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Mortgage loan new trick Trademark can borrow money

Time: 2016-09-29         Source: Rednet         Author: Red Net

  MortgageNew tricks can also be played, and loans can be made by borrowing money from their own trademarks. Since July 1st, after the Changsha City Administration for Industry and Commerce has registered the monopoly rights of registered trademarks, local Hunan enterprises and financial institutions can only handle trademark mortgage loans in Hunan. This afternoon, Li Jianchun, Chairman of Hunan Heavy Beer Yipin Marketing Co., Ltd., received the trademark quality word [2016] No. 985 “Special Trademark Right Right Registration Certificate” from Xie Hui, the Deputy Director of the Changsha Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce, which was the first issued by Hunan. Zhang trademark exclusive rights pledge registration certificate.

Li Jianchun said that the company hopes to obtain a fund to open up the market, but it does not have enough physical assets to mortgage the loan. When he learned that the trademark intangible assets could also be mortgaged, he immediately began to apply for a loan of 7 million yuan through the guarantee company. "The original rule was to take the certificate within 5 working days. I didn't expect 3 days on the line." Li Jianchun said that this practice actually saves the company's financing costs and the processing time.

According to the person in charge of the Changsha City Bureau of Industry and Commerce, in the future, it will also publish the “Guide to Registration of Proprietary Rights for Registered Trademark Registration Rights” to publicize and establish the “Corporate Trademark Affairs Forum”. Experts are invited to introduce issues relating to corporate trademark pledge financing work. Let the heads of enterprises and trademark agencies understand the value assessment of corporate trademark rights and the operation flow of pledge financing.

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