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What is Alipay's "London" and how much interest?
Attentive users open Alipay sesame credit, they will find that sesame credit has now added new use financial services. There are "flowers" and "borrows" in financial services. Then the question is, what is Alipay's "London"? What do you mean by "borrowing"?
What exactly is Alipay's "Flowers"?
      After updating the latest version of Alipay wallet, “Users open Alipay wallet, click on “Fortune” to view sesame credits, and then click on “Finance” in the menu of “Credit Life” to enter “London”. What is the true face of this?
Alipay "London" application Raiders
      It is reported that lending is a consumer credit product under the ant micro loan. So Alipay "borrow" should be like and application? What is the quota? Is the interest high? How to pay?
Alipay "borrow" in the end is not good?
      Alipay has a "Flowers" and now has a "London", Microcred Bank will also launch loan products in mid-April, then in so many products, Alipay "borrow" in the end is good or not? Not suitable?
What is "Lulian Good Loan"?
      It is reported that users with a sesame credit score of 700 points or more can apply for “credits and loans” in addition to “credit loans for good luck”. So, what is this “credit lending?” How is the interest?
          Alipay "London" does not require users to submit complex personal materials and financial proof. Just rely on the sesame credit score to make judgments and checks on the user's credit level and complete the lending in 3 seconds. However, success from "borrowing" At the same time, we must not forget to pay on time!
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