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How to see bank financial product manual?

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Bank financial product disputes frequently occurred in recent years, which blind investors believe that banks have not carefully studied the bank financial product specification has a certain relationship. Understand the bank financial product manual is a very important step, the following to teach you how to read the bank's financial products
  Bank financial productsDispute occurred frequently in recent years, which blindly believe that investors and banks, investors did not carefully study the bankFinancial productThe manual has a certain relationship. Read the bankMoney managementProduct manual is a very important step, the following to teach you how to read the bank's wealth management products manual.

To see whether the bank financial products

Even if the products sold by the bank staff are not necessarily the bank's wealth management products, investors must see whether there is a bank's official seal on the purchase contract or agreement. If the bank consignment products, it has not been difficult to screen the risk level of the bank, and once you can not honor the principal and interest, the bank will not assume any responsibility.

  Look at the financial products period

See the period of wealth management products not only depends on the product income period, but also focus on the following points. First of all, to see the customer subscription date to the date of establishment of the product with or without interest funds. Second, look at the fund account date. Funds credited to the date refers to the product expiration date or early termination of funds to reach the investor individual time between the accounts, this period of time is non-interest-bearing funds. Finally, see if the product is subject to the terms of termination and whether there is an early redemption clause.

  To see if the financial products are guaranteed

Non-guaranteed financial products include partner private equity funds, as well as investment stocks, funds and other areas of wealth management products.

Guaranteed financial products are divided into two categories, one is the fixed income financial products in the capital preservation products, such financial products belong to the lowest risk of all financial products; there is a class of capital preservation products are structured financial products, usually linked Commodities, exchange rates and even stock performance.

Look at the specific investment products

Investment direction is a matter of caution when buying a financial product, because the direction of investment determines the size of a product risk and the probability of realization of the expected rate of return. According to the direction of investment, financial products can be roughly divided into four categories: trading, trust, structure, overseas investment.
  Look at the size of financial products risk

Each bank financial products usually face credit risk, interest rate risk, policy risk, management risk, deferred risk and other risks. In the financial product brochures will be marked on the risk level of the product, and now investors must do before the purchase of financial products, risk assessment, investors should try to choose their own risk appetite and relative equality of financial products, if the super-risk to buy financial products, then Need to sign super risk investment book.

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