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4 reasons why unsecured loans are rejected

Time: 2015-03-18         Source: Rong 360 original         Author: Chen Li

In the unsecured loan market, there are often several happy events, some people are happy with successful loans, and some people are downcast because of loan losses. Is there a reason for everything? Next, let's take a look at the reasons for the rejection of unsecured loans.

First, the loan information is not true

Some borrowers can't provide the bank's loan proof materials, they will find someone to make some fake materials. This seemingly perfect practice is actually very risky. Once the bank has verified that the loan information is not true, it can not only obtain loans, but also It may be pulled into the "blacklist."

Second, the debt ratio is higher

According to most banks, “new and old monthly supplies cannot exceed 50% of household monthly income”, that is, if the borrower’s debt is too high, it will be rejected.

Third, credit has "stain"

When applying for a small loan from a bank, the bank will first check the borrower's personal credit report. If the personal credit report shows a bad credit record, the loan application may also be rejected because the bank believes that the customer's willingness to repay is not Strong.

Fourth, the repayment ability is not strong

In order to successfully obtain loans, the borrower must have strong repayment ability, that is, if the borrower's income is low, it is difficult to obtain loans. However, in the case of low income, if the borrower can provide proof of effective financial resources as an auxiliary financial resource, the bank will appropriately lower the loan threshold.

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