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Solve the financing problems of corporate loans to credit tilt

Time: 2015-12-03         Source: Henan Daily         Author: Guo Ge

Many small and medium enterprises in the face of financing problems, to higher than the interest of bank deposits to raise funds, and later because of the capital chain break can not lead to interest, then turned into "illegal fund-raising." How can companies help solve these problems? December 1, the reporter interviewed the People's Bank of China Zhengzhou Branch of the relevant person in charge.

"To solve these problems, first of all, the government and financial institutions to small and medium enterprises into the key service object, to create a good environment for the sustainable development of SMEs." The official said, to make full use of the state on the development of small and medium enterprises to support a series Policy and measures to actively help SMEs to understand the implementation of relevant policies and measures to support enterprises with good, living, with the foot policy; further study and implementation of the implementation of small and medium enterprises to support the feasibility measures to improve and improve the development of small and medium enterprises to support the development of laws and regulations and policy system, Effectively regulate the administrative behavior, simplify the procedures and services, investment approval, financing services, fiscal and taxation policies, land acquisition, foreign trade and market development, etc., for small and medium enterprises to provide convenient and efficient services, and strive to improve service efficiency; Credit to invest in re-credit cultivation, the face of the general lack of small and medium-sized enterprises arrivedPledgeHow to transform the enterprise credit into finance is one of the key to alleviate the financing difficulty of small and medium-sized enterprises. The government and the financial supervision department should work together to strengthen the credit construction and enhance the credit grade of the enterprise. The financial institutions should be active To provide counseling and credit promotion services for SME financing, and to innovate the financing mode, service means, credit products and pledge methods to meet the requirementsSME loansDemand; financial institutions in accordance with the characteristics of small and medium enterprises to design the loan process and pricing mechanism to optimize the credit business process, simplify the credit handling procedures to enhance the level of financial services to SMEs.

"Second, we must speed up the innovation of financial services and strive to improve the credit service level of small and medium-sized enterprises." The person in charge continued to explain that on the one hand, financial institutions should actively adjust the credit structure, adapt to the new situation requirements, according to their own conditions and characteristics, Positioning, according to small and medium enterprisesloanBusiness practice, the establishment of credit rating system in line with the characteristics of credit rating system and scientific and flexible credit management system, and is committed to reducing the financing costs of SMEs; the other hand, to increase financial product innovation, the development of small and medium enterprises in line with the characteristics of the characteristics of the financial Products, broaden the financing channels for small and medium enterprises. "

In addition, we must also improve the guarantee mechanism, the government should urge the relevant departments in accordance with the 'government guidance, policy support, diversified investment, market-oriented operation' principle, as soon as possible to establish a comprehensive SME loan guarantee fund and guarantee institutions, improve the guarantee institutions corporate governance mechanism , To improve the guarantee capacity and guarantee ratio. "The official said, to strengthen the financial institutions and guarantee institutions of mutually beneficial cooperation, to encourage financial institutions in accordance with the credit rating of the guarantee institutions and loan business conditions, development prospects, reasonable amplification of multiple guarantees, increase credit funds to support small and medium enterprises Grow and develop.

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