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How to read bank financial product manual?

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Disputes over bank wealth management products have occurred frequently in recent years. This has a certain relationship with investors blindly believing in banks and not carefully studying the bank's wealth management product specifications. It is a very important step to read the instructions of the bank's wealth management products. Here's how to teach people how to read the bank's wealth management products.
  Bank financial productsDisputes have occurred frequently in recent years. This is in contrast to investors who blindly believe in banks and have not carefully studied banks.Financial productThe specification has a certain relationship. Read the bankFinancial managementThe product specification is a very important step. Below is to teach you how to read the instructions of the bank's financial products.

See if it is a bank financing product

Even if the products sold by bank staff are not necessarily bank wealth management products, investors must look to see if there is a bank seal on the purchase contract or agreement. If the products are sold on behalf of banks, they will not be exposed to bank-risk risks. Once they are unable to redeem principal and interest, banks will not assume any responsibility.

  Watch financial product deadlines

Looking at the maturity of wealth management products depends not only on the revenue period of the product, but also on the following points. First, look at whether there is any interest on the funds between the customer's subscription date and the date of product establishment. Second, look at the date when the funds arrive. The capital arrival date refers to the time between the expiration date of the product or early termination and the time the fund reaches the investor's personal account. During this period, the funds are non-interest-bearing. Finally, look at whether the product is subject to termination clauses and whether there are provisions for early redemption.

  See whether financial products are guaranteed

Non-preserved wealth management products include partnership private equity funds, as well as investment products such as stocks and funds.

The principal-guaranteed financial products are divided into two categories. One is the principal-guaranteed products in fixed-income wealth management products. Such financial products belong to the lowest risk among all wealth management products; and the other is a structured wealth management product, usually linked to The performance of commodities, exchange rates, and even stocks.

Look at the specific direction of financial products

The investment direction is a problem to be paid attention to when buying a financial product, because the direction of investment determines the size of a product risk and the probability of achieving the expected rate of return. According to the direction of investment, financial products can be roughly divided into four categories: trading, trust, structure, and overseas investment.
  Look at the risk of financial products

Each bank's wealth management products usually face risks such as credit risk, interest rate risk, policy risk, management risk, and postponement risk. The financial product description will indicate the risk level of the product. Now investors should do risk assessment before purchasing wealth management products. Investors should try their best to choose wealth management products that are relative to their risk appetite, if they risk to buy wealth management products, then Need to sign a hyper risk investment book.

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