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How to buy iPhone6 ​​in installments?

Time: 2015-01-20         Source: Rong 360 original         Author: Ao Lu

Nowadays, Apple's mobile phone has become the first choice for many users when they purchase the machine. They have an iPhone 6 times in their hands, but for those who don't have enough savings, can they only watch it? Of course not, many friends who are interested in this machine have begun to care about how to pay for the iPhone6 ​​in installments. The following small series will tell you how to purchase iphone6 ​​in installments?

Jingdong Mall launched an iPhone7/6 Plus service for white-strip users, which can be used for up to 12 issues. For example, the purchase of the 64G version of the National Bank iPhone6 ​​(price of 6088 yuan), 12 issues monthly repayment of 531.69 yuan, which includes the installment fee paid on a period-by-period, Jingdong said that in the mainland within 30 days of the first week to use the white article to purchase iPhone6 20% discount on handling fee, currentlyJingdong White StripThe rate of the third phase is 1.5%, and the period of the second phase is 6%. Therefore, the final cost of purchasing the 64G version of the iPhone6 ​​in the 12th phase of Jingdong Baizhi is 6380.22 yuan, which is 292.22 yuan more than the original price.

Similar to Jingdong “White Strip”, Tmall “scheduled purchase” calculates the credit limit according to the consumption data of real-name users. The amount meets the standard and can be directly processed to purchase iPhone6 ​​in installments. If the amount is insufficient, it needs to be frozen.Yu BaoAmount to increase the amount. According to the introduction of Tmall customer service personnel, users who choose “scheduled purchase” can choose to purchase iPhone6 ​​in three, six or nine phases. The selection of phase 3 will be free of charge. The phase 6 fee is 4.5%, phase 9. is 6%. The 64G version of the iPhone6 ​​is also taken as an example. The final purchase cost is 6361.96 yuan in six installments, which is 273.96 yuan more than the original price.

In addition to e-commerce channels, a number of domestic commercial banks, including industry and commerce, construction, and investment, have also opened iPhone6 ​​installment booking channels on their respective credit card official websites.China Merchants BankIn addition, the official interest-free channel of Apple Mall has also opened the interest-free payment service,

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