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It is impossible to explain why the 100 million deposits have been transferred out of the bank

Edit: Liu Yinping Source: China Business Daily Date: 2015-08-04


Mr. Wang ABC card money was transferred within one minute 100,000, not long after they were reversed, the bank failed to explain.


"My deposit is safe?" On the morning of August 3, Mr. Wang, a Yulin man who was resting at home, suddenly received a bank transfer. One of his ABC savings card was transferred in two installments, When he urgently transferred the remaining one million yuan to another card, the 100,000 yuan came back and deducted a fee of 9 yuan. In this regard, ChinaABC


Yulin Cultural Road Branch official said that at present can not explain this situation has been submitted to the provincial bank, a few days will have a reply.


U Shield card in the body 100,000 yuan was transferred out


"The money in the bank on the map a safe and secure, how can not think of, the card did not leave, money has been transferred." Mr. Wang said he is a savings card in 2006 for the handling, has not been unusual circumstances, as a result of Capital flows more, the volume of business, this year also upgraded to Gold. "I never use this card credit card, nor the stock, there is no other consumption, that is not authorized automatic debit. Opened only online banking, but I keep the U Shield good." Mr. Wang do not understand, the funds Why suddenly abnormal transfer records.


Chinese Commercial Daily reporter noticed that Mr. Wang's SMS record shows that the first swap transaction took place at 8:28 on August 3, with an interim payment of 50,000 yuan and a one-minute diverted payment of 50,000 yuan. Mr. Wang said that in a hurry, he hurried to his friend for help, and his friend said as soon as possible to call the bank to report the loss. "I quickly log in online banking, deliberately lost the wrong password, the account automatically locks." Subsequently, Mr. Wang rushed to the bank as soon as possible Agricultural Bank of China Yulin Road Branch of Culture, reopen the card, the remaining more than 100 million are Deposit this card.


The bank is asking the situation money is back


At 9:40 pm, just as Mr. Wang asked bank staff about the situation, the one hundred thousand yuan that had been taken away was transferred back in two installments. But 4.5 yuan each time the fee was deducted. In order to be on the safe side, Mr. Wang quickly turn away the 100,000 yuan, the account balance is zero.


Yesterday afternoon, the Chinese Commercial Daily reporter with Mr. Wang went to Yulin Road, Agricultural Bank of China Branch, a staff member of the bank said in the morning was informed of the situation of Mr. Wang, for the time being can not determine what exactly has been reported to the provincial bank, transfer Relevant records take time, is expected to reply within a day or two.


"From the records printed out, teller code categories belong to online banking operations." The bank's accounting director said that at this time can not explain to Mr. Wang on this incident.


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