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How to check the mortgage repayment situation How much principal and interest are still left?

Time: 2014-12-03         Source: Rong 360         Author: Du Juan

After buying a mortgage, how do you know how much mortgage you have already paid, and how much capital and interest you need to pay back? There are three ways to summarize the following.

1. Go to the bank outlets for mortgage

Go to the bank outlet counter where you apply for mortgage loan, print the repayment details, how much is it? How much is it? How much is left? How much interest? It is clear at a glance.

2. Login online banking query

If you have already opened the bank online banking, log in to online banking, checkpersonal loanItems can be queried for repayment details.

3. Use Rong 360Remaining repayment calculatorCalculate by yourself

With the 360 ​​Remaining Repayment Calculator, you can enter the loan amount, loan period, loan interest rate, loan time, and repayment time according to the actual situation of your loan. You can clearly know the monthly repayment amount of the mortgage and how much has been paid. Principal and interest, how much principal and interest are left.

Example: In December 2014, the loan was 1 million, the benchmark interest rate was 6.15%, the loan was 20 years, and the repayment in December 2015 was as follows:

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