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What is Alipay "Flower"?
Alipay has introduced the “Flower” function in a low-key manner. What is “Flower”? What can a flower garden do? What is the quota for "Flower"? How to repay the "flowers"?
What exactly is Alipay “Flower”?
      When careful netizens open the Alipay Sesame Credit Score, they will find that there are “flowers” ​​and “borrowing” in the Sesame Credit Financial Service. What exactly is this "flower"? "Flower" has interest? Now reveal the mystery.
How to use Alipay "Flower"?
      Alipay has a low-key on the 14th of the line on the line. How to use Alipay "Flower"? What is the quota? Can you repay in installments?
What is the difference between “Flower” and other products?
      The flower garden is actually an online credit card of Alipay. So, what is the difference between the flower card and the bank credit card?
          Warm reminder, although Alipay "Flower" can let you shop on Taobao, Tmall, but I hope everyone should be rational, because Alipay "Flower" will not charge a certain fee if it does not repay on time.
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