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How do graduate students apply for student loans?

Time: 2015-05-08         Source: Rong 360 original         Author: Chen Li

Many people who are admitted to graduate school need to solve the tuition problem through the graduate student loan due to poor family conditions. So how should graduate student loans be handled? I believe this issue is very much concerned by everyone. Here we will introduce to you how to handle the graduate student loan.

General colleges full-time undergraduate students (including higher vocational students), second bachelor's degree students and postgraduates, can apply for the national student loans on campus:

(1) Family economic difficulties;

(2) Have the nationality of the People's Republic of China, and must hold the resident ID card of the People's Republic of China at the age of 16;

(3) Have full capacity for civil conduct (minors applying for a national student loan must be approved in writing by their legal guardian);

(4) Being honest and trustworthy, obeying laws and regulations, and committing no violations of laws and regulations;

(5) Study hard and be able to complete the course normally.

Applicants who meet the requirements should prepare the application materials for the graduate student loan in advance, including the application form, ID card, residence booklet and college admission letter (the student ID card) of the graduate student and the co-borrower. A copy of the above materials (you can show the household registration book without a copy) to submit a loan application to the county funding center.

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