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Five insurance one gold refers to what, pay the proportion and advantages and disadvantages of end analysis

Time: 2015-03-13         Source: Financial 360         Author: well-off

What are the five risks and one gold? If you pay it, can you really enjoy the benefits of social welfare? Blink of an eye another year, many graduates have begun to shuttle children's shoes around the talent market, and in order to attract more students in many students more talents, many units are to pay "five insurance one gold" and other allowances To recruit talent. So the question has come, what is a five insurance a gold what it, with it really will be very good?

In fact, five insurance one gold is not mysterious. They mainly include:Pension, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, work injury insurance and maternity insurance, housing provident fund.Since the entry into the new century, with the continuous improvement of the domestic economic and social security system, it is already extremely common for regular units to pay all employees one payment of five benefits and one gold according to law.

As for the proportion of wages they occupy, different regions and different levels of economic development, there are also some differences in the regulations. However, the more common proportions are as follows: Pensioners pay 21% and individuals 8%; Medicare premiums: 9% of units and 2% of individuals + 3 yuan; Unemployment Insurance contributions: 2% of units and 1% of individuals; Unit is divided by the scope of the industry to determine its work injury rates, between 0.5% ~ 2%; maternity insurance: the unit to pay 1% per month, do not have their own pay; the proportion of provident fund range range larger, but in principle The maximum contribution must not exceed 10% of the average wage of workers.

  Five insurance paid a gold, is not really "once and for all" yet? Not too! Relevant personnel analysis that:

First of all, pension insurance may not be enough to support the elderly! Endowment insurance means that when we reach the statutory age, we can receive pensions at the places designated by the social insurance department to protect the basic needs of our lives after retirement. The pension received after retirement is made up of two parts, one part is a certain percentage of the average social wage at that time, and the other part is the personal account fund that the old-age insurance has been paid before the individual paid.

Although after retirement we can receive a sum of money every month, in fact this money can only guarantee our basic living. That is why we are called basic old-age insurance. Once you retire, if you have no other guarantees, your standard of living may have to be less than before retirement. At the same time, pension insurance contributions may also face the risk of currency devaluation, and if prices soar, meager pensions are often not enough to guarantee the lives of the elderly.

Second, Medicare does not care about all the diseases! Not all medical practices are covered by insurance, such as plastic surgery, weight loss, increased myopia correction, various infertility (pregnancy) disorders, sexual dysfunction, mental illness, medical expenses incurred abroad and beyond. And traffic accidents, or criminals hurt, are not within the scope of health insurance, and only in the public security organs can not find the real perpetrators of the case, can be temporarily written off by Medicare.

In addition, the medical insurance also belongs to the terrain. If it is troublesome to use in different places, it may be required to be hospitalized immediately before emergency treatment in a non-residential area in China. However, within 3 working days, information such as the hospitalization date and hospital name Reported to the insurance medical insurance agencies for the record, the condition is stable and need continued treatment, it should promptly go to the designated medical institutions for medical treatment. And according to the region and level of the hospital has a different starting line, pay different time with different top line, the different reimbursement of the condition is also different, not all of the reimbursement of a unified proportion of medical insurance payment discontinued three More than a month to failure, but also need to re-apply.

In addition, less unemployment insurance money collar procedures tedious! If you want to receive unemployment insurance, you must first meet the conditions that your employer and I have fulfilled their obligation to pay unemployment insurance for one year and have resigned on their own initiative. And then should be within 60 days from the date of departure vocational training training card, residence booklet, ID card, lift the labor (employment) contract or proof of employment and photos to the street where the account, the town labor and social security department for unemployment registration, apply for a claim Unemployment insurance procedures.

If your account is not in the work place, you may also have to go to your hometown for more work, if your hometown may be less economically backward, the amount of unemployment insurance will be less, and there are time limits: before you jobless, pay a total of 1 year to 5 years , Up to a maximum of 12 months; 5 years to 10 years, up to 18 months; the cumulative payment of more than 10 years, up to 24 months.

Fourth, industrial injury insurance, 48-hour life and death line! To obtain work injury insurance, the first issue is the identification of work injury. According to the provisions of the "Work Injury Insurance Regulations," only those workers who have been legally identified as work-related injuries by the work injury recognition program can enjoy the work injury treatment, get the work injury compensation, and the workers apply for work injury determination There are also time-limit requirements: the date of the accident or was diagnosed, identified as occupational disease within one year from the date. In addition, there is also a stipulation on work-related injury insurance that a worker who has died within 48 hours after the onset of work may be regarded as a work-related injury but will not be considered as a work-related injury for more than 48 hours.

Secondly, if the enterprises are unwilling to pay compensation, they may still have to go through lengthy litigation procedures such as arbitration, administrative reconsideration, administrative litigation, civil litigation and so on. The workers may eventually claim compensation for two or three years or even longer.

As for maternity insurance, no unit can not enjoy its welfare guarantee! According to the relevant provisions of our country, maternity insurance does not have to be paid by the unit itself, but this also means that it is very hard to enjoy maternity insurance without a working unit, for example, a full-time wife. And maternity insurance at least pay for more than one year before they can enjoy, after giving birth have to continue to pay, or post-family planning benefits will not be able to enjoy.

Finally, withheld up to the maximum amount of CPF, long-term without or cost-effective! Housing provident fund is to buy a house in the future, decoration can be used to get. However, for people who do not buy a house, or who are not ready to buy a house in the short term, it is not profitable to have a provident fund on the account. Because the provident fund, the part paid in the current year can only obtain the current deposit interest rate, while the funds paid in previous years can only get three-month fixed deposit interest rate. With inflation exacerbated, it is clearly not as good as investing in it, not even as a one-year bank deposit.




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