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Can I apply for a loan again if I applied for a loan a year ago?

Time: 2014-05-23         Source: Rong 360 original         Author: bamboo

        Question: Hello! Can I apply for a loan if I have applied for approval a year ago?

Answer: Hello!

As long as the application was not rejected because of the provision of false information, it can be applied again. For example, the application for Standard Chartered Bank's cash loan should be prepared as follows:

1. Personal loan application;
2. Identification document: Chinese resident ID card;
3. Address proof document: Financial product statement (such as credit card) or utility bill or real estate certificate or resident residence booklet of any one month in the past three months; non-local residence registration must provide residence permit or temporary residence permit (Not applicable to Shenzhen area);
4. Proof of income: My bank's payroll record (such as: passbook) and the personal income tax bill for the past three months or the company's income certificate or pay slip.

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