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China Merchants Bank "Car Purchase Easy" Raiders and Cooperative Brands

Time: 2015-03-11         Source: Rong 360 original         Author: Ao Lu

Car Purchase Easy "Is based on our bankcredit cardThe cardholder’s credit status improves the credit card's installment amount to meet the cardholder's demand for the designated dealer to purchase the designated brand automobile in installments. Cardholders only need to bear a certain fee to pay back the car payment in installments on a monthly basis, and fully reduce the repayment pressure of a new car loan model.

advantage: 1, more brands, more extensive choice;

2. The fee rate is relatively low: the cooperative merchants discount interest and fully reduce the cardholder's installment cost.

3, the repayment period is longer: up to 24 months instalments.

Shortcomings: The application process is strictly audited

  China Merchants BankofCredit card stagingThe official car purchase business is called “Car Buying Easy”. As long as it is a credit card holder of the Bank, it can apply for it. However, the review process is relatively strict. Only a long-term cardholder who has been invited by China Merchants Bank or has been certified can pass the loan approval. The information requested by the customer is very detailed: real estate license, social security information, driver's license, salary proof, salary card, salary card details for the past six months, credit card, etc. All the originals are required to provide photographs, and even the staff also To go to home to take pictures of the site, and to escort the social security information and photograph it with the help of a staff member. Its strict degree is evident.

  "Car purchase easy" car purchase process

Cooperation brand

Xiao Bian reminded that it should be noted that the down payment cannot be used for merchant credit card payment, which is also the same for other banks that have a credit card car purchase business. Moreover, China Merchants Bank conducts a real-time review of the order for car purchases, and generally gives the results of the audit within 4 hours. In exceptional circumstances, the time limit for auditing may be extended accordingly. This is also reflected in the rapid review of credit card installment car reviews mentioned before editing. After the audit has passed, you can sign up for the car installment contract, and you can drive away the car and then repay the loan in installments.

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