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Unsecured loan application process 2014

Time: 2014-07-29         Source: Rong 360 original         Author: bamboo

        Unsecured loans generally have low thresholds and quick approval. Now let's take a closer look at the process of applying for an unsecured loan from the borrower to the bank.

1. The borrower submits a loan application to provide the required materials.
1. The second generation ID card of the borrower;
2. Proof of work income provided by the company (seal);
3. Bank flow list for nearly 3-6 months;
4. Proof of residence. General water and electricity gas bills;
5. Fill in the “Loan Application”, including the loan amount, purpose, repayment ability, and repayment method.

Second, bank approval
The bank judges the borrower's qualifications by analyzing the borrower's bank account (debit card, credit card, stock, bonds, etc.), and the bank is eligible to sign the loan.

Third, sign a loan contract
In the "Loan Contract", the type, purpose, amount, interest rate, time limit, repayment method, rights and obligations of both parties, the liability for breach of contract, the handling of disputes and other matters that the parties deem necessary to be agreed upon are stipulated.

4. Loan issuance.

5. The borrower repays on time.

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