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What are the policies for the 2015 Veterans’ Entrepreneurship Loan?

Time: 2015-04-01         Source: Rong 360 original         Author: Li Zhijie

Veterans may also face loan needs, and the state has always had preferential policies regarding the placement of veterans. forVeterans loanThere are some differences in the specific arrangements of policies and localities. Specifically, if veterans want to start a business, then eligible commercial banks should give priority to credit support for veterans. Then, what are the policies for veterans' loans in 2015? What are the materials that need to be prepared?

First of all, the state stipulates that military personnel can enjoy the policy of full financial interest subsidy loans if they apply for loans within three years of retiring, that is, the state will subsidize the interest generated by your loans, which is equivalent to not paying interest. However, it should be noted that I am responsible for breach of contract, and generally the amount of such loans is less than 50,000 yuan. The limit for applicants is the retired military demobilized in urban areas, and women cannot be over 50 years old and men cannot exceed 60 years old. Generally, the amount of self-employed loans is less than 50,000 yuan. If the partnership is operated and organized and registered by the administrative department for industry and commerce, the small amount may be appropriately expanded according to the number of partnerships (organizations), business projects, repayment ability, and credit status. The maximum amount of secured loans is no more than 200,000 yuan. The labor-intensive enterprises identified by the relevant departments shall determine the loan amount according to the actual number of recruits, and the maximum amount shall not exceed 2 million yuan. The maximum loan period is no more than 2 years.

The lender needs to submit the materials:

1. Three copies of the borrower's ID card and the originals are presented;

2. Three copies of the "Re-employment Concession Certificate" or "Employment Unemployment Registration Certificate" and the originals are presented;

3. Two copies (copy) of the "Business and Industry Business License" and the originals are presented;

4. Two copies of the spouse's ID card and present the original;

5. Two copies of the guarantor's guarantee undertaking;

6. Two copies of the guarantor's unit certificate, signed and sealed by the person in charge of the unit;

7. Two copies of the guarantor's ID card and the originals are presented;

8. Two copies of the rental agreement or property certificate;

9. Two copies of the loan certificate of the lender and the originals are presented;

10. Two copies of the microfinance application approval form (all the above information will be filled in with a pen);

11. The partnership shall be submitted to the industrial and commercial department for the issuance of two copies of the valid certificate indicating the partnership, and the originals shall be presented.


Veterans can enjoy entrepreneurial preferential policies, and can go to the local civil affairs department or the military transfer office to consult. Entrepreneurial preferential policies are mainly reflected in two aspects: First,Venture loanThe second offer is the tax concessions. In addition to government preferential policies, you can also apply for a small amount from the bank.Credit LoansHowever, this requires the applicant to have a stable income, a good credit history and bank flow.

You can apply if you enter 3000 in the month.Credit Loans

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