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Three minutes to learn WeChat particulate loan credit 10W +

Time: 2016-07-19         Source: Financial 360 original         Author: Song Can

Three minutes to learn WeChat particulate loan credit 10W +. MicroBank recently released its own annual data report, it is reported that particles on the line 1 year credit time, credit amounted to 40000000000, the achievement and Alipay launched by borrowing micro-credit products comparable. However, more than a year later, many people said that their WeChat did not open grain loans, or even opened, the amount of small, the critical moment can not save the urgent. Here, the sum of 360 Xiaobian summed up a set of particles loan opening and lifting skills, for your reference.

Background introduction

Particulate Loan: Weixin Bank launched a pure online personal micro-credit revolving consumer loan product for WeChat and QQ users. At present, the maximum lending limit for particle loan is 300,000, and the daily interest rate is 5%. In "QQ Wallet" and "WeChat Wallet", you can see the particle loan entrance.

Particles loan open throughout

So far, the particle loan is still based on the white list invitation system, while the reference is based on the Tencent Credit Reference, a big credit information collection system that is different from the central bank's credit reporting and self-construction. Under this system, the higher your score, the more likely you are to be invited to launch a particle loan.

Let's take a look at the following, the four major composition of Tencent Credit Index:

1. compliance index- From consumer loans, credit cards, mortgages and other information. Whether the repayment on time is an important reference.

2. Safety IndexTenpay account is real name certification? TenPay Tencent is the online payment platform launched by the company, the function is similar to Alipay, if your TenPay is not open or real-name certification, then this one will be deducted a lot of points.

3. Wealth index- Tencent products from the composition of the assets and financial records. Alipay has more than Po, Wealth of Money in the WeChat wallet, every penny you deposit in the WeChat platform, every small financial action, can have a greater role in promoting your Tencent credit.

4. Consumption index- From WeChat, mobile QQ payment consumer behavior and preference analysis. If you have never spent on the major platforms of Tencent, then it shows that you are weak with the platform, the possibility of particle loans opened very low.

PS,Do not believe the "particle loan open" ads. Particle loan is white list invitation mode,The so-called strong money to open the so-called micro-loan, not to lie to the money trick is to trick, you can not be serious ah!

Then PS,Granted the loan limit, you may also receive an audit call, According to friends disclosed that members of the trial will generally ask you two questions, whether the loan application? Money can not be used for stocks? At the same time will review your ID number, this level does not matter, your quota may be zero immediately.

Well, after the last five will be cut, and finally to the particle loan section, can borrow money easily, how much to borrow depends on your ability.

Here to share some tips with everyone

The first step: WeChat users need to log in WeChat,In my wallet to see if there are particles credit, if not, the user needs micro-real name registration, beautiful things or Jingdong to buy something, receiving the same address, the highest binding a credit card, so you can grab your credit history Happening:

The second step: click on the particles to start borrowing loans, Particle loans here need to give you a call back, will ask you to do what the money, Xiao Bian 3 minutes after the call, ask me to borrow money is not a stock, I replied not, and then passed!

The third step: check their Tencent credit information,Most of the user data that Tencent obtains legally is the behavior records of users of QQ and WeChat. Your rules of chatting, shopping, transferring money, sending friends circle are all risk control models, and more and more third-party organizations also start Use design data such as Ping An Bank's Ping An Pratt & Whitney, social loans, to installment, Yi Xin, Ali small money, and so on WeChat which apply for credit social data can borrow 500,000! Xiaobian experience a bit, 3 minutes to account 7 million 2, this is undoubtedly the big data innovation!

In its big data model of Tencent Credit, 233500 data items can be extracted. After the cloud computing is analyzed and archived, 10 predictive analysis models such as fraud model, authentication model, prepaid ability model, repayment ability model, repayment Will model and stability model, the traces of your data left in Tencent sorted out, you can truly understand your past, analyze your future, and get the final consumer credit score.

Particle Loan Other Tips:

In addition to real-name certification, the following tips can help raise.
1.More in QQ, WeChat platform for consumption,For example, often send and receive red envelopes, cell phone recharge, buy Q coins, coins and other games;

2.More money transactions with WeChat, including transfer services, wealth management wealth management, credit card repayment, third-party platform, payment and so onThe flow of these contacts, in particular, the amount of Money Management, how much for your mention.

3.Use the WeChat platform for living payment and city service functionsCurrently, WeChat life payment can pay water, electricity, gas, broadband, fixed-line and other costs, while the city service is opened a hospital registration, social security inquiries, traffic violations and a series of functions.

4.Participate in Tencent charity activities. Whether it is in the Alipay platform, or WeChat platform, the public is undoubtedly very seriously, give people roses, hand Yu Hong, perhaps your humble contribution, will be able to help a patient for a long time by the disease, These credit to Tencent credit and particles to enhance the amount of credit is not a small help.

5.Multi-use WeChat third-party cooperation platform servicesAt present, there are many third-party platforms on the WeChat platform, such as dropping a taxi, shopping on Jingdong, 58 home, movie performances, etc., using them and maintaining good payment and repayment records can help improve the particle loan quota.

6.Use particles to lend money and maintain a good repayment history. This is also the most important one.Many particles to get a loan amount of more than a dozen two hundred thousand users, not from the outset have such a high amount of. Therefore, when you have loan needs, you can borrow directly from the particles to lend money, on time repayment, Tencent Credit will be based on your loan and repayment, give you the particle loan. This is a melting Xiaobian 360 beta, the quota from 32000 mentioned 100000.

In addition to Tencent credit, the particle loan in the opening quota, but also to personal credit check the central bank, if the personal credit leave a stain, then want to particulate loans, the difficulty will be quite large.

Urgent money? We evaluated hundreds of small loan products! Concerned about the WeChat public number "Money Search" (ID: qiansousou360), reply "urgent money", no longer afraid to borrow money.

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