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Buying a must-have for bank financing

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How to understand financial management, how to put money, is the ordinary residents need to prepare lessons before financial management. Choose bank wealth management products, you must know this knowledge.
How to understand financial management, how to put money, is the ordinary residents need to prepare lessons before financial management. selectBank wealth management productsYou must know this knowledge.

  01Financial productWill lose money

In recent years, the market for bank wealth management products has been extremely hot. Many people have the impression of bank wealth management products: low risk and higher yield.Time deposit. 2012In the year, a number of banks broke out of the bank's wealth management products "zero income door", "negative income door" incident.
Investors should understand that the steady earning of wealth management products is only a legend. When some wealth management products expire, they may not receive the expected benefits, and some even do not guarantee the principal.

02During the collection period, there is a mystery, and the financial income will be “diluted”.

Normally, banks will claim that bank wealth management products do not benefit from the fund raising period and the liquidation period, which is calculated based on the interest on demand deposits. If the investor buys earlier and the product's collection period and liquidation period are longer, the actual rate of return will be lower.

03Expected return is not equal to actual income

A commercial bank publicizes the expected yield of a one-year RMB wealth management product to 15%about. But a year later, the annual income of this wealth management product is only 10%. However, not all wealth management products can achieve their promised rate of return. So when choosing a bank wealth management product, don't just stare at the rate of return.

04Risk warning must be seen clearly

Banks will make so-called statements on risk warnings in bank wealth management product specifications and contracts in accordance with the requirements of relevant departments, but those risk descriptions are too valuable for investors because they are too professional or even full of various technical terms. Many banks issue financial product specifications for more than a dozen pages, but the underlying risks of products are rarely revealed, most of them are marketing-oriented languages, rather than objective in-depth analysis.

05Do not touch the wealth management products of the "Overlord Terms"

In the bank wealth management product specification, some design terms are obviously biased towards the bank. Investors should beware of such wealth management products and try not to touch them. For example, in the specification of some structured wealth management products, it is stipulated that “the highest part of the expected annualized rate of return will be used as the bank investment management fee”.


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