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Who is not easy to apply for unsecured loans?

Time: 2014-09-15         Source: Rong 360 original         Author: Chen Li

  Unsecured loans, as the name suggests, does not require collateral, and borrows only with good personal qualifications. It came out and solved a lot of lack of mortgage qualifications, but it also urgently needs the friend of money to be anxious. However, don’t ignore the “good” keyword. If your personal qualifications go against it, you may find it difficult and impossible.MortgageColliding sparks. Next, let's take a look at the four types of people who do not have easy access to unsecured loans.

1. The credit report faces people who have fallen

The attitude of the lenders to choose partners based on appearance and appearance has affected the destiny of many people. However, you don't have to misunderstand them. They do not focus on your appearance, but on the appearance of your credit report. In the past, when you had a lending relationship with a bank, if you frequently repaid on time and in full, intending to dress up credit reports, and have the ability to stably repay your debts, your unsecured loan path can easily be handled with ease. And vice versa, if the face of your credit report can bring down sentient beings, the above shows that if you are overdue for three consecutive years or accumulated overdue six years within two years, it is also possible to imagine that the loan road will be illuminated with a red light.

2. People who work in current units for less than 3 months

For three months, it is often the probationary period stipulated by the employer. Once the probation period is over, the stability of the work is bound to take a new step. The chain reaction resulting from stable work is naturally the stability of the repayment source. Based on this, the “application for at least 3 months in the current work unit” sets the application threshold for many organizations. What is more, for the sake of insurance, the The current unit has worked for half a year before it has the qualification to apply for a loan. From this we can see that if you are shortly after your arrival at the new unit, the lending institution will worry about your follow-on repayment ability, and it would be reasonable to refuse the application. In general, if you want to make a dream, you still need to wait for a loan.

3. No industry

People who have worked for less than three months in their current units will be left unguarded by the unsecured loans because of their hidden ability to repay their debts. What is more, they are unemployed people? Due to the lack of repayment ability, it is very difficult for lending institutions to think about it. After the release of funds, there is no return.

4. People who cannot complete the application materials

The application materials as evidence to meet the qualifications of the application are often indispensable. Common application materials, including ID cards, work certificates,Wage flowAnd proof of residence.

  Tips:The so-called boulevard leads to Rome, and the unsecured loan path does not work. You can also take a turn and transfer to a non-bank lending institution to open a mortgage runway to raise funds. Generally speaking, as long as you have houses, cars and other collateral objects, you can quickly obtain a loan with a value of about 70% of the collateral without having to go through the review of personal qualifications, which is an effective measure to effectively alleviate the urgent need.

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