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Credit card lending Union Alliance Department of Lei and Baidu Department of the king of the dispute

Time: 2015-10-09         Source: Financial 360 original         Author: Song Can

At allCommercial loansIn the flow of loans is a very special existence. Its innovation lies in the fact that a loan company or individual can only apply for a fee that is not worth by virtue of the traffic of its own website. This is a timely help for start-up websites.

Baidu Baidu Baidu one of the first three cell operators to focus on this sub-area, launched in August last year, called "Union Loan" financial services products, to the flow rate and other factors to the applicantCredit LoansIn 2015, Zhejiang E-commerce Bank, backed by Alibaba's Ant Financial Services, took the lead in announcing its cooperation with CNZZ, the world's largest Chinese website traffic statistics agency, to launch a credit product for medium- and small-sized start-up websites - . A smoke-free war officially kicked off, who can take off the crown of the field, read the following dimensions of the analysis of comments, presumably self-evident.

Baidu Union loan

  First, the background strength

Union credit: backed by Baidu's Baidu Union.

Traffic Credit: Alibaba's Ant Financial Gold shares Zhejiang Internet Bank introduced products.

Xiaolong Comments: BA dispute in the area of ​​mobile loan.

 Second, the product features

Union credit: the cooperation of the length of time, traffic size, monthly income and other assessment criteria for the applicant to issue credit loans.

Traffic credit: application, approval, loan all completed online.

Xiaolong Comments: With the Internet gene, the application process is not very different.

  Third, the application object

Union credit: In the past six months, through Baidu Union monthly average share more than 5000 yuan partners can apply.

Traffic Credit: Registered domain names, traffic statistics on the CNZZ platform, and creditworthy individuals or companies.

Xiaolong commented: Union loan only for Baidu Union partners, has some limitations, but also give the Union partners more sense of superiority; traffic credit and a wider range, which can also be a glimpse of the ambitions of e-banking .

  Fourth, the loan amount

Union credit: up to a maximum amount of up to three times the amount of the owners of the entire month last month. The first batch of credit loans totaled 200 million yuan, with a single loan amounting to 10 million yuan.

Flow credit: 2,000 yuan to 1 million yuan, the first batch of credit facilities amounted to 10 billion yuan.

Xiaolong Comments: Only from the first total amount of credit, the traffic credit apparently higher than one order of magnitude.

  Fifth, the loan period

Union credit: 1-3 months cycle, is a short-term credit loan products.

Traffic Credit: The longest loan term is one year.

Xiaolong Comments: In terms of the loan period, the Union lends a short-term emergency, and the loan loan of the traffic loan has a longer time limit of up to one year.

  Six, lending rates

Union credit: annual interest rate between 12% -18%

Traffic Credit: Daily rate of 4.5% (annual interest rate of about 16.2%)

Xiaolong commented: Union loan loan interest rates fluctuate between 12% and 18%, if you can apply for the lowest interest rates, compared to 16.2% of traffic loans more cost-effective.

  Seven, repayment method

Union credit: a repayment, monthly interest payments. (Interest for the month = loan principal × daily interest rate × number of days occupied)

Flow credit: the applicant can choose the monthly dividend of 12 months in the way of monthly repayment, but also can be early repayment without any fees or service charges.

Xiaolong commented: union loan a repayment, monthly interest payment approach for the lender, the loan funds will be more abundant, but the traffic loan prepayment repayment free policy is quite humane, each with its own.

Traffic credit

  Financial 360 Overall rating:

Through the above comparison, it is easy to see that backed by Baidu's "Union Loan" is more like a niche range of products, loan partners in the face of Baidu Union co-merchants, the loan period is too short, up to only 3 months, for short-term urgently needed Cash flow customers, the minimum annual interest rate of loans is 12%, relatively cost-effective. However, the "Credit Loan" of its online banking business is aimed at a wider population. It opens the door to more enterprises and individuals. Where a registered domain name has traffic statistics on the CNZZ platform, good credit can apply for it. Second, The loan quota is relatively flexible with as little as 2,000 yuan and as many as 1 million. Each loan can be made in different circumstances. In addition, the longest loan term can provide long-term support to start-ups. Finally, Way to provide early repayment free of human design, flexible people, in line with Alibaba's domestic Internet giant's usual temperament.

So, in summary, Baidu Union lending, if you want to kill a piece of the day, just won the industry's top priority traffic flow products is certainly not enough, open up more customer base, let go of the loan length restrictions, to Real solution to entrepreneurial website of the pressing needs, otherwise, can only watch as a rising star of traffic grab the dominant position in the field.

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