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Can I buy a used car to apply for a credit card installment?

Time: 2014-04-18         Source: Rong 360 original         Author: Yu Yu

just nowCredit card stagingPayment for buying a car has become a trend, but generally this kind of business is only for new cars. It is difficult to find a bank that accepts loans for buying used cars. If the loans are handled through such channels as used car agencies and auto finance, the cost will be much higher. Buy used cars canApply for a credit cardIs it staged?

It is reported that in some areas where used car transactions are developed, banking institutions such as Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, and Construction Bank have started second-hand car loan business, but banks generally choose to cooperate with third-party guarantee companies or insurance companies to set application thresholds for used car credits. It is also more demanding than the new car. Such as ICBC Xiamen Branch join handsChinese People's InsuranceXiamen Branch of P&C Insurance has launched the "ICBC Car Buying Po" used car guarantee insurance credit card car business. Customers can choose from 12 periods, 24 periods, 36 periods, 3 instalment periods, one-time payment commission, or monthly payment by instalments. At present, the 12-time fee rate for a one-time payment is 4.2%, and the monthly payment is 4.8%. Taking the 10,000-yuan instalment as an example, if you choose to pay the monthly commission, the fee is only 40 yuan/month.

Therefore, Financial 360 Xiao Bian reminds you that when buying a used car, you should not only consider using a used car intermediary or an auto finance company to apply for a loan. You can check whether the local branch has related businesses for used car credit card installments, leaving a lot of money left. It!

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