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The average rate of the first suite in the country was 4.44%, unchanged for 3 consecutive months
In October the nation's first suite average interest rate of 4.44%, unchanged from last month. On a year-on-year basis, 4.89% in October dropped by 0.45%. Among the 35 cities monitored by 360, the lowest average interest rate was 4.13% in Tianjin. During the National Day 20 cities introduced purchase restriction policy, tightening mortgage policy led to the first suite 3% down into the mainstream.
National preferential interest rates: Chao Bacheng Bank first suite loans have a discount
      Among the 533 banks nationwide, there are 3 banks with 2.5% down payment and 302 banks pay 30% down payment, accounting for 56.66% of the total. There are 26 banks with down payment of 3.5% and 1 bank with down payment of 40%.
First and second homes in major cities and lending rates
      Beijing: The first suite average interest rate of 4.21%; Shanghai: the first suite average interest rate of 4.41%; Guangzhou: the first suite average interest rate of 4.21%; Shenzhen First Suite average interest rate of 4.43%.
          The main purpose of the purchase of gold nine silver ten rounds of this trend is to curb the investment demand, to prevent real estate overheating and the collapse occurred. However, it is impossible for the property market to enter a cold winter and a stable theme will remain the future.
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