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Unsecured loan application process

Time: 2014-07-29         Source: Financial 360 original         Author: bamboo

  Unsecured loanThe general threshold is low, fast approval. Now let's take a closer look, apply for nothingMortgageFrom the borrower to the bank through which the process.

First, the borrower to apply for loans to provide the required materials
1. Borrower II ID card;
2. The proof of work income provided by the company (seal);
Nearly 3-6 months of bank slip;
4. Residence certificate. General electricity and gas bills;
5. Fill in the "loan application" including loan amount, purpose, ability to repay, repayment method.

Second, the bank approval
The bank judges the borrower's qualification by analyzing the borrower's bank account, (debit card, credit card, stock, bond, etc.)Credit LoansQualified customers, the bank granted a loan contract.

Third, sign a loan contract
In the Loan Contract, it stipulates the types, purposes, amounts, rates, deadlines, ways of repayments, rights and obligations of both borrowers and lenders, liability for breach of contract, dispute resolution and other matters that the parties consider necessary.

Fourth, the loan payment.

Fifth, the borrower repay on time.

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