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Foshan plans a new deal. A single company can borrow up to 3 million yuan.

Time: 2015-11-19         Source: Guangzhou Daily         Author: Guangzhou Daily

Foshan plans to issue the “Foshan Policy Microfinance Guarantee Insurance Implementation Plan (Draft for Comment)” (referred to as “Draft for Comment”), and plans to issue 3 billion yuan in the next three years to solve the problem of “funding difficulties and financing” for Foshan SMEs. , causing social concern. Yesterday, the relevant departments made a detailed interpretation of the draft for comments. It is reported that the eligible loan amount of a single enterprise in Foshan is not expected to exceed 3 million yuan. The specific interest rate of the loan of the borrowing enterprise shall not exceed 30% of the benchmark interest rate announced by the People's Bank of China, and the maximum insurance premium rate and the accidental injury insurance premium rate of the borrower shall not exceed 3% of the loan principal.

What is the loan rate?

Interest rate does not exceed 1.3 times the benchmark interest rate

Premium does not exceed the loan principal of 3%

According to the Financial Bureau of Foshan City, the insurance coverage insurance will be the precondition for obtaining loans from enterprises that meet the requirements. Among them, the guarantee insurance effective period covers the loan term, and the insurance premium rate is formulated according to the credit status of the borrowing enterprise.

According to reports, the guaranteed premium rate and the borrower's accidental injury insurance rate total no more than 3% of the loan principal (where the borrower's accidental injury insurance rate does not exceed 2% of the loan principal). According to this regulation, if the loan amount of a single enterprise reaches the “cap” of up to 3 million yuan, then before obtaining the loan, the enterprise will need to pay 3% of the loan principal to the cooperative insurance institution, that is, the premium of not more than 90,000 yuan. .

Regarding the bank loan rate, the specific interest rate of the loan of the borrowing enterprise shall be agreed between the cooperative bank and the borrowing enterprise, but the method stipulates that the maximum amount does not exceed the level of 30% of the same period as announced by the People's Bank of China, and the bank may not receive any form other than interest. other fee.

What should I do if there is a "bad debt"?

Business arrears are not yet available

Bank can claim from insurance agency

The method establishes a risk-sharing mechanism for this new financing method. When the borrower’s interest (or principal and interest) continues for more than 2 months or the loan expires (including installment repayment), the principal is not repaid within 1 month. If the recourse fails, the claim may be filed with the cooperative insurance institution, and the cooperative insurance institution shall, after receiving the bank claim application and complete the claim information, settle the claim with the bank within 10 working days.

According to reports, if this happens, the cooperative bank will have to bear 20% of the loan principal and all interest and penalty interest losses. The cooperative insurance institution is responsible for 80% of the loan principal loss, but the total amount of compensation does not exceed 180% of the city's annual guaranteed insurance premiums.

“The municipal finance will arrange 30 million yuan as the special support fund for the initial policy microfinance guarantee insurance, which is mainly used to increase the risk loss that the credit and subsidy insurance companies fail to recover.” The relevant person in charge said that the scale of funds and the way of raising funds will be regarded later. The annual project development will be adjusted.

Industry: Conducive to sharing loan risk, small and micro enterprise financing is easier

"The purpose of this approach is to share the risk of bank loans through cooperation with insurance institutions. At the same time, insurance institutions can obtain premium income, and when there are government support funds in the event of bad debts, the risk sharing mechanism is also very reasonable. Banking industry insiders said that it is good news for Foshan SMEs. Although it is necessary to pay a certain percentage of premiums, the fees are publicly disclosed, far below the private loan interest rate, and the possibility of bank lending is also increasing.

However, the banking industry also suggested that an exit mechanism should be established when the method is implemented to cope with the possible increase in loan non-performing rate. In this regard, the Foshan Financial Bureau said that when the cooperative bank guarantees that the insurance business loan non-performing rate exceeds 5%, according to the method, the cooperative bank will suspend the business; and when the city's annual loan principal loss exceeds the policy small loan When the special support fund balance is 50%, the policy microfinance guarantee insurance business will be terminated this year.

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