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Installment payment change loan

Time: 2016-07-26         Source: Nanfang Daily         Author: Cao Ai-Ai Deng Qiang

Guide: Instalment payment to buy a house to buy a car, the public is already very familiar with, but now many English training institutions have also started to buy and sell instalments. How can a tens of thousands of courses of study be paid in installments to lower the learning threshold? You can be cautious about these good things. Recently, the Southern Daily News has received several such complaints one after another. The courses after the installment payment want to refund the fees, but they have encountered many obstacles.

According to the reporter's investigation, today's training courses on loans are not uncommon in various training institutions, especially adult training. However, once consumers stop the course to request refunds, they are not only difficult to get a refund, but also It is necessary to continue to repay the loan to the bank.

Course on loan, want to refund, pay high liquidated damages

In mid-June, Mr. Yang filled out a questionnaire survey issued by Wald International English Training Institute near the West Sports Road. Because of the contact telephone number, he was continuously received by the salesman of the agency. Call and invite a free experience course offered by participating agencies.

On June 26, Mr. Yang came to the institution. A teacher named Ye’s teacher received him. In the two-hour exchange, Mr. Ye did not mention the “free experience course” that the salesman said. It is to sell Mr. Yang a set of English courses worth 18,800 yuan for 18 months.

Mr. Yang said that after he stated that “the course is too expensive and there is not much money to pay”, Mr. Ye told him that he can make a payment by “down payment + installment payment”. Mr. Yang, who did not think much, then delivered 1,500 yuan. down payment.

However, what Mr. Yang did not expect was that the application form he filled in at the time was actually a loan application form. Until two days later, he received a text message telling him that he was already at Beiyin Consumer Finance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Northern Silver”). The consumer loan was 23,800 yuan, and the monthly repayment was 1322 yuan in 18 months. "At that time, I was told that I was paying in installments, and I have never mentioned that it is a personal loan."

Mr. Yang, who felt the problem faintly, indicated to Mr. Ye that he wanted a refund, and formally submitted the application for withdrawal on July 8. Mr. Yang said that the sales informed him that according to the contract, the bank loan interest fee should be deducted. After the handling fee and contract liquidated damages, Mr. Yang can only return about 17,000 yuan after deducting the above fees.

The reporter saw in the refund application form sent by Mr. Yang that the loan interest fee was as high as 1,909 yuan. Mr. Yang was very dissatisfied with the results of the agency's handling. "Only one lesson was taken in the middle of the course, but it was unreasonable to deduct the fee of 6,800 yuan." Since then, Mr. Yang has also traveled to Wald several times to negotiate refunds. However, there was no clear refund response.

Loan is easy to refund, similar situations occur frequently

Mr. Yang’s example is not a case. Mr. Sun, who also attended the Walter registration training class, has similar experiences. On June 23 this year, Mr. Sun registered the English course of the Wald training institution. On the day of registration, Mr. Sun applied for the North Bank loan under the guidance of the course consultant, and paid the remaining tuition fees in installments.

On July 4, Mr. Sun received a SMS notification from Beiyin, saying that he did not accept Mr. Sun’s loan application. After Mr. Sun informed the course consultant, the course consultant indicated that he would help Mr. Sun apply for loans from other financial companies, but the course consultant did not give any response to the loan application.

Mr. Sun said that on July 4th, he took the first class in the organization. However, considering that his work was not on a business trip and he could not attend the course on time, he would like to apply for a suspension fee. On the afternoon of July 9, Mr. Sun went to the institution to apply for withdrawal and submitted the application for withdrawal on the same day.

Mr. Sun said that according to the agreement, the student can submit the application for withdrawal to the school for personal reasons within one week of the start of the school. The school will deduct the management fee of 1,500 yuan from the tuition fee, and the remaining amount will be refunded to the students. Ms. Lu’s course consultant, Ms. Lu, said that Mr. Sun had already submitted his application for more than 7 days, and Mr. Sun lost the previously signed agreement, so the refund is being applied.

However, Mr. Sun said that he has consulted the course consultants several times about the process of withdrawal. The course consultants indicated that his application for withdrawal has been submitted to the Shanghai headquarters. He needs to wait for the results of the headquarters. "Every time I reply, let me wait for the results. But there has been no news."

The Nanfang Daily reporter learned that today, the way of training on such loans is not uncommon in various training institutions, especially adult training. A number of trainees who passed the loan training course said that the entire loan procedure was very simple at the time of registration. They only needed to fill out an application form and did not ask them to provide proof of salary and other evidence to test their ability to pay.

Be wary of refunds, pay attention to refund clauses

According to an industry insider, in general, the course consultants of training institutions will clearly define the various aspects of the loan before the consumer pays the fee. However, some course consultants do not rule out the loan and the subsequent refund in order to rush to get the commission. , causing consumers to sign an agreement without knowing.

The industry insiders said that once the training loan contract is signed, it is not so easy for consumers to end the loan contract. The reporter once called the customer service of Beiyin Consumer Finance Company to inquire about the matter. The customer service said that if the lender does not repay the loan on time, an additional late payment of 30 yuan will be charged each month.

As for how to cancel the loan agreement, the customer service said that the key to the refund is “whether the training institution is willing to refund the loan to the North Silver Consumer Finance Company in the name of the student”. As long as the training institution returns the loan amount to the company, the agreement can be immediately lifted. .

The reporter interviewed lawyer Yan Yaoqi of Guangdong Zhengda Fangluo Law Firm on this matter. Lawyer Yan believes that if the parties sign an application loan agreement with the training institution, it means that the parties formally authorize the training institution to apply for a loan, and the training institution can apply for loans to the credit institution on behalf of the parties.

Regarding the issue of the loan agreement that consumers are now experiencing, Yan Yaoqi said that the trainees can negotiate with the training institutions, and if they do not negotiate, they can use lawsuits to sue the training institutions.

In this regard, Guangzhou City Administration of Industry and Commerce staff reminded consumers to strengthen the precautionary awareness to avoid consumption traps, try to choose professional and reputable training institutions. In addition, you should carefully read the relevant terms when signing the training contract, especially to understand the core terms of the curriculum, training fees, loan methods and fees, Hugh (transfer) procedures, refund standards.

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