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Who is not easy to apply for unsecured loans?

Time: 2014-09-15         Source: Financial 360 original         Author: Chen Li

  Unsecured loan, As the name suggests No need to provide collateral, only with good personal qualifications and obtained loans. Its advent, solved a lot of lack of mortgage qualifications, but in urgent need of money friends of the urgent needs. However, do not neglect the "good" this key words, if your personal qualities go contrary to it, it is difficult and notMortgageCollision sparks. Next, take a look at the four categories of people who are not easy to get unsecured loans.

Credit report face upside down people

The attitude of the lending institution of "choosing appearances by means of appearances and choosing partners" dominates the fate of many people. However, you do not misunderstand, they do not pay attention to your appearance, but the "look" of your credit report. During the past when you borrowed from a bank, your unsecured loan could undoubtedly go well if you regularly make full and timely repayments, dress up credit reports and have a stable repayment ability. Vice versa, if your credit report can look down upon other beings and the above shows three consecutive overdue three years or a total of six overdue within two years, it is conceivable that the loan road should be lit red.

2. Those who work less than 3 months in the current unit

3 months is often the probationary period stipulated by the employer. Once the probationary period expires, the stability of the work is bound to move to a new level. The chain reaction resulting from stable work is of course a solid source of repayment. Based on this, the application threshold set by many agencies for "at least 3 months in current units" is even worse. In the interest of insurance, Units are now working for six months before they have a loan application eligibility. From this we can see that if you have just arrived in the new unit for a long time, the lender will be worried about the subsequent repayment ability of yours and it would be reasonable to decline your application. Overall, you still have to wait for a loan if you want to realize your dreams.

3 unemployed tourists

Those who work less than three months in their current units will be kept out of unsecured loans due to their worries about repayment ability, not to mention unemployed tourists. Due to the lack of repayment ability, lending institutions fear it is hard not to think that after the release of funds there is no return to the situation.

4. Can not complete the application materials gathered people

Application materials as a proof of qualification to meet the application, often provide an indispensable. Common application materials, including ID card, work certificate,Wages and waterAnd proof of residence.

  Tips:The so-called roads lead to Rome, unsecured loans do not work, you can turn corners, converted to non-bank lenders, the opening of the mortgage loan runway to raise funds. As a general rule, as long as you have a mortgage, such as a car or house, you can quickly obtain around 70% of the collateral value without going through a review of your personal qualifications. This is an effective solution to the urgent needs.

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