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How to write a bank loan application? Template template, Enterprise Edition

Time: 2014-11-04         Source: Rong 360 finishing         Author: well-off

How to write a bank loan application? Friends who have borrowed money must know that when applying for a loan from a bank, the bank will ask the borrower to show a loan application. How to write this application?

In general, the loan application mainly includes the following elements: the company profile, the reason for the loan, the purpose of the loan and the loan amount, the term and the repayment guarantee. Next, Xiaobian compiled a template template for everyone, hoping to help friends who have this need.

Loan application

______Bank branch:

______ The company is a key enterprise of the ______ joint-stock system in this district. In order to solve the difficulties of production and operation of working capital, we apply for a working capital loan of ______ million yuan to your bank. The specific situation of the company is as follows:

First, the basic situation of the enterprise: ______ Division was founded in ___ year ______ month, located in ______, covers ______, mainly engaged in ______ and other business operations, registered capital ______ million, existing Fixed assets ______ million, employees ______ people, all kinds of mechanical processing equipment ______ Yutai (set). In 2013, the output value of ______ million yuan, income ______ million yuan, the realization of profits and taxes ______ million yuan, net profit ______ million. It is estimated that in 2014, the output value will be ______ million yuan, the sales income will reach ______ million yuan to ______ million yuan, and the profits and taxes will be ______ million yuan to 15 million yuan. The sales contract price has been signed up to ______ million yuan. The company's products passed the international quality system certification in ______ years. In recent years, it has undertaken a number of projects ______, and has been trusted and praised by customers. It has been awarded the “Contract-honoring and Promise-keeping” advanced enterprises by the municipal, district government and industrial and commercial administration departments.

Second, in order to enable enterprises to smoothly cross the innovation of moving factories into mines, and promote the smooth development of enterprises, according to the actual needs of the company's production and operation, we apply to your bank and give our company a working capital loan of ______ million yuan. Solve the problem of shortage of funds in the production and operation process.

3. Regarding the term of the loan, the term of the loan application for the company's market and mine production this year is two years.

4. Loan collateral: Our company applies for this loan with the existing land and attachments on the ground as collateral for loans.

V. The company guarantees to pay the principal and interest on time with a high degree of good faith, and rewards the care and support of the company with actual actions.

______the company

2014 ___月___日

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