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Did you apply for a loan a year ago?

Time: 2014-05-23         Source: Financial 360 original         Author: bamboo

        Question: Hello! Can I apply for a loan if I applied for a year ago without approval?

Reply: Hello!

As long as the application was not because of the false information is rejected can apply again. For example, to apply for Standard Chartered Bank cash dividend should prepare the following information:

1.personal loanapplication;
2. ID card: Chinese ID card;
3. Proof of address: I am a financial product statement (such as credit card) or utility bill or real estate license or residence booklet for any month in the past three months; otherwise, residence permit or temporary residence permit (Temporarily not applicable to Shenzhen area);
4.Proof of incomeDocuments: My bank payroll records (eg passbook) and nearly three monthsPersonal Income TaxIncome tax or company issued a proof of income or payroll.

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