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Why are you being refused? 99% of the loans were rejected and died here!

Time: 2016-07-11         Source: Rong 360 original         Author: vivian

As long as they apply for loans, whether it is mortgages, car loans, or unsecured loans, banks and other lending institutions will require borrowers to provide a personal credit report. If your credit report shows that your credit is bad, then it is possible that the loan will be rejected. So, what information does the bank mainly look at when reviewing it? The information inside determines whether your loan is approved. 99% of the loans were rejected and died on this! !

First, malicious overdue

There are many behaviors that cause overdue. For example, the individual does not understand the bank repayment date, the staff does not explicitly inform the repayment date, and does not repay the loan on time after graduation after applying for the student loan during the university. If the cardholder is subjectively illegal for possession, deliberately overdrafts within the time limit and amount, and refused to return after receipt by the issuing bank, is maliciously overdue.

Second, guarantee huge debts for others

When you are guaranteeing for others, be cautious. You must be based on your own abilities. You must not exceed your own abilities, and you must not use your own real estate and other essentials as collateral! It is best to write it as a “general guarantee guarantee” in the contract, otherwise it may bring huge debts to itself.

Third, the individual has existing liabilities (the ratio of liabilities to income is 70%)

In general, a family's total income is at least twice the debt, and the bank can agree to the loan. Before the loan, the borrower must reasonably assess the approximate amount of money that can be approved according to the income-liability ratio prescribed by the bank. It is important to note that the bank's regulations on the income-to-debt ratio are different, and the borrower needs to consult in detail.

Fourth, the letter of credit has been inquired many times

If, within a certain period of time, your credit report is queried 3 or 4 times or more, but it shows that you have not obtained a new loan or applied for a credit card, it may indicate that “the loan or credit card has been applied to many banks but they have not been successful”. There may be a negative impact on obtaining a new loan or applying for a credit card.

5. The spouse’s credit is bad.

When an individual applies for a home loan, the bank not only reviews the credit applicant's information and credit, but also the credit of the spouse is regarded as an important factor for the bank. A bad credit record of one party may result in the failure of the other party to apply for personal mortgage.

According to the different circumstances of the credit damage, Rong Xiao Xiaobian made a specific analysis of the reasons. Under different circumstances, the possibility of getting a loan will be greatly improved corresponding to different strategies.

1. The credit information caused by the untrue information is bad. After applying for administrative reconsideration, you can get the loan.

I believe you have seen a lot of similar news: Zhang San was imposing a loan, and he never applied for a loan, but the bank said that he had a loan that was overdue;

Li Si credit report is not true, but graduated from high school, but it shows the undergraduate degree...

These situations can be attributed to the bad credit information caused by the misinformation. To a lesser extent, you can go directly to the local central bank credit center and file an objection application. Generally, you can get a reply within 15 working days. The procedure is more serious. For example, impersonation loans, in addition to negotiating with the bank, may also need to go to the public security organs to report the case, but after all, after solving the problem of untrue information, it is quite easy to get the loan.

2. The bad credit information caused by the annual payment due, etc., can be issued with a non-malicious overdue certificate.

Some people's bad credit is caused by overdue personal repayment, but there are still some innocent people, because they do not understand the credit card regulations, the annual fee is not paid, or the third party reason, the bank deduction is not timely.

In the face of such bad credit information, in addition to actively paying off the arrears, you also need to actively communicate with the bank, explain the reasons clearly, and ask the bank to issue a non-malicious overdue certificate.

With this pass, your road to loan will be smooth.

3. The number of overdue does not exceed the relevant requirements, and the bank may lend at the discretion of the bank.

Different banks have different tolerances for overdue. Some are very strict and some are relatively loose. In general, you have to grasp a degree:There can be no two times in the past three months, not three times in the past six months, and there can be no four times in the year.You can think of it as a red line, no more than this red line, a good income, a good repayment ability, and the bank will still lend at its discretion.

And if your overdue is very serious, it exceeds the tolerance of the bank. Rong 360's Xiaobian can only suggest that after you pay off the debt, keep the 5 years of on-time repayment habits, waiting for the bad credit record to be automatically eliminated. (Some banks only look at the credit information within 2 years, and don't have to be particularly discouraged)

Fourth, you can try a mortgage

If the credit is not good, you can also try a mortgage if you are not using the loan. Usually the value of the collateral is high enough, commercial banks or some small loan companies will relax your personal credit conditions.

Showing valuables such as real estate, cars, and insurance policies, even if the credit is bad, it is very likely to get a loan.

V. Try emerging Internet credit products

Credit information is becoming more and more important. In addition to the central bank's credit information, many private credit reporting agencies have gradually become systems, such as Sesame Credit, Koala Credit, and Qianhai Credit Information. They also launched some loan products, and your central bank credit is not the main reference. Instead, it is your credit habits and consumption records on the platform.

Specifically, there are Alipay's loan, koala credit loan products, Xiaomi loans, Jingdong gold bars and the like. If the consumption habits on the platform are good, you can also get loans.

Rong 360 reminder:

In order to minimize the difficulty of the loan, increase your pass rate, and establish a good credit habit, it is obviously urgent.

Attached:13 cases are easy to keep bad credit records

1. The credit card is repaid in three consecutive times and accumulated six times;

2. The mortgage monthly payment is overdue for 2 to 3 months or no repayment;

3. The monthly loan of the car loan is overdue for 2~3 months or no repayment;

4. The loan interest rate is raised, and the monthly payment is still paid according to the original amount, resulting in interest overdue;

5. Water, electricity and gas fees are not paid on time;

6. Personal credit card has a vicious cash-out behavior;

7. Student loans are in arrears without repayment;

8. "Sleep credit card" is not activated to generate arrears annual fee;

9. Credit card overdraft consumption and mortgage loans were not repaid on time;

10. Provide a guarantee for a third party, the third party did not repay the loan on time;

11. Economic disputes in the part of the court, such as economic judgments;

12. The mobile phone deduction fee is linked to the bank card deduction fee, and the monthly subscription fee is owed after the mobile phone is deactivated;

13. A fraudulent record is generated by someone else using a copy of the ID card or ID card.  

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