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Where do I apply for an unsecured loan?

Time: 2014-08-06         Source: Rong 360 original         Author: Li Zhijie

  Unsecured loanWhere to apply? Don't think that this problem is very simple and very small. Sometimes it is often such a seemingly white question that it is often difficult to live a large number of people. Unsecured loans are favored by people from all walks of life because they do not need to be mortgaged and are only available on personal credit. But many people have heard of the name of an unsecured loan, but they don't know where to apply for an unsecured loan. Today we will talk about where to apply for an unsecured loan?

In fact, the most common lending institutions are two, one is a bank and the other is a small loan company. Now let's talk about these two institutions separately.

The unsecured loan market is getting hotter and hotter now, but banks will not give up this fat. Now more and more banks are launching credit business. However, the bank's unsecured loan approval can be described as strictly dying, and only the middle and high-end people can succeed. To be specific, first of all, your personal credit should be good. If you have recently passed the deadline, you should not think about it. In addition, you have to have a steady income, the income level is like a "tightening curse", and the results of the approval. For example, if you are in Beijing and want to successfully apply for Citibank's happy time loan, your monthly salary should meet more than 5000. At the same time, you also need to provide proof of income issued by the unit and 6 months.Wage flowTo prove the authenticity of income. In this way, people with low incomes, cash and wages can basically wave their hands and miss the bank's unsecured loans.

Small loan company
If the bank's unsecured loans are prepared for those high-end people, then the unsecured loans of non-financial institutions such as small loan companies are designed specifically for me. The same is an unsecured loan, and the requirements of the small loan company for the borrower are much more relaxed. Let’s take an example of income requirements, both in Beijing.Ping An BankThe new loan only requires the borrower's monthly income to be above 3,000. In addition, in addition to bank water can apply for loans, if it is cash, it can also be loaned. Of course, if the conditions are loose, the interest rate will naturally be higher. Compared with the bank's unsecured loans, the interest rate of the unsecured loan products of the small loan company will generally be higher, but the risk of the small loan company is also quite large, so the interest rate. The high point is also understandable.

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