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Three Minutes WeChat Microfinance Credit 10W+

Time: 2016-07-19         Source: Rong 360 original         Author: Song Can

Three minutes to learn WeChat particle lending 10W+. Weizhong Bank recently released its own annual data report. It is learned that the amount of credit granted to Micro-micro-lending was up to RMB 40 billion within one year. This achievement is comparable to that of Alipay Micro-Credit. However, more than a year has passed, many people have reported that their WeChat micro-credits have not been opened, or even if they are opened, the quota is very small. Here, the financial editor of the 360 ​​summed up a set of tricks for the micro-loan to open up and raise the amount for your reference.

Background introduction

Micro-lending: Weizhong Bank launched a pure online personal micro-credit circulation consumer loan product for WeChat and QQ users. The current micro-loan maximum loan amount is 300,000, and the daily interest rate is 50,000. The micro-lending entrance can be seen in the “QQ Wallet” and “WeChat Wallet”.

Microbiological loans

So far, micro-lending still adopts the white list invitation system, and the basis for reference is Tencent Credit Information, a big data credit system that is different from the central bank credit information and self-built. Under this system, the higher your score, the greater the possibility of being invited to open micro-lending.

Let's take a look at the following specifically, the four major constituent indexes of Tencent Credit:

1. The compliance index- From consumer loans, credit cards, mortgages and other information. It is an important reference whether to pay on time.

2. Security index—— Is Tenpay account real name certification? TenPay is an online payment platform launched by Tencent. Its function is similar to that of Alipay. If your TenPay is not opened or real-name certified, then this item will be deducted a lot.

3. Wealth index- The asset composition and financial records from Tencent products. Alipay has a balance treasure and WeChat in WeChat wallet. Every penny you deposit on the WeChat platform and every small financial operation can greatly enhance Tencent's credit information.

4. Consumption index- From WeChat, mobile QQ payment consumer behavior and preference analysis. If you have never spent any time on Tencent's major platforms, it means that the stickiness between you and the platform is weak, and the possibility of micro-participating and lending is extremely low.

PS,Don't believe in "monetary loans". Micro-loan is a white list invitation mode.The so-called money to open a micro-lending, is not a trick to defraud money is to cheat fees, you can never take it seriously!

Then PS,You have also received an audit call for micro-credits., According to netizens, the examiner will generally ask you two questions. Is the borrower applying? Can money be used for stocks? At the same time, your ID number will be reviewed. This is not an issue. Your quota may be zero immediately.

Well, after going through the five-year period, we have finally reached the amount of micro-credit loans. It is easy to borrow money. How much money you need depends on your ability.

Here are some tips to share with everyone

The first step: WeChat users need to log in WeChat.Check if there is micro-loan in my wallet. If not, the user needs to register in Wechat real name, buy something in Beauty or Jingdong, the delivery address is unified, the highest binding a credit card, so you can grab your credit history Happening:

The second step: click on micro-lending to start the loan, Micro-lending here need to give you a phone call, will ask you to do what money, Xiao Bian application for 3 minutes after the call, asked me to borrow money is not stocks, I said no, and then passed!

The third step: Check your own Tencent credit information.Most of the user data that Tencent legally obtains are the behavior records of QQ and WeChat users. Your chat, shopping, transfer, and circulation of friends are all risk control models. More and more third-party organizations are also starting to Use design data such as Ping An Bank’s Ping An Praise, Social Loan, Instalment, Yixin, Alibaba, and so on to apply for credit social data in WeChat to borrow up to 500,000! Xiao Bian experienced it. In 3 minutes, he reached 70,000. This is undoubtedly an innovation in big data!

In its Tencent Credit Information Big Data model, 233,500 data items can be extracted, and the cloud computing analysis and archiving utilizes 10 predictive analysis models, such as fraud model, authentication model, prepayment ability model, repayment ability model, and repayments. The willingness model and the stability model will put your traces of Tencent's leftover data in order to truly understand your past, analyze your future, and get the final consumer credit score.

Microfinance Credits Other Skills Articles:

In addition to real-name certification, the following tips can help.
1.More spending on QQ and WeChat platforms,For example, sending and receiving red envelopes, recharging mobile phones, buying Q coins, game coins, etc.;

2.More money exchanges with WeChat, including money transfer services, wealth management, credit card repayment, third-party platform payment, etc.The flow of these transactions, especially the amount of Financial Solutions, will greatly help your collection.

3.Life payment and city service functions using WeChat platformAt present, the WeChat life payment can pay for water, electricity, gas, broadband, and fixed-line fees, while the city service has opened a series of functions such as hospital registration, social security enquiry, and inquiries for illegal traffic in cars.

4.Participate in Tencent charity activities. Whether on the Alipay platform or the WeChat platform, there is no doubt about the public interest. Give people roses and have a fragrant hand. Maybe your humble contribution will help a patient who has been plagued by diseases for a long time. These have also helped Tencent's creditworthiness and micro credits.

5.Use more services on WeChat third party cooperation platformAt present, there are many third-party platforms on the WeChat platform, such as Didi taxis, Jingdong shopping, 58 homes, and movie performances. Using them and maintaining good payment and repayment records can help increase micro credits.

6.Use micro-money to borrow money and maintain a good repayment record. This is also the most important one.Many micro credit lines get more than 100,000 to 200,000 users. It is not that they have such a large amount in the beginning. So when you have a loan demand, you can borrow money directly from micro-lending, and when you repay on time, Tencent Credit will give your micro-credit amount according to your loan and repayment status. This piece of financial 360 pro-test, the quota from the 32000 mentioned 100000.

In addition to Tencent's credit information, micro-lending also checks the individual's central bank credit before opening quotas. If individual credits are left tainted, it would be very difficult to get a micro credit amount.

Urgent money? We have reviewed hundreds of micro loan products! Pay attention to WeChat public account number "qiansousou360", reply "emergency money", and no longer afraid to borrow money.

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