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How to apply for an interest-free loan with an unemployment certificate?

Time: 2014-07-01         Source: Rong 360 finishing         Author: well-off

Have a job permit, how to applyInterest-free loan? As the saying goes, life is not as good as it is. With the development of society, there are many kinds of unemployment, such as friction and structure, and there are more and more people with entrepreneurial ideas, and such people are getting younger and younger. Many people want to know how to apply for a non-interest loan with a unemployment certificate in hand to achieve a barrel of capital at a lower cost.

In fact, the current policy is not only for entrepreneurshipCollege StudentsIn addition to certain financial and tax incentives, pure interest-free loans are basically non-existent. However, non-student personnel with entrepreneurial intentions can apply for a small unsecuredSecured loan. The specific conditions are as follows:

1. Age is 18 years old (some lenders may require above 22 years old) to 60 years of age and have full civil capacity.

2. Strong repayment willingness and good repayment ability.

3. Entrepreneurial business projects have potential for revenue generation and prospects.

4. Other conditions required by the lending institution.

In addition, Xiao Bian reminds you that if you can provide certain collateral and guarantees, you can speed up the process of obtaining loans and improveLoan amount.


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