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Who is not easy to apply for an unsecured loan?

Time: 2015-03-03         Source: Rong 360 original         Author: Chen Li

Unsecured loans, as the name suggests, do not need to provide collateral, borrowing only with good personal qualifications. Its advent, solved a lot of lack of mortgage qualifications, but also urgently need to use the money friends' urgent needs. However, don't ignore the keyword "good". If your personal qualifications run counter to one another, it may be difficult to collide with unsecured loans. Next, let's take a look at the four types of people who are not easy to get unsecured loans.

1. The person who reports the face of the credit report

The lending institution's attitude of "seeking people by appearance" has chosen the fate of many people. However, you should not misunderstand, they are not focused on your appearance, but on the "face" of your credit report. In the past, when you had a loan relationship with the bank, if you regularly repay the loan on time, intentionally dress up the credit report, and have the ability to stabilize the repayment ability, your unsecured loan path will definitely be able to walk with ease. Vice versa, if the face of your credit report can thwart all sentient beings, the above shows that the loan road has been red lighted for six times in a row or three times in total. It is also conceivable.

2. A person who has worked in the current unit for less than 3 months

For 3 months, it is often the trial period prescribed by the employer. Once the trial period is over, the stability of the work is bound to take a new step. The chain reaction generated by stable work is naturally the source of repayment. Based on this, “the work in the current unit is at least 3 months” is the application threshold set for many institutions. What is more, for the sake of insurance, the regulations are Now that the unit has been working for half a year, it is eligible for loan application. It can be seen that if you have just arrived in the new unit for a short time, the lending institution will be worried about your ability to repay the loan, and it is reasonable to refuse the application. In general, if you want to have a dream, you still need to wait for a loan.

3. Unemployed

Those who work in the current unit for less than three months will be blocked by the unsecured loan because of their repayment ability. What is more, unemployed? Due to the lack of repayment ability, it is difficult for lending institutions to disregard the situation that there is no return after the funds are released.

4. People who cannot collect the application materials

The application materials are often indispensable for supporting the application. Common application materials, including ID card, work certificate, salary flow and proof of residence.

  Tips:The so-called avenues lead to Rome, the road to unsecured loans does not work, you can also turn a corner, switch to a non-bank lending institution, open the runway of the mortgage to raise funds. Generally speaking, as long as you have mortgages such as houses and cars, you can quickly obtain loans worth about 70% of the value of collateral without having to undergo personal qualification review. This is a good strategy to effectively alleviate your immediate needs.

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