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You see the doctor will pay with micro-channel Alipay it

Time: 2015-12-10         Source: PR Newswire         Author: PR Newswire

Mobile medical services have been talked about for a long time since capital markets became hot in 2014. Topics such as appointment registration, consultation during consultation and online consultation are the most talked about. At this stage, Ali, Tencent and UnionPay are all involved in the payment of medical expenses. The medical field has become the three contested places, But how to achieve the key links of payment products and health care docking, all have not yet achieved "breathtaking." Now you see the doctor will pay with micro-channel Alipay it?

  Mobile medical payment tripartite split

In Shenzhen Maternal and Child Health Hospital, WeChat "Health Care Month" just ended the event, during this month-long activities, the patient by paying attention to the Shenzhen MCH Public WeChat number, on the WeChat platform to pay medical expenses, check Fee, up to 300 yuan relief. It is not just Shenzhen. The first phase of WeChat covers 15 top three hospitals in 6 provinces of Guangdong, Guangxi, Hubei, Shandong, Ningxia and Heilongjiang.

According to the survey data, more than 30,000 people use WeChat to pay every day, which saves the time of paying visits. In May 2014, Alipay formally announced the "Future Hospital" plan. After a year, there are a number of medical institutions in China that have Alipay hand in hand. Although Bairri and Tencent are both half a beat, China UnionPay also announced a cut into the mobile healthcare payment market earlier this year.

  Hospital test water treatment pay a significant effect

WeChat vigorously promote its payment capabilities at the same time, many pregnant women in Shenzhen as the preferred hospital in Shenzhen MCH, is also in full swing to pay for the project. Although registration, payment and medicine takeover are not the core of medical treatment, the limited and fixed hospital windows often consume a great deal of time and energy. This impact also affects the quality of core medical services. In maternal and child health care hospital in Shenzhen, Hongli Hospital and Fuqiang Hospital daily attendance up to 5000 people. In Hongli hospital district, the number of daily visits is 3000, calculating the number of registrations, examinations and taking medicine, which is equal to 9,000 daily queues. Nearly 10,000 people are in the hospital's space and are overcrowded.

At a news conference on November 5, Shenzhen Maternal and Child Health Hospital announced that it would hand in hand for medical treatment 160 and officially open the consultation. The latter is the Shenzhen Municipal Planning Commission appoint a unified booking platform, the consultation in the payment business has been in Shenzhen, Dongguan, a number of hospitals on the line. After more than a month's use, the performance paid by Shenzhen MCH clinic was impressive. On the first day of October 26, the online payment exceeded 400 and the payment was nearly 50,000 yuan. One month after the single-day consultation exceeded 1000 pen counts, a new high. Up to now, the total number of clinics to pay a breakthrough 15,000 pen, daily average transaction amount of more than 100,000 yuan.

"Internet medical treatment can solve the most problems that the hospital needs to solve," said Yao Jilong, chief of the Shenzhen MCH. "Internet + medical treatment" is not a simple "medical + internet" but an Internet medical technology application. To innovate to solve the traditional medical problems.

  Access to medical insurance problems to be solved

Although each product provides online payment of medical expenses, so far, no one docking with Medicare to achieve real-time settlement with Medicare.At present, Alipay, WeChat and so on are given "to pay back" solution, Medicare users in the appointment registration, diagnosis and other aspects of the payment of medical expenses, advance payment through mobile payments, before leaving the hospital charges to the hospital window to insert health insurance card, The cost is returned.

The traditional medical treatment model is doctor-centered. With the introduction of mobile internet, the medical treatment model is changed from the patient-centered to the patient-based to optimize the medical treatment process and procedures. It has become the only way for major hospitals to improve patient satisfaction. Once the medical insurance department real-time settlement for the mobile medical "green light", mobile medical will bring greater convenience to the people.

The outstanding performance of Internet medical care so far is the core of medical treatment, such as electronic prescriptions and medical insurance payment access, which are hard to reach and hard to move. But at the same time, the difficulties are also the focus. Some experts said that in order to achieve sustainable development, Internet medical treatment must solve the problem of payment. However, medical insurance has no intervention in the Internet and commercial health insurance has not intervened. This requires the joint support of the government and society. It is worth many attempts to explore. The new "Measures for the Administration of Internet Healthcare Information Services" is expected to come out during the year. At present, the State Health Planning Commission is soliciting suggestions from third-party health service platforms and related enterprises and institutions. The industry hopes the introduction of new regulations will give the Internet more space for health management, so that it can regulate the rapid development.

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