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Banks are e-commerce loans low interest rate rushers Taobao sellers spring is coming?

Time: 2016-11-09         Source: News Morning News         Author: Morning News

Double 11 will arrive, the merchants on all e-commerce platforms are actively stocking, ready to fight double 11. The major banking departments have also launched e-commerce loans, low interest rate rushers, people lament that the spring of Taobao sellers has come. The reporter noted that although E-commerce companies such as Ali and JD have credit products for merchants, many banks have joined the e-commerce loan army and are rushing to launch e-commerce loan products. Compared with the e-commerce platform's own loan products, the bank's e-commerce loan product has a relatively low interest rate and a wider scope of application.

Many banks push e-commerce loans

Mr. Chen, who is already a crown-level shop on Taobao, told reporters recently that every year on the eve of the double 11, the stock of his shop will increase by at least two or three times than usual, so at this time, the capital turnover will be tight. . In the past, he had borrowed money from Ali's small loans, but recently he noticed that many banks have also launched e-commerce loan products, and interest rates are relatively advantageous. Mr. Chen decided to try to use a bank's e-commerce loan to solve financial difficulties this year. .

It is understood that a number of banks have successively launched e-commerce related products, such as CCB “Shurong e-loan”, China Merchants Bank “Lightning Loan”, Hua Xia Bank “Electric Business Loan”, Zheshang Bank “Electric Business Loan”, The Postal Savings Bank “Tmall Loan” and the Guangfa Bank “Electric Business Water Loan”, etc., are mostly pure credit loans, and no mortgage or guarantee is required.

For example, China Merchants Bank launched “Lightning Loan” at the beginning of last year. Customers can self-service loans through mobile APP or online banking. The loan application, approval, contracting and lending system can be automated, and the loan can be issued in 60 seconds. The “Shengrong e-loan” launched by CCB at the end of 2014 is unsecured. Based on the small and micro enterprises entering the Shanrong business, the quota is up to 2 million yuan.

According to the relevant staff of Zheshang Bank, as long as they are open online stores on Taobao, Tmall and other mainstream e-commerce platforms for more than one year, online shop sellers of a certain scale can apply for “e-commerce loan” products. The store owner does not need to provide any collateral, mainly the online store operation, character credit, loan use and other information can directly verify the loan amount, up to 750,000 yuan.

Bank interest rate has an advantage

Compared with the self-operated loan business of e-commerce platforms such as Ali and Jingdong, the bank's “e-commerce loan” generally has obvious advantages in interest rates. According to the reporter's calculation, the annualized interest rate of E-commerce loans of Ali platform is above 10%, but the annualized interest rate of bank e-commerce loan products generally does not exceed 10%. Take Hua Xia Bank as an example. At present, the daily interest rate of Hua Xia Bank's e-commerce loan products is generally 2.4%, that is, the annualized interest rate is generally 8%-9%. If the customer applies for the loan through the loan network of Hua Xia Bank in the morning, it will be in the afternoon. If the money can be returned to the bank account and the loan is returned, the customer's interest on the day is zero.

Zheshang Bank’s e-commerce loan support is paid on a daily basis. With the arrival of the double 11 , Zheshang Bank's customers who handle e-commerce loans can enjoy a certain preferential interest rate, and the minimum loan interest per 10,000 yuan per day is only 2.3 yuan.

In addition, although the e-commerce platforms such as Ali and provide loan support for merchants in the platform, merchants outside the platform can enjoy their loan services. Bank e-commerce loan products generally cover a wider range of products, as long as they have a certain operating history on large-scale e-commerce platforms such as Tmall, Taobao, and Jingdong, as well as cross-border e-commerce.

With the popularity of e-commerce platforms in recent years, banks have clearly seen the big cake of e-commerce loans. It is understood that since the Zheshang Bank launched this "e-commerce loan" product last year, it has been favored by the market. According to data from Zheshang Bank, as of the end of September 2016, the balance of e-commerce loans of Zheshang Bank was 4.795 billion yuan, an increase of 350% compared with the beginning of the year.

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