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Foshan to prepare a new government single business up to 3 million

Time: 2015-11-19         Source: Guangzhou Daily         Author: Guangzhou Daily

Foshan to be introduced "Foshan City policyMicrofinanceTo ensure that the insurance implementation plan (draft) "(referred to as" draft "), plans to issue 3 billion yuan over the next three years to solve the Foshan small and medium enterprises" financing difficulties, financing expensive "issue, triggering social concern. Yesterday, the relevant departments for a detailed interpretation of the draft. It is reported that eligible Foshan single enterprise loan amount is not more than 3 million yuan. The maximum interest rate of the borrower's loan is not more than 30% of the benchmark interest rate announced by the People's Bank of China, and the guarantee premium rate and the borrower's accident insurance premium rate shall not exceed 3% of the principal amount of the loan.

What is the loan rate?

Interest rate does not exceed the benchmark interest rate of 1.3 times

Premium does not exceed the principal amount of the loan 3%

According to the Foshan Municipal Finance Bureau explained that insured insurance will be in line with the provisions of the enterprise to obtain loans for the preconditions. Among them, to ensure that the insurance coverage of the loan period, the insurance rate based on the credit situation of borrowers to develop.

It is stated that the sum of the premium rate and the borrower 's accident insurance rate is not more than 3% of the principal amount of the loan (the borrower' s accident insurance rate does not exceed 2% of the principal amount of the loan). In accordance with this provision, if a single enterprise loan amount reaches a maximum of 3 million yuan "cap", then, before the loan, the enterprise will need to pay 3% of the loan to the insurance agency, that is not more than 90,000 yuan premium The

  Bank loanIn terms of rates, the specific interest rate of the borrower's loan is agreed upon by the cooperative bank and the borrowing enterprise. However, the maximum amount does not exceed the level of the benchmark interest rate raised by the People's Bank of China over the same period, and the bank shall not collect any other expenses other than interest The

What about "bad debts"?

Enterprise arrears are not on

The bank may claim against the insurance institution

(Or principal and interest) for more than 2 months or after the expiration of the loan (including installment repayment) within 1 month of outstanding principal, the bank If the claimant fails to make a claim, it may file a claim with the cooperative insurance institution, and the cooperative insurance institution shall make a claim to the bank within 10 working days upon receipt of the application for bank claim and complete claim.

According to reports, if this happens, the cooperative bank will have to bear 20% of the loan principal and the total interest, penalty interest loss. While the cooperative insurance institutions are required to bear 80% of the loan principal loss, but the total amount of compensation does not exceed the city's annual guaranteed insurance premiums paid 180%.

"City finance will arrange 30 million yuan as the initial policy of micro-credit guarantee special support funds, mainly used to increase the credit and subsidy insurance companies can not recover the risk of loss." Relevant person in charge said that the size of funds and raise the way as The annual project to be adjusted.

Industry: Benefit to share the risk of loans Small business financing easier

"The purpose of this approach is to share the risk of bank loans through cooperation with insurance agencies, while insurance institutions can receive premium income, and there is a government support fund in the event of bad debts, and the risk-sharing mechanism is reasonable. "Bank insiders said, for small and medium enterprises in Foshan is a good news, despite the need to pay a certain percentage of premiums, but the charges publicly disclosed, much lower than the civilLending rates, The possibility of bank lending also increased.

However, the banking industry also suggested that the implementation of the approach should be established to withdraw from the mechanism to deal with the possible increase in the rate of non-performing loans. In this regard, the Foshan Municipal Finance Bureau, said that when the cooperative bank to ensure that the insurance business loan rate of more than 5%, according to the approach, will suspend the cooperative bank for the business; and when the city's annual loan principal loss over the policy of small loans Special support funds balance of 50%, this year's policy of small loans to ensure that insurance business will be terminated.

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