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The good news is that homesteads in these areas can be mortgaged.

Time: 2016-04-19         Source: Agricultural Network         Author: IICA Network

As we all know, our country’s rural housing sites cannot beMortgageof. The ownership of the homestead is owned by the village collective. The peasants have only the ownership of the home and the right to use the homestead. The peasants could only transfer their own rights between the internal members of the village collective, but they cannot use it for mortgage financing. Generally speaking, they can only sell but cannot use mortgage financing, which greatly limits the farmers’ property rights.

The “Interim Measures on the Pilot Program for Farmers' Housing Property Mortgage Loans” (hereinafter referred to as the “Measures”) jointly issued by the six ministries and commissions of the country (PBC, CBRC, CIRC, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Land and Resources, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development) is the homestead The mortgage loan opened the gate, farmers can use the homestead to get a mortgage loan, ease their own financial difficulties, and have more financing channels since then!

  Mortgage loan implications:

The "mortgage loans for farmers' housing property rights" mentioned in the present Measures means that without prejudice to changes in the nature of the homestead ownership, the owner's home ownership and the right to use the homestead land will be used as the mortgage, and the banking financial institution (hereinafter referred to as the lender) will comply with the requirements. Borrower of the conditional peasant housing owner (hereinafter referred to as the borrower) paying back the principal and interest within the agreed time limit.

  Borrower conditions:

(A) Has full civil capacity, noBad credit history;

(2) The ownership of the house used for the mortgage and the right to use the house site are not subject to dispute. According to the law, the ownership certificate issued by the relevant government department in charge does not include the scope of land acquisition and demolition;

(3) In addition to the farmer's houses used for mortgage, the borrower should have other long-term stable living places and be able to provide relevant supporting materials;

(4) The collective economic organization in which it is located agrees in writing that the right to use the house site is mortgaged and disposed of together with the farmers' housing.

Where a common farmer's house is mortgaged, written consent of other co-owners shall also be obtained.

  Interest rate determination:

The lender shall refer to the benchmark interest rate of the same period announced by the People's Bank of China for the same period, and determine the interest rate of the mortgage loan for the farmer's housing property right based on the actual situation of the borrower.

  List of Pilot Counties (Cities, Districts) of Farmers' Housing Property Mortgage Loans

Province pilot counties (cities, districts)

Tianjin City Yi County

Shanxi ProvinceJinzhong Yuci District

Inner MongoliaHelinger County, Ulanhot City

Liaoning Province Tieling County, Kaiyuan City

Jilin ProvinceJiutai District, Changchun City

HeilongjiangLindian County, Fangzheng County, Dumont County

Jiangsu ProvinceChangzhou Wujin District, Yizheng City, Sihong County

Zhejiang ProvinceYueqing City, Qingtian County, Yiwu City, Ruian City

Anhui ProvinceJinzhai County, Xuancheng District, Xuzhou District

Fujian ProvinceJinjiang City, Gutian County, Shanghang County, Shishi City

Jiangxi ProvinceYujiang County, Huichang County, Wuyuan County

Shandong ProvinceFeicheng, Tengzhou, Wenshang County

Henan ProvinceHuaxian County, Lankao County

Hubei ProvinceYicheng City, Jiangxia District, Wuhan City

Hunan ProvinceLiuyang City, Liyang City, Mayang County

Guangdong ProvinceWuhua County, Lianzhou City

Concluding remarks: The use rights of homestead and ownership of houses are the most important assets of farmers. The reform of mortgageable financing of these two assets has brought about the flow of farmer's assets. Money has come, but the risk has also come. On the loan, he will lose his only residence and become a true "proletariat." However, the positive significance is still the main thing. Farmers with liquid funds can have more investment options, and they can also ease short-term financial constraints.

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