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How to check the mortgage repayment how much the remaining principal and interest?

Time: 2014-12-03         Source: Financial 360         Author: Du Juan

How do I know how many mortgages I have paid after my mortgage purchase? What are the remaining principal and interest left?

1 to go to the mortgage bank outlets inquiries

Go to your bank branch outlets for mortgage loans to print repayment details, owed how much? How much? How much? How much? Interest? At a glance.

2 landing online banking inquiries

If you have opened the bank online banking, visit online banking, checkpersonal loanItem can check the repayment details.

3. Use financial 360Remaining repayment calculatorCalculate yourself

Financial 360 remaining repayment calculator, you can according to the actual situation of their loans, enter the loan amount, loan life, loan interest rates, loan time, repayment time, you can clearly know the mortgage monthly repayment limit, how much has been Principal and interest, how much principal and interest remain.

Example: Loan of 1 million in December 2014, benchmark interest rate of 6.15%, loans for 20 years and repayments in December 2015 as follows:

Financial 360 remaining repayment calculator: http://www.loan78.com/calculator/huankuanzhuangkuang.html

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