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The card has not been transferred and 100,000 deposits have been transferred to and from the bank. The bank cannot explain

Editor: Liu Yinping Source: China Business News Date: 2015-08-04


The money in Mr. Wang’s Agricultural Bank card was transferred 100,000 in one minute, and it was not long before it was transferred back. The bank failed to explain.


“Is my deposit safe?” On the morning of August 3, Mr. Wang, who was resting at home, suddenly received a bank transfer information, and a 100,000 yuan in an ABC’s savings card was transferred twice. When he urgently transferred the remaining one million yuan to another card, the 100,000 yuan was returned, and the 9 yuan handling fee was deducted. In this regard, Agricultural Bank of China


The person in charge of Yulin Cultural Road Branch said that this situation cannot be explained at present and has been reported to the provincial bank. It will be answered in a few days.


U shield was transferred out of the body card 100,000 yuan


"If you put the money in the bank, you can safely rest assured that you can't think of it. The card has not left, but the money has been turned away." Mr. Wang said that his savings card was processed in 2006 and there has been no abnormal situation due to There are more funds coming and going, and the business volume is large. This year, it has also upgraded to the gold card. "I never used this card to swipe the card, nor did I speculate on stocks. There is no other consumption, that is to say, there is no automatic deduction authorization. Only the online banking is opened, but the U shield is kept in my body." Mr. Wang did not understand, the funds Why is there a sudden abnormal transfer record?


The reporter of Huashang Daily noticed that Mr. Wang’s mobile phone SMS record showed that the first transfer transaction occurred at 8:28 on August 3, and the transfer was 50,000 yuan. After one minute, it was transferred to 50,000 yuan. Mr. Wang said that in a hurry, he rushed to ask for help from friends, and his friend said that he would call the bank as soon as possible to report the loss. "I quickly logged into the online banking, deliberately entered the wrong password, the account is automatically locked." Subsequently, Mr. Wang rushed to the branch bank of the Agricultural Bank of China, Yulin Cultural Road, as soon as possible, after reopening the card, the remaining more than 1 million yuan Save it on this card.


The bank is asking about the situation and the money has turned back.


At 9:40, when Mr. Wang asked the bank staff about the situation, the 100,000 yuan that was transferred was transferred back in two more times. However, the handling fee of 4.5 yuan each time was deducted. In order to be on the safe side, Mr. Wang quickly transferred the 100,000 yuan, and the account balance was zero.


Yesterday afternoon, the reporter from China Business Daily came to the branch of the Agricultural Bank of China, Yulin Culture Road Branch. A staff member of the bank said that he was informed of Mr. Wang’s situation in the morning. For the time being, he was not sure what the reason was. He had reported to the provincial bank and called for it. The relevant records take time and it is expected to give a reply within one or two days.


"From the printed records, the teller code category belongs to online banking operations." The accounting director of the bank said that it is still impossible to explain this incident to Mr. Wang.


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