved, and the single maximum is RMB 2 million.

The Zheshang Bank related staff introduced that as long as it is in Taobao, Tmall and other mainstream e-commerce platform to open an online store for more than 1 year, and reach a certain size of the online store sellers can apply for "electricity commercial loan" products. The owner of the shop does not need to provide any collateral, mainly by the operation of the online store, personal credit, loan use, and other information can directly check the loan amount, up to 750,000 yuan.

Bank interest rate has advantages

Compared with the self-operated loan business of e-commerce platforms such as Ali and Jingdong, the bank's “e-commerce loans” generally have obvious advantages in interest rates. According to the calculation of the reporter, the annualized interest rate for e-commerce loans on the Ali platform is more than 10%, but the annualized interest rate for bank e-commerce loan products will generally not exceed 10%. Take Hua Xia Bank as an example. At present, the daily interest rate of Huaxia Bank's e-commerce products is generally 2.4 per cent, which means that the annualized interest rate is generally 8%-9%. If the customer applies for a loan through Huaxia Bank’s loan network in the morning, it will be in the afternoon. If the money can be returned to the bank account and the loan is returned, the customer’s interest for the day is zero.

Zheshang Bank’s e-commerce loan support continued to be calculated on a daily basis and interest was charged on a daily basis. With the advent of Double 11s, customers of Zheshang Corporate Banking Co., Ltd. can enjoy a certain preferential interest rate, and the minimum interest rate per day is only RMB 2.3.

In addition, despite the e-commerce platforms such as Alibaba and, in addition to providing loan support for merchants within the platform, merchants outside the platform can enjoy a small number of loan services. The bank-based e-commerce loan products generally cover a wider area, as long as they are owners of certain large-scale e-commerce platforms such as Tmall, Taobao and, and they also include cross-border e-commerce.

With the popularity of caller platforms in recent years, various banks have apparently seen this big cake of electric business loans. It is understood that Zheshang Bank has been favored by the market since it launched this “E-commerce” product last year. According to data from Zheshang Bank, as of the end of September 2016, the balance of the Zheshang E-commerce series of loans was 4.795 billion yuan, an increase of 350% from the beginning of the year.

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