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How to deposit interest in 2015 is high? Four ways to pick with you!

Time: 2014-11-06         Source: Rong 360 original         Author: bamboo

        For those who don't want to take risks, bank deposits are an important means of financial management. So, how is deposit interest high in 2015? Experts teach you four tricks that are both simple and safe.

The first is to deposit in batches. Many people often encounter such a situation: just put a small amount of spare cash into a time deposit, and see that a year of expiration can yield good interest. At this time, the family is in a hurry to use the money. In the end, only a small amount of current interest is collected. If the money is split and deposited in the bank on a regular basis, once the cash is used urgently, one of the funds can be taken out, and the other deposit interest is not affected. Even when the funds are split, they are kept as small as possible. When there is a small amount of capital demand, only a small share will be accessed, so that it can meet the demand for money and maximize the interest income. For example, 100,000 yuan of funds are divided into 10,000 yuan, 30,000 yuan, and 60,000 yuan, respectively, to make one-year time deposits.

The second is to let interest regenerate interest. Usually we deposit a sum of money into a deposit and interest rate. After one year, the deposit has a little interest. For most people, it is entirely possible to take out the interest for the first year of the deposit, and then open a savings account with a deposit and deposit, and deposit the interest that is taken out. In the future, the interest generated in the first account will be fixed and deposited into the deposit and withdrawal account. In this way, not only the interest-bearing savings are earned, but also the interest is earned after participating in the deposit and saving. Small money can be saved into big money, and it can be saved as a deposit.

The third is the agreement to transfer. The agreed transfer is the bank's acceptance of the depositor's entrustment, and the account transfer is carried out according to the agreed transfer amount and transfer method on the transfer date entrusted by the depositor. Each of them needs to set 2 amounts, one is the transfer point amount, and the other is the current amount of the card. For example, the amount of the transfer point you set is 20,000 yuan, and the amount of the retained deposit is 10,000 yuan. When the amount of money in the user card is 20,000 yuan or more, the system will automatically leave 10,000 yuan of current deposit, and the rest will be Turn into a time deposit.

The last is to use the notice deposit. The notice deposit is divided into 1 day and 7 days, and the interest rate is much higher than the current period. The so-called 7-day notice deposit means that the bank will automatically transfer the deposit in 7 days. For example, the No. 1 deposit is taken on the 8th. This is 7 days, and the bank will calculate according to the 7-day interest rate. However, if the No. 1 deposit is taken at No. 10, then the bank will calculate the interest rate according to the 7-day interest rate for the first seven days and the daily interest rate for the next three days. At present, the annual interest rate of the bank's 7-day notice deposit is 1.35%, and the one-day rate is 0.8%. The current interest rate is 0.35%. There is no handling fee, but there must be at least 50,000 yuan in deposits.

Of course, the impact of Internet finance on commercial banks is also deepening. Many banks have also launched online "bao" products with a yield of 3% to 5%, which is very convenient. You may wish to try.

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