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Merchants Bank "car purchase easy" application strategy and cooperation brand

Time: 2015-03-11         Source: Financial 360 original         Author: Ao Lu

Car purchase easy "that is our basiscredit cardCardholder's Credit Status Raises the credit limit of his credit card to meet the cardholder's need to purchase a designated brand car in installments at a designated dealer. Cardholders only need to bear a certain fee you can monthly repayments by car, fully reduce the repayment pressure of a new type of car loan model.

advantage: 1, more brands, a wider range of options;

2, lower commission rates: cooperation business discount, fully reduce the cardholder installment costs.

3, repayment period is longer: up to 24 months installments.

Disadvantages: Apply for a strict process audit

  China Merchants BankofCredit card installmentThe official business of car purchase is "Car Purchase Easy". As long as it is a credit card holder, the Bank can apply for it. However, the vetting process is relatively strict. Only long-time card-holding customers invited or certified by China Merchants Bank can pass the loan approval. Request information provided by the customer is very detailed: real estate license, social security information, driver's license, proof of salary, salary card, salary card details of nearly six months, credit cards, etc., all the original need to provide photographs, or even staff To go home personally reconnoitre site to take pictures, but also accompanied by staff members personally landing Social Security web page security information and take pictures. Its strict level is evident.

  "Car purchase easy" car flow

Cooperation brand

Xiaobian reminded that need to pay attention to is down payment can not use Merchants credit card payment, which is also the same with other credit card car business banks. And China Merchants Bank for real-time review of car purchase orders backstage, usually within 4 hours to give the audit results, in case of special circumstances, audit time correspondingly extended. This is also reflected in the editorial before the credit card installment car review speed embodied. After the audit signed by the car staging contract, you can drive away the car, and then installment repayments.

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