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Taobao needs what conditions?

Time: 2015-01-27         Source: Financial 360 original         Author: Li Zhijie

Today, Xiao Bian 360 melt in our Q & A platform to see a lot of people are asking how to Loan loans? What materials are needed? Since someone asked, how can Xiaobian ignore it. Today, Xiao Bian to give everyone a good talk about what conditions need Taobao loans?

There are two official online Taobao Loans, one is the order loan, the other isCredit Loans. Whether you want to apply for an order loan or want to apply for a credit loan, you must first satisfy your identity as a Taobao seller. Xiaobian below to tell you about how to order loans and credit loans, respectively, how to credit? What are the conditions to be met?

Taobao order loan is oneMortgage, The seller uses the buyer of the shipped order to pay the mortgage to make the loan. As the seller sells the product, it takes more days to get the buyer has been paid, the flow of funds unchanged, so Taobao order loan is a very convenient solution to the funding.

  To successfully apply for Taobao order loan, you need to have the following conditions:

1) shop registrants over the age of 18, with full civil capacity Taobao sellers;

2) Taobao shops have been operating effectively for the last two months with effective trading volume every month;

3) Honest and trustworthy, credit records of shops are good.

  The order loan application process is:

1) Fill in the loan information: In this step, you can choose whether to automatically loan according to your needs, when all the personal information is completed, go to the next step.

A. do not tick "automatically apply for a loan": that is only apply for this time.

B. check the "apply for loans automatically": that is, you choose the next system automatically apply for a loan. In the next 60 days, every day will help you apply for a loan (the same day the system audit results).

2) confirm the loan content: In this step, you can refer to the page shows the maximum amount of loans, enter their actual needs of the amount of funds in the confirmation of the loan contract and enter the Alipay password, approved by Taobao after the funds generally 3 minutes Inside will be paid to your Alipay account.

Next Xiaobian talkTaobao credit loans. Credit loans without mortgage, without guarantee, credit solely by the owner to obtain a loan. The owner does not need to provide any credit (quality) charge. Credit credit rating for the owner, not the diamond trading credit that Diamond rating.

  Credit loan application conditions are as follows:

1) Taobao shops have been operating effectively and effectively for the last 6 months with effective trading volume every month and they are doing well;

2) Honest and trustworthy, good shop credit records;

3) shop registrant age 18-65 years of age, with full civil capacity.

  The credit loan application process is:

Enter I am the seller - shop management - Taobao Loan, click this credit loan into, enter the loan page, click on the application loan button:

1) fill in personal information: the first application needs to be completed when all the information, personal information page with automatic save function, no need to re-apply for a second filing;

2) Fill in the amount of the loan application and the period of use;

3) Determine the loan.

Read the description of Xiaobian, you want to apply for Taobao Loans will now apply for it? If you are not going to apply for it, Xiao Bian, I cried to death, writing this article in white. In this Xiaobian to remind you, if you can not successfully apply for Taobao loans, you can try to melt our 360 application for unsecured personal loans.

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