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Traffic loan PK alliance loan Ali and Baidu Department of the king of the dispute

Time: 2015-10-09         Source: Rong 360 original         Author: Song Can

In allCommercial loansIn China, the flow of loans is a very special existence. Its innovation lies in the fact that loan companies or individuals can apply for an unaffordable amount of money just by using their own website's traffic. For entrepreneurial websites, this move is like snow.

Baidu, one of the BAT’s Big Three, took the lead in this segment. In August last year, it launched a financial service product called “Alliance Loan,” which was issued to applicants based on factors such as traffic size.Credit LoansIn 2015, Zhejiang Netcom Bank, which was backed by Alibaba’s ant gold suits, joined the CNZZ, the world’s largest Chinese website traffic statistics agency, and launched a credit product for small and medium-sized entrepreneurial websites—a traffic loan. . A war without gun smoke was formally pulled up. Whoever took off the crown of the field, and after reading the following analysis of several dimensions, it must be known.

Baidu Union Loan

  I. Background strength

Alliance Loan: Baidu Union backed by Baidu.

Traffic Loan: It is a product launched by Zhejiang Netcom Bank, an Alibaba Group’s share of Ant Financial Services.

Xiao Rong Review: Dispute on BA in the field of traffic loans.

 Second, product characteristics

Alliance Loans: The applicants are issued credit loans based on multiple assessment criteria such as duration of cooperation, flow size, and monthly income.

Traffic Loans: Application, approval, and lending are all done online.

Xiao Rong commented: With the Internet gene, there is little difference in the loan application process.

  Third, the application

Alliance Loans: In the last six months, partners who can be divided into more than RMB 5,000 per month through the Baidu Alliance can apply.

Traffic Loans: Individuals or companies that have registered domain names, have traffic statistics on the CNZZ platform, and have good credit records.

Xiao Rong Comments: Alliance loans only for Baidu Union partners, there are certain limitations, but at the same time give the alliance partners more sense of superiority; traffic loans are more widely available, which can also get a glimpse of the ambitions of the Internet bank .

  Fourth, the loan amount

Alliance Loans: The maximum amount can be divided into three times the amount of the entire month last month. The first batch of credit loans totals 200 million yuan, and the single loan amount can reach as high as 10 million yuan.

Traffic loan: 2000 yuan to 1 million yuan, the first batch of credit line is 10 billion yuan.

Xiao Rong Comment: In terms of the amount of the first batch of credits alone, the flow of loans is obviously higher by one magnitude.

  V. Loan period

Alliance Loans: 1-3 months cycle, short-term credit loan products.

Traffic Loans: The maximum loan period is one year.

Xiao Rong Comments: In the loan period, the short-term emergency loans to the alliance, the flow of loan loans longer time limit, up to one year.

  Sixth, loan interest rate

Alliance loan: annual interest rate between 12% -18%

Traffic Loan: 4.5% per day (approximately 16.2% per annum)

Xiao Rong Comment: The annual interest rate of the loan for alliance loan fluctuates from 12% to 18%. If you can apply for the lowest interest rate, it is more cost-effective than 16.2% of the loan for traffic.

  Seventh, repayment method

Alliance loan: pay interest once a month and pay monthly interest. (current month interest = loan principal × daily interest rate × number of days occupied)

Traffic Loans: Applicants can choose to pay their principals in equal monthly payments for 12 months, or they can repay their loans in advance without any fees or service fees.

Xiao Rong commented that: Once the alliance loan is repaid, the monthly interest payment method will be more abundant for the lenders, but the policy of free loan repayment ahead of schedule will be quite humane and each has its own advantages.

Traffic Loan

  360 general comments:

Through the above comparison, it is easy to see that backing Baidu's “Alliance Loan” is more like a product with a narrow range of niche. The loan target faces Baidu Union’s cooperative merchants. The loan period is relatively short, and the longest is only 3 months. It is suitable for short-term urgent needs. For customers with capital turnover, the minimum annual interest rate for loans is 12%, which is relatively cost-effective. The "banking loan" of the Internet Banking Bank is more widely used by people. It opens the door to more enterprises and individuals. If there is a registered domain name, there are traffic statistics and good credit objects can be applied to the CNZZ platform. Second, The loan size is relatively large, ranging from as little as RMB 2,000 to as much as RMB 1 million. It can be used in different situations. In addition, the maximum loan period is one year, which can provide medium and long-term support for entrepreneurial enterprises; In terms of methods, it provides free user-friendly design for early repayment, is flexible and friendly to the public, and conforms to the consistent temperament of Alibaba's domestic Internet giants.

So, in summary, Baidu’s alliance loan, if you want to kill a single day, just won the industry’s decisive status of mobile loan products is certainly not enough, open up more customer groups, limit the length of loans, in order to Really solve the urgent needs of entrepreneurial websites, otherwise, you can only watch the upward flow of rising loans to occupy the dominant position in the field.

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