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Iphone6 ​​how to install payment in installments?

Time: 2015-01-20         Source: melt 360 original         Author: Ao Lu

Now Apple's mobile phone has become a lot of users in the purchase of the first choice, holding a iphone6 ​​times the face, but for the hands of the friends are not enough money, can only look helplessly? Of course not, a lot of friends interested in the machine has begun to care about iPhone6 ​​how installments, the following Xiaobian to tell you how to buy iphone6 ​​installment?

Jingdong Mall for the white bars of users launched a phased purchase iPhone6 ​​/ 6 Plus service, up to 12 can be done. To buy 64G version of the National Bank of China iPhone6 ​​(price 6088 yuan), for example, 12 monthly repayment of 531.69 yuan, which includes the number of scheduled payment rate, Jingdong said that in the mainland starting within 30 days of the use of white bar to buy iPhone6 You can enjoy a 20% discount on the current feeJingdong white bar3 period of the rate of 1.5%, 12 to 6%, so choose Jingdong white bar 12 to buy 64G version of iPhone6 ​​final cost of 6380.22 yuan, more than the original price of 292.22 yuan.

And Jingdong "white bar" is similar to the day cat "phased purchase" based on real-name users to calculate the amount of consumer credit, the amount of compliance with the standard can be directly applied to install the iPhone6, the amount is not enough need to freezeBalanceAmount to raise the amount. According to the days of cat customer service staff, select the "installment" of the user can choose to 3, 6 or 9 way to buy iPhone6, choose 3 will be free of charge, select the 6 fee is 4.5%, 9 Is 6%. The same to 64G version of iPhone6, for example, the purchase of 6 to spend the final 6361.96 yuan, more than the original price of 273.96 yuan.

In addition to the electricity business channel, the domestic business, construction, investment, including a number of commercial banks are also in their respective credit card official website opened iPhone6 ​​installment booking channel, including business andChina Merchants BankBut also in the Apple Mall's official scheduled channel also opened a phased interest-free payment business, http: //

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