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Can individual operating loans also be "mortgageed"?

Time: 2016-07-08         Source: Wenzhou Business Daily         Author: Wenzhou Daily

Can personal business loans be mortgaged? For most small and micro enterprises, the most troublesome thing after obtaining a loan from a bank is repayment. The capital is still not hot, and the repayment period is up. Encountered by banks, "drawing loans," the capital chain broke. However, in the future, these companies can borrow for 20 years on loan, and only use the bank for a little money every month. The reporter recently learned from the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank’s Wenzhou Branch that last month the bank launched an upgraded version of the personal operating loan, the “Arrival of House Loan” business, which has a maximum period of 20 years and can be used as a housing.Mortgage LoansAs slowly return.

“Small and micro business owners generally have real estate, and applying for personal business loans is not too difficult, but it is difficult for the vast majority of financial institutions to give short-term one-year loans.” The relevant person in charge of the Shanghai Development Bank of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank said that such loans The time limit for many small and micro enterprises is that the frequent tight cash flow is mismatched. In desperation, it will have to pay a lot of money to pass.Private lendingThe market borrowed short-term funds to repay loans; and with the adjustment of annual financial policies and the scale of credit, small and micro business owners have to bear the pain of submitting different credit information adjustments and uncontrollable renewal approval deadlines.

It is reported that the "property mortgage loan" is a personal business financing upgrade service product for the financing difficulties of small and micro enterprise owners, hard to guarantee, and the pressure of short-term loan repayment. The maximum loan amount can reach 10 million yuan. The mortgage rate is 70%. At present, the scope of collateral for this business includes real estate in Wenzhou covering Lucheng, Bohai, Longwan, Ruian, Yueqing, Cangnan, and Yongjia; Lishui area covers effective real estate in Lishui, Jinyun, and Qingtian; Hangzhou area covers the main city of Hangzhou. As well as effective real estate in the downtown area of ​​Binjiang District and Xiaoshan District; the Shanghai area covers the area within Shanghai’s Central Link area and villas in the Shanghai area. Types of collateral include residential and commercial housing. 2-3 working days to complete the review and approval.

According to the current standards of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank's Wenzhou branch, there are more than 200 qualified real estates and communities in the urban area of ​​Wenzhou, and eligible assets can be exempted from assessment. As far as interest concerns for lenders are concerned, the answer given by Shanghai Pudong Development Bank is that, depending on the region and customer's contribution to the bank, a differential interest rate execution method is used. The current average interest rate is 15%-25% higher than the benchmark interest rate. . The benchmark interest rate for the current five-year or more period is 4.9%, which is calculated at a median of 20%, and the actual interest rate is 5.88%. Suppose a business owner uses his own real estate mortgage to obtain a loan of 1 million yuan.Equal repayment of principal and interest, then every month you need to return to the bank 7095.25 yuan, the accumulated payment of interest is 702.861 million yuan.

It is reported that since the launch of the business, it has been welcomed by the market. Within a few days, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank’s Wenzhou branch has issued nearly 10 million yuan of this loan.

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