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Installment loans become easy to apply for a refund

Time: 2016-07-26         Source: Nanfang Daily         Author: Cao Ai-Ai Deng Qiang

REVIEW: installment buy a house to buy a car, the public is already very familiar, but now a lot of English training institutions also started a sale of installments. Tens of thousands of learning courses can be paid in installments to reduce the public's learning threshold? You can be cautious about such good things. Recently, Nanfang Daily has received several such complaints one after another, after the installment of the course you want to refund, but met with numerous obstacles.

Reporters learned that nowadays, such lending training courses are not uncommon in various training institutions, especially adult training, but they are not only hard to get a refund when consumers stop making courses for refunds To continue to repay the loan to the bank.

Loan courses want to refund a high liquidated damages

In mid-June, Mr. Yang, a citizen, filled out a questionnaire survey conducted by Walter International English Training Institute near Sports West Road. As a result of the contact telephone number left above, he received a series of calls from the salesman Phone, invite them to participate in the agency free course of experience.

On June 26, Mr. Yang came to the institution and a teacher named Ye from the institution received him. In more than two hours of communication, Mr. Ye did not mention the "free experience course" that the clerk mentioned Is to promote Mr. Yang a set of 18-month 29,800 yuan worth of English courses.

Mr. Yang said after he explained that "the course is too expensive and there is not much money to pay for", Mr. Ye told him that he could pay by way of "down payment + installment payment". Mr. Yang, who did not think much about it, then handed over 1500 yuan down payment.

However, what Mr. Yang did not expect was that at that time, the application form he filled in was actually a loan application form, and until two days later he received a text message telling him that he had accepted the application at North Bank Consumer Finance Company (hereinafter referred to as "North Bank" )Consumer loans23,800 yuan, sub-18 months a monthly repayment of 1,322 yuan, "told me at the time that the installment, has not mentioned ispersonal loan".

Mr. Yang, who had a faint feeling of problems, told Mr. Yip that he wanted a refund and formally submitted his application for withdrawal on July 8th. Mr. Yang said that sales tell him that according to the contract, it needs to be deductedBank loan interestFees, fees and contract breach of contract, after the above deduction, Mr. Yang can only return about 17,000 yuan.

Reporters in the application form returned by Mr. Yang saw that one of the loan interest charges up to 1909 yuan. Mr. Yang was very dissatisfied with the result of the organization's handling of the incident and said "I only spent a lesson on the way, but I found it very unreasonable to deduct the cost of $ 6,800." Since then, Mr. Yang has also repeatedly made representations to Wal-Mart about refunding matters, But did not get a clear refund replies.

Easy to refund the loan similar situations occur repeatedly

Mr. Yang's example is not the case, the same also applies to Wal-Mart enrollment training Sun also had similar experiences. On June 23 this year, Mr. Sun, a citizen, enrolled in an English course at Walter Training Institution. On the registration day, Mr. Sun applied for a loan from Northern Bank and paid the remaining tuition fees in installments under the guidance of a course consultant.

On July 4, Mr. Sun received a notification from Northern Bank that he did not accept Mr. Sun's loan application. After Mr. Sun informed the course advisor, the course advisor said he would help Mr. Sun to apply for a loan from other financial companies. Since then, the course advisor has not given any reply about applying for a loan.

Mr. Sun said that on July 4, he took the first class in the organization. However, he thought he would like to apply for the suspension of class refunds considering that his work is irregular on time and can not attend classes on time. On the afternoon of July 9, Mr. Sun went to the institution to submit his application for withdrawal and submitted his application for withdrawal on the same day.

Mr. Sun said that according to the agreement, for reasons of personal reasons, students can apply for withdrawal from the school within one week after the start of the program. The school will deduct 1,500 yuan from the tuition fees and refund the remaining students. Miss Lu, a course advisor of Mr. Sun, said in this regard that Mr. Sun had surpassed the validity of his / her withdrawal from school for seven days when he submitted his application and that Mr. Sun had lost the agreement he had signed before, so the refund was pending.

However, Mr. Sun said he had repeatedly consulted with the course consultant withdrawal process, the course consultant said his application for withdrawal has been submitted to the headquarters in Shanghai, the need to wait for the headquarters of the results, "every time I reply to the other results, But there's no news. "

Nanfang Daily reporter learned that, now, this loan training courses on the various training institutions is not uncommon, especially in adult training most. Several trainees who passed the loan training class said that at the time of registration, the entire loan procedure was simple and only required to fill in an application form and did not want them to provide proof of salary and other evidence of their ability to pay.

Be wary of refund refund

According to an industry source, in general, the training institutions consultants pay bills before the consumers will be made clear the loan installments, but do not rule out that some course advisors in order to rush to a commission, and to conceal loans and follow-up refund , Leading consumers to sign an agreement without knowing it.

The industry said that once the training loan contract, consumers want to end the loan contract, then not so easy. The reporter called the customer service of North Bank Consumer Finance Company to ask about the matter. The customer service said that if the lender fails to repay the loan on time, it will also charge an additional fee of $ 30 per month.

And on how to lift the loan agreement, customer service said the key to refund is "whether the training institutions are willing to refund their loans to North American consumer finance companies in the name of trainees", as long as the training institutions to return the loan amount to the company, the agreement can be lifted immediately .

Reporter interviewed on the matter, Guangdong Yanda strategy law firm Yan Yaoqi lawyers. Yan lawyer believes that if the parties and the training institutions signed a loan agreement, said the parties formally authorized the training institutions to apply for loans, the training agency is on behalf of the parties can apply for a loan to the credit agencies.

For consumers now encounter the lifting of the loan agreement, Yan Yaqi said that trainees can negotiate with the training institutions, the negotiation fails to take legal proceedings to prosecute the training institutions.

In response, the staff of Guangzhou Trade and Industry Bureau to remind consumers to enhance awareness of prevention in advance to avoid consumer traps, try to choose professional and regular, reputable training institutions. In addition, the signing of the training contract to carefully read the relevant provisions, in particular, to find out the curriculum, training costs, loans and fees, Hugh (transfer) learn procedures, refund standards and other core provisions of the content.

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