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My card goal is to make a bank cheaper by using a credit card.
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I personally feel that it is necessary to fully use the credit card and enjoy the interest-free period provided by the bank.

Under the guidance of Huanhuan, I started my first credit card in 2012, and then started the journey of swiping the card. Now the accumulated amount of several cards has exceeded 15W+.

Of course, with the card for so many years, the benefits are still a lot, only the points have been exchanged for a lot of gifts: Haifeisi shampoo, horse oil cream, millet self-timer, beautiful electric cooker, as well as books and a food coupon for Zhejiang, 9 yuan Watch movies and more. Eating, drinking, skin care, and entertainment are all covered. The redeemable products are still relatively comprehensive.

However, if the credit card is not good, if it is not in a word, it will become a card slave.

[What kind of person is not suitable for using a credit card? 】

This question is worth writing at the forefront. If you are one of the following people, it is recommended not to apply for a credit card. If you do, you should cut it off:

1, can not control the desire to consume, just brush the person regardless of repayment ability, it is very dangerous;

2, too lazy, too lazy to look at the repayment date, too lazy to look at the bill, too lazy to look at the amount of the bill, too lazy to repay the person, to make trouble;

3. There is no interest in using the credit card interest-free period arbitrage, and the person who uses the credit card as a savings card can do it.

[Why do I use a credit card]

I personally feel that it is necessary to fully use the credit card and enjoy the interest-free period provided by the bank.

  [up posture]The time value of money means that a certain amount of money currently held has a higher value than an equivalent amount of money obtained in the future. The popular saying is that you consider the market interest rate factor and inflation factor. Today's 1 yuan is definitely worth more than tomorrow's 1 yuan! So you have to hold it in your hand and let the bank pay for your consumption. When you return it to the bank, you already have 1.1 yuan (market interest rate + inflation rate), but only need to pay 1 yuan, then 0.1 yuan is yours. income.

2. Let's talk about the actual, card consumption helps to keep accounts, and bookkeeping helps to manage money.

3. Various incentives and points redemption between the bank and the merchant.

Credit card tips: cross-border card swipe to save souvenirs

  Tip 1: In the non-US dollar area, try to choose the UnionPay channel

Many credit cards have two logos: UnionPay and VISA (commonly known as Master).

Now, the mainland is a local tyrant, and it is known all over the world. Therefore, many countries have slowly opened the UnionPay card channel. If you are in the non-US dollar zone, you should remember to choose the UnionPay instead of the visa, master and other channels when you swipe your card.

Tip2: Go to the non-US dollar area, no UnionPay, try a multi-currency card

Tip3: It is also possible to count as “outside consumption” at domestic airports.

Tip4: Huaxia Bank Savings Card, a good helper to go abroad

 Credit card consumption part:

1) The credit card limit should be higher than the daily credit card spending amount, and then consumed by swiping the card instead of paying cash. Leave enough cash for emergency situations.

2) It is best to plan for credit card spending in advance, and concentrate on spending one day after the billing date, so that you can enjoy the highest interest-free period.

3) For the annual credit card fee, it is best to arrange a credit card plan at a fixed time each year to avoid annual fees due to forgetting.

4) Remember the date of repayment, do not overdue, avoid late payment of late fees and interest payments

 Credit card points/activity section:

1) The CMB service is well-known, and there will be free SMS (full 100)/WeChat notification (all), but the points are very demanding!

2) Bank of Communications is more activities! Wal-Mart's consumer rebate on Friday is 5%, but the consumption of SMS requires 3 yuan / month (with card worry-free 12 yuan / season), WeChat has no notice, can only check the bill! Now the Bank of Communications recommends 3 people to do the card and also send the air purifier value 1200!

3) The great advantage of GF Card is that it is free of charge for cross-bank repayment. Any bank withdrawal is free of charge. Please note that GF Card is free of passwords. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to each bank's compensation period for the amount of stolen money after the loss of the card (there is no relevant article, there is no collection, so there is no link)

 Credit card limit:

1) How to avoid reducing the amount

Sustained long-term small consumption, accumulated a lot. Credit card does not limit the amount of money every time you use it, so you don't have to care about the face problem. It is good to use it in small amount. If you don't have it, the credit will be reduced faster, and you don't have to notify me. The bank will directly reduce the amount. .

Repay on time. As mentioned above, small-scale consumption is mainly considering the scope of personal acceptance. If there is a large credit card consumption in the month, you can apply for installment payment at the time of repayment. This is a more sensible approach and does not affect the credit limit. Of course, you can also The minimum repayment amount is paid back, and the remaining amount is slowly returned. This method also does not affect the credit limit, but there will be a high interest on compound interest. The interest-bearing date is calculated by the time of your payment at that time, not you. It is definitely not advisable to pay the debts, and the amount will be affected.

 Credit card arrears / loan part:

1) The cash withdrawal fee is 1%, and the minimum fee is 10 yuan. The installment fee was unified at 0.72%, and China Merchants Bank 2, 3, and 6 were higher than 1.0%, 0.9%, and 0.75%, respectively; 10, 12, 18, and 24 were slightly lower, 0.7%, 0.66%, and 0.68%, respectively. 0.68%.

Credit card tips: How do credit cards still have US dollar bills?

1. You can take cash to the bank counter to buy dollars for repayment. This method is really time consuming and laborious. I absolutely don't think about it.

2. Online banking self-payment. It is also possible to purchase foreign exchange for RMB deposits, that is, to deposit the equivalent amount of RMB before the repayment date, and to log in to the online banking to purchase remittances, it is also very convenient.

The automatic purchase of foreign exchange is to automatically purchase the foreign exchange on the billing day after the setting, and the bill automatically generates the RMB bill. The repayment date will be directly denominated in RMB.

 Those pits of credit cards:

Interest rate trap? Instalment payment, I am afraid you know

According to our previous algorithm, if the 10,000 yuan is returned to the bank in 12 installments, what is the actual annualized interest rate?

Loan principal: 10,000 yuan

The repayment amount of each period is 10000/12+10000×0.66%=899.33 yuan

Each period of handling fee = total amount of installment × rate of each period.

 Pit you did not discuss, the five major misunderstandings of credit cards

1. The cash withdrawal part cannot be interest-free during the interest-free period.

Little friends know that the most attractive thing about credit cards is that they can borrow money for free. During the interest-free period, credit card spending can be exempted from interest.

Second, you may have to pay your fees when you withdraw your money.

Continue to talk about this cash withdrawal, in fact, even if there is no debt in your credit card, you still have a part of the money (overpayment). If you want to take out more money, there is still a fee. Some banks also charge a fee for cash withdrawals.

Third, interest-free quotas, credit lines (credit card quota)

This article is especially important for local tyrants. As far as I know, a bank has a local credit card, the maximum credit limit can reach 1 million, but its interest-free limit is only 100,000 yuan. That is to say, if a big local tyrant gets a million high-end credit card, and then swiftly brushed 500,000, of which 100,000 can be interest-free, but the remaining 400,000 is calculated from the day of card swiping.

The interest-free amount is the part of the bank wool that you can really smash, but it is not the credit line!

Fourth, cross-bank repayment has a ceiling

Therefore, we must remind everyone that even if the automatic repayment function is selected, it is best to confirm whether it will pay off the debt in full on time on the last repayment date. Otherwise, not only will interest be added, but it may also be credited to you.

5. Don't take credit card money as money

The square credit card sometimes feels a bit like Pandora's box. Once you have it, your desire is endless.

Our credit card quotas are often more than our monthly income, and some are even much higher. Therefore, with a high-value credit card, if the little devil who is impulsive in the heart pops out a little, we are likely to have lost a thousand years of hatred!

So, be careful to make the ship of the year, the sisters cheer for the cultivation of the card god!

[Exclusive Manuscript and Disclaimer] Any work that indicates the source of “Fu 360”, any media and individuals reproduced in whole or in part, please indicate the source (360 The information materials and conclusions contained in the article are for reference only and do not constitute investment advice.

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