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How is the interest on deposits high in 2015? Four ways to pick with you!

Time: 2014-11-06         Source: Rong 360 original         Author: bamboo

        For those who do not want to risk, bank deposits are an important means of financial management. So, what is the high interest rate for deposits in 2015? Experts teach you four simple and safe ways.

The first is to settle in batches. Many people often encounter such a situation: just put a large amount of spare cash intoFixed depositLooking at the year's expiry, a good interest can be reaped. At this time, the family has to use the money urgently and has to take out the fixed deposit, and finally only receive a small amount of current interest. If the money is divided and deposited separately into the bank, then one of the funds can be withdrawn once the cash is urgently used. Other fixed deposit interest is not affected. Even when the funds are split, the deposits are made from less to more. When there is a small amount of capital demand, only a small share of the amount will be set aside. This will not only meet the demand for money, but also maximize the interest income. For example, the fund of 100,000 yuan is divided into three parts: 10,000 yuan, 30,000 yuan, and 60,000 yuan, and one-year time deposits are made separately.

The second is to let interest regenerate interest. Usually we save a sum of moneySave interestOne year later, the deposit had a little interest. For most people, it is entirely possible to take out the interest for the first year of this deposit, and then open another one.Zero savingsThe savings account puts the interest that is taken out into it. After each year, the interest generated in the first account is fixedly removed and deposited into the zero deposit and withdrawal account. In this way, interest is not only collected on interest-bearing savings, but also interest is paid after participating in zero deposits and savings. Money can be converted into big money, and it can be saved as interest.

The third is the agreement to save. The contractual transfer is the acceptance of the depositor by the bank, and the account transfer is carried out according to the agreed transfer amount and transfer method on the transfer date entrusted by the saver. Each of them needs to set two amounts, one is the transfer point amount, and the other is the amount of current account remaining in the card. For example, if you set a transfer point amount of 20,000 yuan and a retained current account amount of 10,000 yuan, when the user's card has enough money for 20,000 yuan or more, the system will automatically leave 10,000 yuan for the current deposit. Turn into a fixed deposit.

The last is to use the notice deposit. Notice deposits are divided into 1 day and 7 days, and the interest rate is much higher than the current period. The so-called 7-day notice deposit means that the bank will automatically transfer the deposit for 7 days. For example, No. 8 deposit No. 8 is taken, which is 7 days, and the bank will calculate according to the 7-day interest rate. However, if No. 1 deposit is taken as No. 10, then the first seven days will be calculated according to the interest rate for seven days and the interest rate will be calculated according to the single day interest rate for the next three days. At present, the bank's 7-day notice deposit interest rate is 1.35% per annum, one-day is 0.8%, the current interest rate is 0.35%, and there is no handling fee, but there must be at least 50,000 yuan deposit in the account.

Of course, the impact of Internet finance on commercial banks is also deepening, and many banks have also launched online "Bao" products with a yield of 3% to 5%, which is very convenient. Individuals may wish to try.

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