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What is the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank how is it?

Time: 2016-08-02         Source: Peninsula Morning News         Author: Zhuoze

  Shanghai Pudong Development BankWhat is Wal-Bean? how is it? Shanghai Pudong Development Bank "Wo Yi loan" is for China Unicom upstream suppliers and downstream dealers financing needs, to provide exclusive financial services. Uphold Pratt & Whitney financial philosophy, with China Unicom's channel effect, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank batch development of small micro-customers, and further establish the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank small micro-financial business in the communications industry brand image. Wal-Mart has the following characteristics:

(1) diversification of customer types

As long as China Unicom's upstream suppliers or downstream distributors, and China Unicom for more than a year and more time, and the two sides in good condition, the transaction is stable, business records and sustained, then, whether it is small micro-business Or individual industrial and commercial households, small micro-business owners, can apply for me in the "Wal-Mart" business.

(B) the application procedure is simple

According to the operating characteristics and historical transaction data of small and medium-sized customers in China Unicom, the "Weiye loan" weakened the requirements of collateral collateral and followed the basic principles of "small decentralized, revenue-covered risk" in customer access and product design , To "credit" as the main guarantee for the supply chain upstream and downstream small micro-customers to provide up to 500 million (small micro-construction loans up to 10 million)Credit LoansThe

(C) diversified with money

"Woye loan" for individual customers in the approved for their personal operating amount of credit at the same time, but also special supporting the financing of merchant card, individual customers can directly through the credit card spending or transfer the way the loan for customers to save more Time and cost of round trip.

(4) flexible way of repayment

"Voyage loan" repayment method is flexible, in addition to repayment in addition, but also through the provision of networkRevolving loanService and loading the merchant card products, etc., to help customers according to their own cash flow situation, at any time for the use of loans and repayment.

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