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What is Shanghai Pudong Development Bank? how about it?

Time: 2016-08-02         Source: Peninsula Morning News         Author: Zhuoze

  Shanghai Pudong Development BankWhat is Woyi Loan? how about it? Shanghai Pudong Development Bank's "Vodafone Loan" is the exclusive financial service for China Unicom's upstream and downstream distributors. In line with the concept of inclusive finance, with the help of the channel effect of China Unicom, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank has developed small and micro customers in batches, further establishing the brand image of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank's micro-finance business in the communications industry. Voith Loan has the following characteristics:

(I) Diversification of customer types

As long as it is an upstream supplier or downstream distributor of China Unicom, it cooperates with China Unicom for one year or more, and the two parties have good performance, stable transaction status, and continuous and good business records. Therefore, whether it is a small or micro enterprise Individual entrepreneurs, small and micro business owners, can apply for the "Vodafone Loan" business at our bank.

(B) The application procedure is simple

According to the operating characteristics and historical transaction data of upstream and downstream micro and micro customers, Unicom's loan weakened the requirements for collateral, and followed the basic principles of “small-scale dispersion and income coverage risk” in customer access and product design. , With "credit" as the main guarantee way, we provide up to 5 million (small and micro construction loans up to no more than 10 million) pure and up-to-the-second small and micro customers in the China Unicom supply chain.Credit Loans.

(III) Diversification by means of money

"Waiyi Loan" is aimed at individual customers in the approval of their personal operating credit line, while also supporting the financing of easy business cards, individual customers can directly through the credit card spending or transfer methods for loan applications, to save customers more Time and cost of round trips.

(4) Flexible repayment methods

"Worry easy loan" repayment method is flexible, in addition to repayment instalments, but also through the supporting networkRevolving loanService and loading financing easy merchant card products and other methods to help customers according to their own capital turnover situation, at any time for the use of loans and repayments.

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