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Which steps to choose bank financial products?

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Seemingly simple bank trading products trading process also has many learning, in order to avoid unnecessary problems in the transaction process, investors can follow the following four steps to buy bank financial products. The first step: to understand each other to choose the product First, investors should go to the bank to mention
  Bank financial productsSeemingly simple trading process also has many learning, in order to avoid unnecessary problems in the transaction process, investors can follow the following four steps to buy a bankFinancial product.

The first step: mutual understanding of the selected products

First, investors should come to the bank to raise their ownMoney managementdemand. Today, major banks' financial services areas are equipped with professional financial managers to explain the customer analysis, they will follow the normative process to learn more about your financial status, investment experience, investment objectives, risk appetite, investment expectations, etc., and fill in the " Personal Customer Data Archives "to create your personal data files.

Subsequently, investors should pay attention to the recommended financial products belong to what type? What is the investment target? For example, part of the trust and wealth management products with higher risks and returns are investments in real estate or other major projects. There is a big difference between different products, investors should choose according to individual needs to buy.

Step Two: Pay attention to comprehensive risk assessment

Risk assessment is the most important part of the process of investors buying bank financial products. When you have the will to purchase a particular bank wealth management product, your financial officer will guide you through the "Individual Client Investment Risk Assessment Report" to understand and confirm your risk appetite, risk perception and affordability, and then You choose your own bank financial products. Since then, the head of the bank will review the evaluation report again to see if there is a salesperson misleading investors, to avoid the wrong sales and improper sales.

The third step: conscientiously handle the transaction procedures

When handling the purchase of bank financial products, the financial management staff will once again remind investors to read the relevant contracts, contracts and risk disclosure book, if at this time you presumed investment risk, you can terminate the purchase of the product, if there is no objection before they can carry out funds Transfer, access to relevant business documents and receipts. In this session, investors will also be informed of financial information query, financial manager contact information and customer service complaints phone.

The fourth step: sale and continuous assessment

Banks will communicate with investors in a timely manner the latest information and market conditions when major market changes occur. In addition, banks will track and assess the risk appetite of investors and promptly give corresponding prompts. In general, the bank's financial management staff will periodically re-evaluate investors' "evaluation reports" or investment proposals and provide feedback on the assessment.

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