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Why is the decline in Internet banking products?

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With the end of the season, the financial crisis is expected to decline, the Internet financial products expected to yield over 6% of the product has been invisible, and the baby Legion earnings fell to about 5%. The profits of any investment products are used by their funds
With the end of the season, the property market, the expected rate of return fell significantly,Internet FinanceProduct expectations rate of over 6% of the product has been almost invisible, and "baby Legion" income is down to about 5%.

"Treasure" are shrinking due to the benefits of any investment products are determined by the direction of its use of funds. To balance the treasure, for example, docking is Tianhong Fund's "Tianhongjianli Bao", its essence is the monetary fund.

The funds of the money market fund are mainly invested in short-term monetary instruments, and the bulk of the investment is placed in the bank's agreement deposits. Information shows that the balance of its total capital of more than 80% of the total investment is in bank agreement deposits and settlement payments. Therefore, the bank's agreement deposit interest rates on the balance of the proceeds of the amount of play a pivotal role. The deposit rate of the agreement deposit is high, the income of the balance is naturally high; the agreement deposit rate is low, and the income of the "treasure" will decline accordingly. So what is the deposit interest rate of the bank? That isInterbank interest rateThe

We may wish to "money" as a commodity, the interest rate is the price of this commodity. We know that the price is determined by the relationship between supply and demand - the supply of high prices, while the price is low. Reflected in the "money" this special commodity is the level of interest rates change. Before the Spring Festival, the various companies and institutions are busy clearing, the end of the year award; individuals busy buying new goods, prepared red envelopes, which makes the market demand for "money" soared, tight funding, "money" shortage led to its Prices rise, the interbank interest rate rose, resulting in the agreement deposit interest rates also will rise, with the agreement deposit as the main investment direction of the balance of the yield also sharply higher. After the holiday, the market demand for funds decreased, the interbank interest rate also fell, the corresponding money market fund income will decline accordingly. It can be seen, the balance of Po and similar products of similar revenue decline is a normal market phenomenon.

In this regard, to remind ordinary investors, investment and financial management should have the length of money with a decentralized investment awareness. The annualized earnings are slightly higher than other Internet financial products at present, and the investment period is very short. The financial market is suitable for investors with less investment and near-demand demand. And investors with large amounts of money can buyBank financial productsThe How investors allocate different assets do not have a unified standard, specifically from the liquidity, the amount of money and risk appetite and other three dimensions to examine.

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