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Alipay "by chanting" What is the interest and how much?
Careful users in the open payment Bao Sesame letter points, you will find sesame credit now add a new use of financial services. In the financial services in the "flower chant" and "by chanting." So the question came, Alipay "by chanting" What is it? "By chanting" is why use it?
Alipay "flower chanting" in the end what is it?
      After updating the latest version of the payment treasure wallet, "the user to open the payment treasure wallet, click on the 'wealth' view sesame credit points, then click on the 'credit life' menu 'financial', you can enter the 'borrow chant' What is the true face of it?
Alipay "by chanting" to apply for the whole Raiders
      It is reported that by chant is ants micro loan its consumer credit products. Then Alipay "by chanting" should be like and apply? What is the amount? Is the interest high? How about repayment?
Alipay "by chanting" in the end okay?
      Alipay has a "flower chanting", and now there are "by chanting", micro public banks will be launched in mid-April loan products, then in such a large number of products, Alipay "by chanting" in the end okay? Inappropriate?
What is the "good loan"?
      It is reported that sesame seeds credit more than 700 points in addition to the user can apply for "by chanting", you can also apply for "join a good loan." So, what is this "good loan"? How is the interest?
          Alipay "by chanting" does not require users to submit complex personal materials and financial proof, just by virtue of sesame credit points can be on the user's credit level to make judgments and checks, 3 seconds to complete the loan. But the success from the "by chanting" Get money at the same time, we do not forget to repay on time Oh!
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