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4 Reasons for Rejection of Unsecured Loans

Time: 2015-03-18         Source: Rong 360 original         Author: Chen Li

InUnsecured loansThe market is often staged by several happy families. Some people are happy with successful loans and others are frustrated with losing loans. There is a reason why everything is so-called? Next, let's take a look at the reasons why the unsecured loan was rejected.

First, the loan information is not true

Some borrowers can't provide bank loan approval materials, and they will find someone to do some false materials. This seemingly perfect practice is actually very risky. Once the bank checks the loan information is not true, not only can the borrower fail to obtain the loan, but also It may be pulled into the "blacklist."

Second, the high debt ratio

According to most bank regulations, "the old and new monthly payments cannot exceed 50 percent of the family's monthly income." That is, if the borrower's debt is too high, it will be rejected.

Third, credit has "stain"

When applying for a bank loan from a bank, the bank will first look at the borrower’sPersonal credit report, if found on the personal credit report displayedBad credit historyThe loan application may also be rejected because the bank believes that the repayment willingness of such customers is not strong.

Fourth, the repayment ability is not strong

To successfully obtain a loan, the borrower must have strong repayment ability, that is, if the borrower's income is low, it is difficult to obtain a loan. However, under low-income circumstances, if the borrower can provide valid financial evidence as supporting financial resources, the bank will appropriately lower the loan threshold.

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