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Can mobile phone loans be phased?

Time: 2016-03-17         Source: Rong 360         Author: small small series

For small short-term online cash lending products, mobile phone loans have attracted the attention of many users.Loan amountIt is between 1,000 yuan and 5,000 yuan, and the loan cycle can only be selected for 7-30 days, that is, one week to one month. Then, regarding the related issues of mobile phone loans, Xiaorong’s answer is as follows: Can mobile phone loans be phased?

Mobile phone loan is pure online application approval through APP or WeChat public account [mobile phone loan] entrance.MicrofinanceIn a few minutes, the loan is approved. The model of mobile phone loan is equivalent to borrowing foreign payday loans. The Moonlight family urgently needs small capital turnover before paying wages.

In March of this year, mobile phone loans have recently launched large amounts.Cash stagingBusiness, relatively before, the cash instalment amount is 3000-10000 yuan, can be divided into 3, 6 period, that is, the longest time can be loaned for half a year, so the choice is more convenient for the user, but the interest expense also needs See clearly, measure your actual needs and repayment ability and refinance.

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