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My card goal is to make money by using a credit card
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I personally feel that the use of credit cards as much as possible, fully enjoy the bank to provide interest-free period, is a very necessary thing.

In Huanhuan students under the guidance of 2012, I did the first credit card, and then began to swipe card to do the card journey, and now a few cards have accumulated more than 15W + friends.

Of course, with the card for so many years, the benefits are still a lot, only points are redeemed for a lot of gifts: Haydock Shampoo, horse oil cream, millet self-timer, the United States electric cooker, and a book and Zhejiang food stamp, Watching movies and so on. Eat and drink, skin care, entertainment are covered. Convertible products or more comprehensive.

But the credit card with a bad words, a word, into a card slave.

What kind of person is not suitable for using a credit card? To

This question is worth writing in the front, if you are one of the following people, it is recommended not to apply for a credit card, do also cut off:

1, can not control the consumer desire, regardless of the ability to repay the brush, do a very dangerous;

2, too lazy, too lazy to see the repayment day too lazy to see the bill day too lazy to see the amount of money too lazy to repay the people, do trouble;

3, the use of credit card interest-free arbitrage no interest, the credit card when the savings card with the people, do Gansha it.

Why do I use a credit card?

I personally feel that the use of credit cards as much as possible, fully enjoy the bank to provide interest-free period, is a very necessary thing.

  [Up position]The time value of money means that a certain amount of money currently held is of higher value than an equal amount of money in the future. Popular is that you consider the market interest rate factors and inflation factors, today's 1 yuan is definitely worth more than tomorrow's 1 yuan! So you have to pinch in the hands, let the bank pay for your consumption, and so back to the bank, you have 1.1 yuan (market interest rate + inflation rate), but only need 1 yuan, then 0.1 yuan is your income.

2. Talk about the actual, with the card consumption will help to account, and accounting to help finance.

3. Banks and merchants to cooperate in a variety of promotions and points exchange.

Credit card use skills: cross-border clever card, save souvenirs

  Tip 1: non-dollar area, try to choose CUP channel

Many credit cards have two flags: UnionPay and VISA (there are also Master).

Now, the mainland unearthed Hao, the world knows. So many countries are slowly opening the Union credit card channel. If it is in the non-dollar area, we remember when the card and the other said that the choice of UnionPay instead of visa, master and other channels.

Tip2: to non-dollar region, no UnionPay, it is better to try multi-currency card

Tip3: in the domestic airport may also be considered "overseas consumption"

Tip4: Huaxia Bank savings card, go abroad to take a good helper

 Credit card consumption section:

1)Credit card limitShould be higher than the daily credit card spending, and then through the credit card, rather than cash to spend. Keep enough cash to deal with emergencies.

2) credit card credit card spending the best plan in advance, in the bill one day after the day of consumption, so you can enjoy the highest interest-free period

3) ForCredit card annual fee, It is best to schedule a year in a fixed credit card plan, to avoid the annual fee due to forget.

4) keep in mind the repayment date, not overdue, to avoid the late payment and pay interest

  Credit card points/ Activity part:

1) Merchants Bank services well-known, the consumer will have free text messages (full 100) / WeChat notification (all) but the points are very harsh!

2) Bank is the activities of more! Wal-Mart Friday consumer rebate 5%, but the consumer SMS needs 3 yuan / month (with card worry 12 yuan / quarter), WeChat did not notice, can only check their own bills! Now the Bank recommended 3 people do card air purification machine value 1200!

3) GF card is a great advantage of cross-line payment free of charge, payment of any bank withdrawal is free, please note that the free card is no password consumption. So need to pay attention to each bank for the loss of the card after the amount of the amount of compensation for the amount of compensation for the amount of time (there is no relevant, no collection so no link)

  Credit card limit:

1) how to avoid the amount of reduction

Sustained long-term small consumption, accumulated more. Credit card is not limited to the amount of each use, so do not care about the child face problems, like a small amount of use, large amount of consumption, if not on, then reduce the credit faster, and do not have to notify me, the bank directly reduce the amount The

Repay on time. Mentioned in front of the small consumption is also mainly consider the scope of personal tolerance, if the month there is a large credit card spending, you can pay in the repayment period, this is a more rational approach, and does not affect the credit line, of course, you can also The minimum amount of repayment, the amount of the remaining slowly, this method also does not affect the credit line, but there will be a high interest in compound interest, interest rate date is the amount of money you then count, Count date Oh ~ ~ debt is also certainly not desirable, the amount will be affected.

 Credit card arrears / Loan section:

1) take the processing fee 1%, the minimum income of 10 yuan. The monthly fee is 0.72%, and the enrollment of RMB 2,3,6 is 1.0%, 0.9% and 0.75% respectively; 10,12,18,24 is slightly lower, 0.7%, 0.66% and 0.68% respectively, 0.68%.

Credit card tips: how credit cards are also bill of dollars

1. You can take cash to the bank counter to buy dollars for repayment. This method is really time consuming and laborious. I am absolutely not consider it.

2. Online banking self-repayment. RMB deposit deposits can also be purchased, that is, before the repayment date of the yuan into the amount of money, online banking purchase repayment, and very convenient.

Automatic purchase of money is set after the billing day automatically purchase, the bill automatically generate RMB bills. When the repayment date directly to the yuan.

 Those cards of credit cards:

Interest rate trap Installment for fear you know

According to our algorithm, if the ten thousand yuan to choose 12 points back to the bank, the actual annual interest rate is how much?

Loan principal: 10,000 yuan

Each period of repayment amount of 10000/12 + 10000 × 0.66% = 899.33 yuan

Fee per installment = total amount of installments × rate per period.

 Pit you did not discuss the use of credit card 5 misunderstanding

First, take the current part of the interest-free period can not be interest-free

Small partners are aware that the most attractive credit card is the "free" to borrow money, in the interest-free period credit card spending can be free of interest.

Second, the money out of their own may also have to charge a fee

Continue to talk about this take now, in fact, even if your credit card is no arrears, but also save some of the money (overflow payment), if you want to take out more money is likely to have a fee Oh, because There are some banks for the payment of cash is also required to charge a fee.

Third, the interest-free amount ≠ credit line (credit card quota)

This is for the land ho, in particular, need attention. As far as I know, a bank has a tyrannical credit card, the maximum credit line can reach 1 million, but its interest rate of up to only 10 million. In other words, if a large local tyrants get a million high-end credit card, and then boldly brush the 50 million, of which 10 million can be free, but the remaining 40 million, but from the credit card on the date of interest, oh

Interest-free amount is what you really can be part of the bank wool, is not the amount of credit Oh!

Fourth, cross-bank repayment has a ceiling

So to remind you that even if the use of automatic repayment function, it is best in the final repayment date to confirm whether the timely repayment of the principal, otherwise it will not only be paid interest rates, there may be their own credit

Five, do not put money on credit card money

Founder of the credit card, and sometimes feel a bit like Pandora's box, once owned, desire endless.

Our credit card quota is much more than we have a month's income, and some even much higher. So, holding a high amount of credit cards, the hearts of impulsive little devil if you come out a little, we are likely to fall into the eternal hate ah!

So, be careful to make years of boat, sisters for the practice into a card of God and refuel it!

【Exclusive manuscripts and disclaimers】 Where the "financial 360" source of the work, any media and individuals all or part of the reproduced, please indicate the source (financial 360 The information contained in the article and the conclusions of the user only for reference, does not constitute investment advice.

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