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Loan to buy a car to sign the contract should pay attention to nine major precautions

Time: 2015-03-19         Source: Financial 360         Author: Ao Lu

With the advent of the era of automotive life, more and more friends will choose to buy a car loan. However, when most of my friends first bought a car for a loan, they did not understand how a car loan was handled because they did not get in touch with a car loan and could only pay step-by-step instructions to let them pay Where to sign to sign, until the loan approval to mention the car, but also drowsily do not know what to do. such as,Loans to buy a car what procedures need? How much down payment? What are the costs and so on.

This article is for everyone to wake up, for the car installments, signed a car loan contract, we must see clearly and ask the following nine aspects:

1, who is the lender? Loan refers to where the car for hire, what financial institutions? Which bank?

2, the borrower's information is correct registration? The borrower refers to the car buyer, as well as the spouse or guarantor's identity information, including ID number, address, contact information and so on;

3, the purchase of vehicles brand, model, color, displacement and car loan contract is the same;

4, the purchase of new car prices, down payment, loan principal is consistent with their wishes;

5, the loan deadline is correct, the general new car loan loan period of 1-3 years, financial companies can be extended to 5 years. Participate in the activities of the models have the loan deadline, the wrong time to choose not to enjoy the interest rate concessions;

6, What is the loan interest rate? Know or can calculate the total amount of interest during the entire loan term;

7, the monthly supply is how much? Whether with their own ability to match;

8, repayment method is what type? YesEquivalent principalstill isEqual principal and interest;

9, in addition to the vehicle as collateral for any other means of guarantee or collateral.

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