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What does consumer loan mean?

Time: 2016-07-26         Source: Rong 360 finishing         Author: vivian

What does consumer loan mean? Consumer loans first developed in the United States, and have been widely welcomed by young consumers in China. It refers to personal loans for studying abroad loans, home decoration, purchasing durable goods and even buying a car. Consumer loans are characterized by a wide range of consumer uses, high loan quotas, and long loan maturities.

You ask me for a consumer loan

1. The property I am preparing to mortgage is built earlier. Can I apply for a loan?

A: The age of the house needs to be within 20 years.

2. How much loan can I get?

A: Generally, you will judge the amount of loan you can get based on your income, credit history, expenses, deposits and other asset loan purposes.

3. If my income is low or older, can I apply for a loan?

A: If you are over-aged or have low income, you can form a joint borrower with one or more natural persons with full civil capacity to share the responsibility for repayment and improve your creditworthiness.

4. After the loan, how can I repay it?

A: After you apply for a loan, we will automatically deduct the amount of each repayment from your repayment account on a regular basis according to the repayment method you selected. You only need to stay in your repayment account. You can make a deposit at the bank's outlets or our self-service deposit machine, or through online bank transfer. In the area where the UnionPay cross-bank transfer business is opened, you can also use the ATM of other banks in this business. The machine transfers funds for repayment.

5. Can I repay in advance or partially repay? Do I have to pay for the early repayment?

A: During the repayment period, you can adjust the repayment plan at any time according to your own financial arrangement. The fee will be executed according to the loan contract. After you repay the loan in advance, you can also choose two repayment methods:

1. The repayment period remains the same, and the repayment amount is relatively reduced.

2, the amount of repayment is unchanged, and the period is shortened accordingly.

It is worth mentioning that consumer loans can indeed improve our quality of life. However, if consumption concepts are not scientific, blind consumption and excessive consumption, it may become a burden of life. Before applying for loans, grasp the principle of appropriate consumption. This is very important.

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