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Was jointly strangled by the four major banks. Ma Yun called the most difficult and proud moment of Alipay.

Time: 2014-03-24         Source: China Securities Journal         Author: China Securities Journal

        On March 23rd, Ma Yun, the chairman of Alibaba Group’s board of directors, just published an article on the Alipay Group’s board of directors, saying that it is the most difficult for Alipay. The moment is also the most glorious moment." "The four kings are banned. Although Alipay is defeated and glory, although it is still alive, the decision to win or lose the market should not be monopoly and power, but users!"

  Construction bankOn March 22nd, its users were reduced through online payment and purchase through Alipay Express.Yu BaoThe amount of the quota has been reduced from the original single 50,000 to 5,000. A week ago, ICBC, Agricultural Bank of China and Bank of China had already lowered the amount of payment that users used to pay for Alipay. Among them, ICBC's quota has been reduced from the original single 50,000 to 5,000, and the monthly limit has been reduced from 200,000 to 50,000. Bank of China and Agricultural Bank of China reduced the quota from the original single 50,000 to a single 10,000.

For the reason of lowering the quota, the reason given by ICBC and ABC is “to protect the safety of user funds”. However, the industry generally believes that the root cause of the recent four major banks may be that the innovation of Internet financial products such as Yu'ebao has touched the interests of the four major banks.

The four major banks have restricted the purchase amount of Yu'ebao products by reducing the payment amount of Alipay's express payment. Other services such as online shopping and repayment related to fast payment have also been greatly affected. Use Alipay with ICBC usersCredit card paymentsFor example, after the quota is lowered, it means that if the user wants to pay the credit card by quick payment, the single operation can only repay 5,000 yuan. Suppose the user has to pay 20,000 yuan for his credit card, and must operate 4 times to complete.

It is reported that the "four big banks" this move caused dissatisfaction of all users. A large number of users believe that how to use bank card funds is their own right, and banks have no right to interfere. For example, the famous writer "Six June" published a microblog on the 20th to express "disqualification" dissatisfaction. This Weibo is currently being forwarded nearly 2,500 times. Some netizens have also questioned this: "The money is its own, and the bank sets the conditions by virtue?"

Ma Yun encouraged Alipay at the end of the article. "You can! Reform, innovation, hope, dream... You must be!"

Attachment: The following is the full text of Ma Bao's "coming and going":

Alipay, please hold it!

Yesterday, the four “state-owned” banks of industry, agriculture, China and China established concerted actions to force depositors to limit the amount of funds transferred to Alipay.

The market does not believe in tears, the market is not afraid of competition, and the market is afraid of unfairness. The four kings joined forces to block, although Alipay was defeated, although it was still alive, but the decision to win or lose the market should not be monopoly and power, but users!

Although thousands of people are going to squat. Alipay, at the right time? Dead to death?

I don't know who gives power to the bank, it can hurt the depositor's power to control his own funds. I don't even know who will supervise the legitimacy of the joint ban on the four "national hand"? Some international friends said: Unheard of the world, incredible.

Third Plenary Session? The mass line? Two resolutions?

Alipay, this is your most difficult moment and the most glorious moment!

you can! Reform, innovation, hope, dreams. . . You must be able to!

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