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How to choose T+0 financial products?

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Bank T+ 0 wealth management products are immediately valid for purchase and redemption, and funds are credited in real time. Therefore, it was favored by a large number of investors. However, bank T+0 wealth management products also have a certain degree of risk, so how to choose bank T+0 wealth management products? There are several aspects to note below.
Bank T+0Financial productThe implementation of "sales and redemption is effective immediately and funds are available in real time." Therefore, it was favored by a large number of investors. However, the bank "T+0"Financial managementThe product also has a certain degree of risk. How to choose a bank "T+0" financial product? There are several aspects to note below.

No.1Risk clause: Bank T+0 wealth management products may also be subject to various investment risks. For example, changes in international and domestic financial markets lead to market risks caused by changes in asset prices. Corporate credit and loan companies may not be able to meet the credit risk and customer principal and earnings may be Delay the redemption of liquidity risks and policy risks to ensure that all financial risks are within their own tolerance.

  No.2Redemption time: Such products are stipulated in advance on the date of redemption on each trading day. Investors should reasonably arrange funds in and out within the prescribed trading hours so as not to affect other investment operations.

 No.3Income terms: Each “T+0” financial product will specify its own frequency and method of revenue disclosure. Most banks publish daily earnings from the previous trading day, butEverbright BankThe Futures Bank announced the expected annualized rate of return from Wednesday to Tuesday every Wednesday, which will help improve the accuracy of financial decisions.

  No.4Huge redemption terms: Most banks set large redemption limits on the redemption of such products. Therefore, investors may redeem in advance if they encounter new stock subscriptions, so as to avoid the possibility of unacceptable funds.

 No.5Cost terms: Although there is generally no purchase or redemption fee, banks usually deduct lower product management fees and custody fees.

Bank T+0Compared with current deposits, wealth management products have a relatively high threshold, generally not lower than 50,000 yuan. Banks also set different rates of return for different levels of investors. In general, the larger the amount, the higher the rate of return.

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