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What are the application channels for unsecured loans?

Time: 2014-06-03         Source: Rong 360 original         Author: Chen Li

  Unsecured loansBringing no collateral, the highlights of personal lending alone make the money hunger and thirst, and those who lack effective collateral have thumbs up for praise. Apart from the excitement, for the newcomer to the loan, the most concerned issue is probably “how to handleMortgage"Now the 360 ​​Xiao Bian will introduce you to the two most common unsecured loan application channels and I hope I can help you."


Banks' unsecured loan approvals tend to be strict and only middle- and high-end people can succeed. Specifically, good personal credit is a must. In addition, the level of income is like a “sweeping spell”, which affects the borrower’s approval results. Taking Beijing as an example, the borrower's income must reach 4,000 yuan before it is expected to join the ranks of bank loans. At the same time, in order to ensure the authenticity of the borrower’s income, it requires not only proof of work issued by the employer’s work unit, but also 3-6 months of wagering.Bank waterIt is also an indispensable application material. With such a principle, people with low income, cash pay, etc., can basically wave their hand and lose their hands with the bank.

Non-bank financial institutions

The non-banking financial institutions supplement the banks and make up for the shortcomings of their lack of services. Here, you will be surprised to find that loan requirements are easily satisfied. In terms of income requirements, also in Beijing, only unsecured loan products are accepted by 3,000 yuan of office workers who apply for a monthly salary. There are no fewer than 4 models, such as Yixin.New PayrollHanded fourElite Loan, Zhonghui good loan treasurePayroll, Dengtong InvestmentPayrollThis is how it feels so that the low-income people feel the warmth of the sun.

In addition, not sticking to the traditional form of bank flow, if you pay for cash, you only need to deposit the salary in the same bank card at a fixed monthly time, and the self-storing water produced after 6 months is also It can also be recognized.

It can thus be seen that the existence of non-banking financial institutions fills the gap in the reeling loan market. However, when the other side of the coin is opened, the risk borne by such institutions will inevitably increase. In order to balance risks, natural charges will not be advantageous.

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