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Four reasons why unsecured loans were rejected

Time: 2015-03-18         Source: Financial 360 original         Author: Chen Li

AtUnsecured loanThe market is often staged with a few unhappy memories of joy. Some people are delighted with the success of the loan, while others are overwhelmed by the loss of the loan. The so-called all things are not a reason? Next, we might as well look at the reasons for the rejection of unsecured loans.

First, the loan information is not real

Some borrowers who fail to provide the loan proofs stipulated by the banks will find someone to do some fake materials. This seemingly perfect approach is actually very risky. Once it is verified by the bank that the loan information is untrue, not only will it be denied loans, but also It may be pulled into the "black list."

Second, higher debt ratio

According to most banks, the "old and new months" can not exceed 50% of the monthly family income, that is, if borrowers' liabilities are too high, they will also be denied credit.

Third, the credit has a "stain"

When applying for a small loan from a bank, the bank first looks at the borrowerPersonal credit report, If found personal credit report shows thereBad credit history, Loan applications may also be rejected, because banks think that such customers are not willing to repay.

Fourth, the repayment ability is not strong

To successfully obtain a loan, the borrower must have a strong repayment ability, that is, if the borrower's income is low, it is difficult to obtain a loan. However, in the case of low income, if the borrower can provide effective financial support as a supplementary financial aid, the bank will appropriately lower the loan threshold.

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