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Baby Wheel Battle: Noah Cash and Balance

Editor: Liao Xinfan Source: Rong 360 original Date: 2014-08-20


fromYu BaoAfter that, various money fund babies came out one after another and competed for the balance wealth management market. Nuoan Fund is also launched on its online direct marketing platformNoah CashCall boardYu Bao. Then thisNoah CashversusYu BaoIn comparison, which one is better, let us make a comparative analysis.
                    Since the balance of the treasure, all kinds of money fund baby have come out one after another, vying for the balance of wealth management market.Noon FundAlso launched on its online direct sales platformNoah Cash, called the board balance treasure. Then, which is better than the balance treasure, which is better, let us make a comparative analysis.

The risks are similar: the balance treasure is docked by Tianhong Zenglibao currency, and the Noah cash treasure is docked with the Noah currency. Both are monetary funds, mainly investing in bank deposits within one year.Large deposit certificateSuch risk-free money market instruments have low risks.

The income is similar: As of August 19, the 7-year annualized income of Noah Cash is 4.193%, and the balance is 4.159%. The income of the two is not much different. In fact, in the past few months, all the money fund's income has been declining, and the gap between different products is not large. After one month, the 10,000-yuan income will be different from 3-4.

Liquidity: Noah cash treasure dominates. Noon cash treasure single / single-day fast withdrawal limit of up to 1 million yuan, the fastest 1 second to arrive. And Yu'ebao transferred to the bank card with a limit of 50,000, a maximum of 50,000 per day, and a maximum of 200,000 per month, which is not suitable for large-cap funds in and out operations.

Additional consumption payment function: balance treasure wins. Yu'ebao is a balance bank account for payment. The payment function is powerful, whether it is Taobao shopping transfer or other payment can support. And Nuoan Cash has no consumer payment function.

Xiaorong Comments:
Noah cash and balance treasure which is good, depends on the user's personal financial goals? Is it for the convenience of spending or trying to get down? If it is to save money, more people may choose Noon cash. This is also why although the balance is very good, but still can not meet everyone's financial needs.

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