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Cross-border pilot trial Taiwan to enjoy financing facilities

Time: 2015-11-30         Source: Economic Daily         Author: Wen Jicong

"Cross-border loan" is Kunshan, Taiwan cross-border RMB loan business pilot (hereinafter referred to as "cross-border loans"), in July this year, the People's Bank of China approved by the head office, that allows the Taiwan-funded enterprises in Kunshan pilot area from Taiwan RMB banking institutions borrowed RMB funds.

"At present, Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, has become the most active investment in mainland China, Taiwan-funded enterprises in the most intensive areas and cross-strait economic and cultural exchanges between the hot spots.As of the end of September this year, Kunshan has approved 4574 Taiwan-funded enterprises with a total investment of 559.5 Billion yuan; Kunshan to attract Taiwan, respectively, accounting for about 1/4 of Jiangsu Province, the country's about 1 / 9. "People's Bank of China Kunshan City Branch Governor Chen Jun said that the current Kunshan pilot area of ​​Taiwan enterprises strong demand for funds, but Do not belong to the group within the small Taiwan enterprises, "no roots" Taiwan enterprises, listed on the counter enterprises, can not fully use the group two-way loan policy access to cross-border low-cost RMB funds, so carry out "cross-border loans" is particularly necessary.

In Chen Jun's view, the "cross-border loan" business pilot development, on the one hand can further develop the Kunshan Experimental Zone financial innovation business model to guide the role of local enterprises in Taiwan to meet the needs of production and financing, The use of "two markets, two resources" to speed up industrial development and economic restructuring; the other hand is also conducive to promoting the cross-border flow of RMB funds between Kunming and Taiwan, in order to deepen the economic and trade exchanges between Kunming and Taiwan to inject new vitality. Since the pilot business, a total of 30 Taiwan-funded enterprises and regional banks signed a cooperation agreement, the intention of the amount of 370 million yuan. Up to now, "cross-border loan" business pilot for the cumulative registration of 80 million yuan contract, withdrawal registration 61.94 million yuan.

"In the past, Taiwan enterprises can go to the localBank loan, But also through borrowing foreign debt to the relevant foreign banks to borrow money; 'cross-border loans' to broaden the financing channels in Taiwan-funded enterprises in Kunshan, financing costs have been reduced, especially to many small and medium-sized Taiwan enterprises. "Taiwan enterprises and technology companies Seiki Co., Ltd. financial manager Chen Shiqin said.

Through the "cross-border loan" business pilot, many companies get real benefits. Ding Ying Electronics (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. is a Taiwan-listed companies Ding Ying Electronics Co., Ltd. wholly-owned Taiwan-funded enterprises. The enterprise is the first batch of enterprises in Kunshan Experimental Zone to handle the "cross-border loan" business pilot enterprises, the first from Taiwan Yushan Bank borrowed RMB loans 6 million yuan, the average interest rate than the domestic banks about 1% lower.

"In the past, Taiwan-funded enterprises in the mainland's financing channels, one with the operating results and the mainland side of the Chinese or foreign banks to obtain RMB or foreign currency financing, the second is the total foreign debt investment and registered capital differences, foreign currency financing. Ying Electronics (Kunshan), deputy manager of the Ministry of Finance Zhang Qin example, assuming that the company invested a total of 220 million US dollars in Kunshan, registered capital of 80 million US dollars, the middle difference of 140 million US dollars, the parent company outside the foreign side to obtain financing and then remitted The

Zhang Qin, the parent company is a listed company in Taiwan, if the group through the loan, in accordance with the relevant laws and listed companies in Taiwan management regulations, belonging to the associated company "funds to lend" the situation, the need for approval of the board of directors and shareholders, and external notice , Relatively cumbersome procedures. Through the "cross-border loan" pilot, the company can directly to Taiwan-funded banks, previously signed from the loan to about a week or even longer, and now one day can be resolved.

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