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The good news that these areas homestead can be mortgaged

Time: 2016-04-19         Source: Farmer Network         Author: IICA Network

We all know that China's rural homestead before can notMortgageof. The ownership of the homestead is owned by the village collectively, and the peasant has only the ownership of the house and the right to use the homestead. The peasants can only transfer their own rights between the members of the village before they can not be used for mortgage financing, The general can only be sold without mortgage financing, which greatly limits the farmers' property freedom.

Recently, the Interim Measures for Pilot Mortgage of Farmers' Housing Property Mortgage (hereinafter referred to as the "Measures") issued by the six ministries and commissions (the People's Bank of China, the CBRC, the CIRC, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Land and Resources, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development) Of the mortgage opened the gate, farmers can use homestead to mortgage, to ease their own financial difficulties, since there have been more financing channels!

  The meaning of mortgage interpretation:

The term "farmer's property mortgage" as mentioned in the present Measures refers to the mortgage of the ownership of the peasant's housing and the right to use the homestead, without the change of the ownership of the homestead, by the banking financial institution (hereinafter referred to as the lender) Conditional farmer housing owner (hereinafter referred to as the borrower), within the agreed period of debt service.

  Borrower Condition:

(A) have full civil capacity, noBad credit record;

(2) The ownership of the house and the right to use the homestead for mortgage shall not be subject to the dispute, and shall have the certificate of ownership issued by the relevant competent department of the government according to law, and shall not be included in the scope of land acquisition and relocation;

(3) In addition to the peasant housing used for mortgages, the borrower shall have other long-term stable places of residence and be able to provide relevant supporting materials;

(4) Where the collective economic organization agrees in writing that the right to use homestead is mortgaged and disposed of with the peasant housing.

In order to share the peasant housing mortgage, should also obtain the consent of other co-owners.

  Interest rate determination:

The lender should refer to the People's Bank announced the same period with the benchmark benchmark interest rate, combined with the actual situation of the borrower to determine the farmers' housing property rights mortgage interest rate.

  Farmers Housing Property Mortgage Pilot County (City, District) List

Provincial pilot counties (cities, districts)

Tianjin Jixian County

Shanxi ProvinceJinzhong City Yuci District

Inner MongoliaAnd Lingel County, Wulanhaote City

Liaoning Province Tieling County, Kaiyuan City

Jilin ProvinceChangtai City Jiutai District

HeilongjiangLindian County, Founder County, Du Mengxian County

Jiangsu ProvinceChangzhou Wujin District, Yizheng City, Sihong County

Zhejiang ProvinceYueqing City, Qingtian County, Yiwu City, Ruian City

Anhui ProvinceJinzhai County, Xuancheng Xuanzhou District

Fujian ProvinceJinjiang City, Gutian County, Shanghang County, Shishi City

Jiangxi ProvinceYujiang County, Huichang County, Wuyuan County

Shandong ProvinceFeicheng City, Tengzhou City, Wenshang County

Henan ProvinceTownship, Lancao County

Hubei ProvinceYicheng City, Wuhan Jiangxia District

Hunan ProvinceLiuyang City, Leiyang City, Ma Yang County

Guangdong ProvinceWuhua County, Lianzhou City

Conclusion: the right to use the homestead and housing ownership is the most important asset of the farmers, the two assets of the mortgage financing reform, so that farmers' assets flow up, the money came, but the risk has come, once the farmers do not change On the loan, they will lose their only home, into a real "proletariat." But the positive significance is still the main, farmers have liquidity can have more investment options, but also can ease the short-term financial constraints.

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