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How to write a bank loan application? Sample template, Enterprise Edition

Time: 2014-08-08         Source: Financial 360 finishing         Author: well-off

How to write a bank loan application? Anyone who has loaned money must know that they are applying to the bankloanAt the time, the bank will ask the borrower to show a loan application. How can this application be written?

In general, the loan application mainly includes the following elements: description of the company's profile, reasons for borrowing, use of the loan, amount of the loan, time limit, and repayment guarantee. Next, Xiao Bian assembles a template for everyone. I hope to help those who have this need.

Borrowing application

______Bank Branches:

______ The company is a key company in the ______ joint stock system in the district. In order to solve the difficulties in the production and operation of liquidity, the company specially applied for a working capital loan of ______ million yuan. The company’s specific situation is now reported as follows:

I. Basic information of the company: The ______ Division was established in ________________________________________________, located in ______, covers an area of ​​______, and is mainly engaged in business operations such as ______, with registered capital of ______ million yuan. ______ million yuan in fixed assets, employees ______ people, all types of machinery processing equipment ______ more than Taiwan (sets). In 2013, the output value was ______ million yuan, income was ______ million yuan, profits and taxes were ______ million yuan, and net profit was ______ million yuan. It is expected that in 2014, the output value will be ______ million yuan, sales revenue will reach ______ million yuan to ______ million yuan, and profits and taxes will be ______ million yuan to 15 million yuan. The price of the sales contract has been signed up to ______ million yuan. The company's products passed the international quality system certification in ______. In recent years, it has undertaken more than ______ projects and received trust and praise from customers. It has been awarded the "Contract-Abiding, Promise-keeping" advanced enterprise by the municipal and district governments and business administration departments.

2. In order to allow the company to smoothly cross the innovation of moving the factory into the mine, and to promote the smooth development and expansion of the company, according to the actual needs of the company's production and operation, the company will apply to your bank and give me a loan of _____ million yuan for the company's current capital. Solve the problem of shortage of funds in the production and operation process.

3. Regarding the loan period, according to the company's market and mine production this year, the loan application period is two years.

IV. Collateral for borrowings: Our company uses the existing land and ground attachments as collateral for loans to apply for this loan.

V. The company promises to pay the principal and interest on a timely basis with a high degree of integrity, and to pay back the bank's care and support to the company with practical actions.

______the company

____________ 2014

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