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An Analysis of the Conditions of Application for Unsecured Loan

Time: 2015-03-20         Source: melt 360 original         Author: Chen Li

Unsecured bank loans, that is, what we often say in our livesSecured loanorCredit Loans, Then the name suggests that the way this loan does not require our lenders to provide their own collateral, we only need to apply for unsecured bank loans, the bank to provide their own identity documents and their income and proof of the relevant address and so on Proof of the material, then the banks are different will lead to the required information is not the same.

1, with the nationality of the People's Republic of China, to provide a valid proof of identity with full civil capacity of natural persons;

2, with a stable wage income, with the ability to repay the loan as soon as possible;

3, noBad credit record, Loans can not be used as stocks, buyers, gambling and other purposes;

4, the bank provides other loan conditions.

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