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What is the meaning of five insurance and one gold, the proportion of payment, and the advantages and disadvantages

Time: 2015-03-13         Source: Rong 360         Author: well-off

What does the five insurance and one gold include, and whether it can really enjoy the benefits of social welfare after paying it? In a blink of an eye, it is another year. Many graduate children’s shoes have begun to shuttle through the talent market in various places. At the same time, in order to recruit more talents among many students, many units have paid “five insurance and one gold” and other allowances. To recruit talent. So the question is coming. What are the five dangers and one gold? Is it really good to have it?

In fact, five insurances and one gold are not mysterious. They mainly include:Endowment insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, work injury insurance and maternity insurance, housing provident fund.Since the beginning of the new century, with the continuous improvement of the domestic economic and social security system, it has become a very common thing for the regular units to pay five insurances and one gold for the employees.

As for their proportion of wages, different regions, different levels of economic development, there are certain differences in regulations. However, the more common proportion is: pension insurance unit pays 21%, individual 8%; medical insurance contribution ratio: unit 9%, individual 2% + 3 yuan; unemployment insurance contribution ratio: unit 2%, individual 1%; work injury insurance according to The unit is divided into industry scope to determine its labor injury rate, between 0.5% and 2%; maternity insurance: the unit pays 1% per month, you do not have to pay; the proportion of the provident fund is larger, but in principle The maximum contribution shall not exceed 10% of the average salary of the employee.

  After paying five insurances and one gold, is it really "once and for all"? Not also! Relevant personnel analysis believes that:

First of all, pension insurance may not be enough to support the elderly! Endowment insurance means that when we reach the statutory age, we can receive a pension at the place designated by the social insurance department to protect our basic needs after retirement. The pension received after retirement consists of two parts, one is a certain proportion of the average social wage at that time, and the other part is the personal account fund formed by the individual's previous payment of pension insurance.

Although we can get a sum of money every month after retirement, in fact, this money can only guarantee our basic life, which is why it is called basic pension insurance. Once you have no other protections after retirement, your standard of living may be a lot less than before retirement. At the same time, pension insurance may also face the risk of currency depreciation, and if prices soar, meager pensions are often not enough to make the lives of the elderly very secure.

Second, medical insurance does not care for all diseases! Not all medical practices are covered, such as cosmetic surgery, weight loss, heightening, correction of myopia, various infertility (pregnancy), sexual dysfunction, mental illness, medical expenses incurred abroad and abroad. Moreover, traffic accidents or injuries by gangsters are not covered by medical insurance. Only when the public security organs prove that they cannot find the injurer can they be temporarily written off by medical insurance.

In addition, medical insurance is also territorial. If it is used in a different place, it is very troublesome. If you have a sudden illness in a non-residential place in China, you may need to be hospitalized in the first place, but you must have the date of hospitalization, hospital name, etc. within 3 working days. If you report to the medical insurance agency of the participating area for the record, if you need to continue treatment after the condition is stable, you should promptly transfer to the designated medical institution for medical treatment. Moreover, according to the area and level of the hospital, there are different deductible lines. Different payment lines have different capping lines, and different reimbursements for different conditions are different. Instead of all the uniform reimbursement rates, medical insurance contributions are continuously interrupted. It will be invalid for more than a month and will need to be re-applied.

Moreover, it is cumbersome to get the unemployment insurance money less! In order to receive unemployment insurance, you must first meet the conditions for your employer and I have fulfilled the unemployment insurance contribution obligation for one year and have not resigned on your own initiative. Then, within 60 days from the date of resignation, you should hold a vocational guidance training card, residence booklet, ID card, dismissal labor (employment) contract or proof of working relationship and photos to the street and town labor security department where the household registration is located, and register for unemployment. Unemployment insurance benefits.

If your household registration is not at the working place, you may have to go back to your hometown to pay for it. If your hometown economy is backward, the amount of unemployment insurance may be less, and there is still a time limit: the accumulated contribution is 1 to 5 years before unemployment. , for a maximum of 12 months; 5 years to 10 years, up to 18 months; cumulative payment time of more than 10 years, up to 24 months.

Fourth, work injury insurance, 48 hours of life and death! The first problem to obtain work-related injury insurance is the identification of work-related injuries. According to the Regulations on Industrial Injury Insurance, only workers who have been identified as work-related injuries through the work-related injury identification procedure can enjoy work-related injury benefits, receive work-related injury compensation, and workers apply for work-related injuries. There are also time limit requirements: the day of the accident or within one year from the date of diagnosis and identification as an occupational disease. In addition, there is a rule for work-related injury insurance, that is, death within 48 hours of the onset of work can be recognized as a work-related injury, but if it exceeds 48 hours, it will not be recognized as a work-related injury.

Secondly, if the company is unwilling to pay compensation, it may have to go through lengthy legal proceedings, such as arbitration, administrative reconsideration, administrative litigation, civil litigation, etc., and the laborer may have to go through two or three years or more for the final compensation.

As for maternity insurance, no unit can enjoy its welfare protection! According to China's relevant regulations, maternity insurance is not required to be paid by the unit itself, but it also means that it is difficult to enjoy maternity insurance without a work unit, such as a full-time wife. Moreover, maternity insurance must be paid for at least one year before it can be enjoyed. After the birth of a child, the child will continue to pay the fee, otherwise the benefits of family planning will not be enjoyed.

Finally, the long-term use of the provident fund with the most deductible money is not cost-effective! The housing provident fund is for the purpose of buying a house and decorating it in the future. But for those who don't buy a house, or who are not ready to buy a house in the short term, it is not cost-effective to have a provident fund on the account. Because the portion of the provident fund that was paid in the current year can only obtain the interest rate of the demand deposit, and the funds paid in the past year can only obtain the three-month fixed deposit rate. In the case of increased inflation, it is obviously not as good as investment, or even as long as the bank's one-year deposit.




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