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What is Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Volvo? how about it?

Time: 2016-08-02         Source: Peninsula Morning News         Author: Zhuoze

What is Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Volvo? how about it? Shanghai Pudong Development Bank “Woyi Loan” is an exclusive financial service for the financing needs of China Unicom's upstream suppliers and downstream distributors. Upholding the inclusive financial concept, with the channel effect of China Unicom, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank has developed small and micro customers in batches, and further established the brand image of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank's small and micro finance business in the communications industry. Woyi Loan has the following characteristics:

(1) Diversified customer types

As long as it is the upstream supplier or downstream distributor of China Unicom, it has cooperated with China Unicom for one year or more, and the two parties have performed well, the transaction situation is stable, the business record is continuous and good, then whether it is a small and micro enterprise Or individual industrial and commercial households, small and micro business owners, can apply for the "Woyi loan" business in our bank.

(2) Simple application procedures

According to the operating characteristics and historical transaction data of upstream and downstream small and micro customers, “Woyi Loan” weakens the requirements for mortgage collateral, and follows the basic principle of “small amount of dispersion and risk coverage risk” in customer access and product design. With "credit" as the main guarantee method, the company will provide pure credit loans of up to 5 million (small micro-building loans up to 10 million) for the upstream and downstream small and micro customers of China Unicom's supply chain.

(3) Diversification of payment methods

“Woyi Loan” is also equipped with a financing easy merchant card for individual customers to verify their personal operating loan quota. Individual customers can directly use the credit card to purchase or transfer funds, saving customers more. Time and cost of secondary round trips.

(4) Flexible repayment method

“Woyi Loan” has a flexible repayment method. In addition to providing repayment in installments, it also provides customers with online revolving loan services and loading of financing merchant card products to help customers apply for loans at any time according to their own capital turnover. Repayment.

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